youngjae pushes jongup to the fans

[Trans] #2 B.A.P's Japan Tokyo Fan Meeting Fan Account (31/3)

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[Translation: hellosaya]

Fan Meeting 1 (Afternoon Session)

When the members were competing against each other on “who can say his name in the cutest way”:

HC: “Himmmm Chaaaaaan~~”
DH: “I can say it cutely too! Dae Chaaaaaaaan~~”
YJ: “Youngjae Chan~!”
JU: “Jong oppu!”
ZL: “Zelo Chan ( ´θ`)ノ”
When it comes to Yongguk, everyone was anticipating for his cute ageyo.
YG: “Yongukku (^///^)” (He was all shy and embarrassed after saying his name)


Q. Who can be a perfect SPY?

Everyone except Himchan chose Youngjae as a perfect spy.
The reason for Daehyun was “He acted as a spy in One Shot MV.”

YJ: That’s Police. (He pronounced 警察(Police) “Keisatsu” as “Keisachu~” sounds like a baby(≧∇≦)because they were not good at pronouncing the “つ(Tsu)” sound)

When he talked about “police” Himchan and Jongup looked at each other and saluted.

YJ kept on repeating: “I’m Keisachu~ (pointing at the other members) They are bad people. (Pointing at himself) Good guy. Keisachu~ Keisachu~ (Police, police).”(He was trying very hard to convince the others XD)

MC: “Alright, we understand, although you’re a spy, you’re a good guy.”
HC: “I don’t think so. (Laugh)”


Q. Who is the shy boy?

They chose Junhong, then Junhong immediately stood up and danced Secret’s “Shy Boy” choreography. He felt shy afterwards XD.


Q. Which member is the most ツンデレ (Tsundere) one?
ツンデレ means someone who has two different extreme attitudes towards different people like he could be super nice to someone and really serious to the others.

They chose Yongguk. Youngjae once said in an interview that Yongguk could look really serious but at the same time, he could look very gentle when he was in front of his girlfriend.

MC: “Are you ツンデレ?”
YG: “(Speak softly) I’ll work hard on that.” (Shy and cutely)


Although Daehyun and Junhong kept on using their finger pointers to poke Youngjae’s head and wrists, Youngjae just dodged but he didn’t feel bad about it.


Their ideal Baby type in the afternoon session:
ZL: Someone wearing spectacles.
JU: Someone with long curly hair.
YJ: Someone who wears denim, a cap or a hat, holding a Matoki light stick.
DH: Someone with red lips and wears a black top.
HC: Someone in sneakers, holding a B.A.P whistle and wears blue trousers.
YG: Someone holding a tigger.


Fan Meeting 2 (Night Session)

When they played telepathy game with the Babyz (game rules please refer to my previous translation for Sendai Fan Meeting), Youngjae tried to explain the game rules by demonstrating once.

YJ: “What’s my birthday month?” (Being the representative of B.A.P)
(The other members pretended they were the fans) Except Junhong stood up, all the other members were sitting down to show the number as “1”.

But Youngjae pointed at the giant “Grey Matoki” that Junhong was holding and protested: “That’s two persons! Two persons!!”(≧∇≦)


A Baby noticed that there was a male fan (Warrior) sitting behind her and kept on shouting “Youngjae~~~Youngjae~~~Him!!!!!Him!!!!!!(Himchan)” with a loud voice which the Babyz around him giggled a lot XD That Warrior is so great!


At the end of the fan meeting, Yongguk’s birthday cake appeared. To avoid the candles going off, the members brought out the cake carefully. But at the end, Yongguk pushed the table himself and showed them “the centre (of the stage) is here” XD

Each of the members expressed their thankfulness towards Yongguk one by one:

JU: Thank you for being born.

YJ: Thank you for always staying together with us (B.A.P).

HC: Thank you for always being a reliable person.

ZL: Thank you for always staying by our sides.

After Yongguk saying “Thank you Zelo!” Then Zelo fed Yongguk with the cake.


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[Trans] 20151224 B.A.P Fan Meeting at Tokyo Report (Afternoon Session)

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[Trans: hellosaya]

(!!Please note that the sequence may not be in the right order as the actual rundown!!)

YJ: We have prepared a lot of for today. For example, games, and games, and still games! Only games, right?

After singing and dancing for 2 songs, Himchan was already sweating a lot and fanning himself.

MC: Yongguk-san, what is this album (Matrix) about?

HC: Thanks to everyone we got the first place (in music shows).

MC: Huh? Seems that you are answering something else but not the question…

YJ: When Yongguk-san worked on this album, he has put a lot of thoughts in it according to the members’ personalities.

MC: Seems that he has this top-down vision (looking things from a higher level).

YJ: Because it’s business ’(*゚▽゚*)’

MC: Yongguk-san, can you tell us who’s the most difficult member to work with this time?

HC: Yongguk, no.1!

MC: Huh? Still answering something else from the question…

MC: Youngjae-san’s Japanese didn’t get worse.

YJ: It’s talent! Hahaha!

MC: In Jongup-san’s opinion, which member is the quickest one to memorize the dance moves?

YJ: (Raised his hand)

JU: Isn’t it Daehyun-san? / It’s…Zelo-kun. (There are different accounts from 2 Babyz, not sure which one is true)

YJ: It’s not interesting!!!

MC: In opposite, which member had the toughest time (to memorize the dance moves)?

(All the members looking at Himchan)

JU: Seems that Himchan-san couldn’t do it well, but surprisingly he can dance well.

When they did the random dance, Himchan didn’t move.

HC: During “Power”, I didn’t know what to do so I stopped.

YJ: Himchan-san, please use the mic when you speak.

HC: Sorry about that, I’m not used to this…

When they played the “Double Jump” game, Daehyun was really serious about it so he took off his shoes. Then Youngjae approaches him and made a gesture showing “Oh? Isn’t he became shorter?” to tease Daehyun. The angry Daehyun and Youngjae started comparing their heights at one side of the stage.

When it’s the time of choosing the Santa Girl that caught their eyes, Daehyun and Jongup chose the same person.

DH: Me and Jongup, which one is better?

Baby: Jongup!

(Daehyun being K.O.)

At last, Daehyun chose his Santa Girl.

YJ: Opps!? That girl has a “Y” on her clothes (Yongguk’s fan).

(Daehyun still being K.O.)

Since Daehyun has chosen a Yongguk fan, he’s kinda jealous, he asked the Baby that Yongguk chose: Whose fan are you?

Baby: Yongguk.

DH: Where is my Santa!!!!!!!?????( ;´Д`)

During the Push-up Game, the first ones being eliminated were Youngjae & Himchan.

HC: Normally we’re not like this, but today…

YJ: That’s true!

HC: Usually we can do 10000 times.

YJ: Yay!

(Then HimJae hi-touched)

MC: Please don’t find excuses for yourselves.

B.A.P split into 2 teams of 3 by picking color balls. Himchan, Daehyun and Yongguk belong to Blue Team. Youngjae, Zelo and Jongup belong to Red Team.

The first game was folding newspaper then 2 members riding on it.

Yongguk and Youngjae were the ones who folded the newspaper.

Jongup and Zelo hugged each other and got onto the newspaper, while Himchan ride on Daehyun’s back.

After the newspaper of Jongup’s team broken, they tried again and this time Jongup was on Zelo’s back, however they lose their balance and fell. Seems that Jongup had slightly hit his head and the audience screamed. The MC asked him if he’s okay, he said “Don’t worry”.

At the end, Blue Team (Hyung Line) won, that’s why Yongguk, Daehyun and Himchan got to dress up the ice-cream line with costumes as punishment.

Yongguk dressed up Youngjae into a Santa girl.
Daehyun put a bald wig on Jongup and dressed him up into a maid.
Himchan dressed up Zelo into a Santa.

B.A.P went down the stage and distribute gifts (Candies, Gloves, Blankets etc.) to the fans as Santas.