“When I was a sophomore in high school, a friend and I were goofing around just playfully nudging each other on the head, but she ended up punching me really hard. I kept thinking about it on my way home. Oddly, it hurt but it was not unpleasant. That friend that punched me in the head is now my girlfriend.”

“고1때 친구랑 장난치면서 서로 꿀밤때리기를 했는데 그 친구가 저를 진짜 세게 때렸어요. 집에 가면서도 생각이 나더라구요. 근데 그렇게 아픈데도 싫지가 않았어요. 그 때 제 머리를 때린 게 지금 제 여자친구예요.”

I didn’t understand it at first
What it was to love someone
The way I loved you.

I thought it was a silly crush
But I was wrong
So wrong.

And I found that out the hard way
As I lay facedown on my pillow with my head buried deep choking back the sobs that fought themselves out because you had found someone else

Someone better.

I found out the hard way
As my heart skipped a beat when you smiled ahead but my eyes turned glossy as I realized it was for her and not me.

I found out the hard way
As your ‘type’ was the definition of her exterior and the opposite of mine.

I found out the hard way
As I searched the constellations for your name beside mine but instead found hers.

I found out the hard way
But I’m glad I found out.

—  the hard way ( @thingsineedtotellyou )

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