youngjae pushes jongup to the fans

I'm Thankful For B.A.P

For Yongguk, who has pushed through the hard times and been strong. Who has shown us strength and helped us up when we were down. Who has inspired us all with his meaningful words. Who has always been with us. Who trusted us with his feelings in his darkest times. Who has always been humble. Who is always trying to improve for us.

For Himchan, who has given us so many smiles. Who has tried so hard to improve his English so he can talk to international fans. Who tries to lose weight so he can look better for us (without realizing that he already looks amazing and doesn’t need to change; he just wants to make us proud, even though he already has). Who says so many silly things that make us all laugh.

For Daehyun, who has been like sunshine. Who has put countless smiles on countless faces with his grease. Who has never shown anything but love for us. Who has been sweet to no end. Who will never let go of us. Who loves us so much that he tattooed on his wrist how he wants to hold on to us. Who missed the stage and missed singing for us.

For Youngjae, who has been giving and loving. Whose sass brings endless laughter. Who has worked so hard to improve everything for us. Who has always been undeniably sweet to fans. Who is endearingly silly sometimes. Whose smiles are like sunshine and whose laughter lights up days.

For Jongup, whose smile is always encouraging and always brings more smiles. Who is occasionally sassy and cracks us up whenever he is. Whose passion shows through in every dance. Who is very soft-spoken and quiet but there’s never any doubt that he loves every single fan. Who stays up until seven in the morning to work on choreography to make it better for us.

For Zelo, who is constantly working to improve. Who wants to show us always how much he loves us. Who is the sweetest boy with a big body and a big heart. Who has always tried to make us, and the rest of B.A.P, proud. Whose smile is so sweet. Who wanted us to know his feelings, and how he’d grown. Who has grown up and matured and learned right in front of us.

I have a thousand things I want to say and I can’t form the words, but I am so, so thankful for B.A.P, the six princes who have given light and happiness to my life and who have made a world of difference in my life.

Thank you, Yongguk. Thank you, Himchan. Thank you, Daehyun. Thank you, Youngjae. Thank you, Jongup. Thank you, Zelo.

Thank you.