I’d destroy myself to see that smile, the curve of your lips and your dimples..To see your eyes brighten up. That’s what they call love. It’s pain over pleasure; a pain that’s addicting. And in the end our addictions are our own demise.

A little young McHanzo for my feels. This is unfinished but I wanted to post a little about my drawing process

My inking process! This is just a short example of how I like to ink or ink my hair. I use .05 and .03 for my set up then add line weight with 0.1 and 0.3 then i finish up the hair with 0.3 and 0.5 sometimes a 1.0 . :)

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Long distance

Being in a long distance relationship is kind of like a cycle of the most terrible heart breaking lows, and the most beautiful happy highs. 

The reunions are always so precious, but the goodbyes are so bitter.

Nobody says they’ll ever do “long distance” until they fall in love with someone miles away.

Then you change as a person, you start growing and your souls start connecting. Then you realize it would hurt one hundred times more to ever let go then to just stay there & love them & hope for the future.

This relationship is magical, and painful. This relationship is the definition of bitter sweet. 

But Damn you’re worth everything. 


Butteritch! Thought I’d draw a moment in time when Buttercup and Mitch (Butteritch) were dating. Since Buttercup has the whole anti-PDA thing I figured I’d make them close but not too lovey-dovey. I actually really like these two together despite my intense, undying  love for the green’s friendship.