“How long have you been together?”
“(Man) 95 days. We are both 20 years old.”
“What is something you would most like to do with your girlfriend?”
“(Man) Get married.”
“(Woman) What?”

“만난지 얼마나 되셨나요?”
“(남자) 95일이요. 20살 동갑이에요”
“혹시 여자친구하고 제일 해보고 싶은 게 뭔가요?”
“(남자) 결혼이요.”
“(여자) 뭐?”


Photographing #younglove with @juliaxanthos

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Between photo assignments, Julia Xanthos (@juliaxanthos) looks for love. As she bustles through New York City as a staff photographer for the New York Daily News, Julia stops to photograph couples kissing on park benches, hugging in the subways, holding hands on the train, and embracing on top of skyscrapers—all posted with the hashtag #younglove. “There are never enough pictures of people in love,” she says.

Even as a young photo student, Julia was drawn to taking pictures of people kissing. “In college, I really loved the fact that people would let their guard down if I put my camera up.” She adds, “I just always look for it. I don’t know why. It’s just there.”

The effect of photographing so many intimate moments has not been lost on her personally. “Taking pictures of people kissing has helped me heal my heart and also open it up at the same time,” she says. Recently, Julia got engaged and the feeling of falling in love is beyond words, or pictures, for her. “There’s no hashtag for it, I’ll say that. It’s just been the most beautiful experience of opening my heart up to somebody who is so incredible and is the love of my life. I don’t know any other way to put it.”


Some people spend their lives searching for love. Photographer Julia Xanthos manages to catch glimpses of it between newspaper assignments.

Throughout New York City’s five boroughs, whether on train platforms, in public parks or by coastal vistas, she has documented the raw, early stages of love—and in the process changed her own opinions on the topic. Xanthos, a photojournalist/videographer with the New York Daily News, has been working for more than a year on “#younglove,” a series of portraits of young couples displaying their affections publicly.


“(Man) We both wrote down what we each wanted to tell the other on our couple rings”
“What did you write for your girlfriend?”
“That’s our secret. We intentionally wrote it in Latin so the other couldn’t understand it.””

“(남자) 커플링에 각자 상대방한테 해주고 싶은 말을 적어서 직접 커플링을 만들었어요.”
“여자친구한테 뭐라고 써서 주셨어요?”
“(남자) 그건 저희끼리도 비밀이에요. 서로 뭐라고 썼는지 모르게 일부러 라틴어로 썼거든요.”


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