When you get your brand new muji zebra mildliners and you’re ready to take on the studying…..Also, what helps me study is my Young Living Essential oils defuser. I put in grapefruit oil-which makes me feel awake and sharp!! Thanks for the recommendation @studyafternoon. will be getting in my muji notebook and gel pens soon! can’t wait:):)

Is anyone interested in starting essential oils?! Young Living is 100% natural and you can trust them. They have the seed to seal process which means they are thoroughly researched and tested. YL does not mix with any other farms. They use their own farms so you are not getting mixed products. They are safe to use internally, topically, and aromatically!

They work and they are so pure! (Ask me, and I will tell you!)

You can get the member kit for $160. Which is a value of $320! You get so much to start an amazing journey. This month you get a free tangerine oil, and you will have a total of 12 oils in your kit!

Buying the member kit and becoming a member you get 24% off products which really helps. You don’t have to pay any fees! There is more you can do with your membership but you are not required to.

If you are interested please please message me! I would love to help you if you any questions. I will give you my member number if you are interested in the kit. I have started this journey and I’m so happy I did. I am using their other products including their cleaning products.

I want to get chemicals out of my life, because there are so many cancer causing ingredients in our every day products. Watching my dad deal with cancer and seeing it first hand what it does to a loved one, I want to do something about it.

Feel free to message me :)

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under the cut you’ll find #52 possible otp tags / verse names based off lyrics by london grammar!  i’ve listed my favourites as well as other simple ones which i think are fitting for any kind of connection. of course, you can change any of them in any way you’d like to, but please like and / or reblog this post if it was useful in any way!

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