youngjae is such a troll

[B.A.P as mafia]

Yongguk: Okay, does everyone have their guns?

Youngjae: *chuckles* yeah…

Himchan: Come on man! Be serious!

Youngjae: Okay okay…

[B.A.P ready to take action]

Yongguk: You ready?

B.A.P: Yeah!

Yongguk: Okay,take out your guns!


GOT7 Reaction to Their Girlfriend Loving Hugs!

Mark - He wouldn’t mind at all, I just don’t see him to do it much out in public, due to him being more introverted and reserved. In private, I see him giving you a lot more hugs. 

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Jaebum - I see Jaebum as a hugger, also. He would be very open to hugs, whether in public or private, he would love your hugs. Especially, if he was having an off day. 

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Jackson - He loves hugs also. He loves hugging more than you do, I promise he does. So much so, that he may or may not have you loving hugs less after some intense hugging. 

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Jinyoung - he will like to hug with you occasionally. It’s not that he doesn’t like hugging, he just doesn’t like hugging to the extent to where it annoys him. You have been warned to not hug him in troll or angry mode. 

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Youngjae - just cuddle with him and coco and you’ll be alright. He’s more into cuddling, I believe. 

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BamBam - he’s still a young boy, so I can’t really see him liking hugs or disliking them. I see him more or less just dealing with it and hugging you back, if you were to get into a hugging mood. 

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Yugyeom - the youngest out of them all. Younger people tend to be more shy than people who are older than them. I see his cheeks being very red if you were to try to hug him in public. I’d say PDA is a no-go, but if you were in private, I see him being more accepting of your affection. 

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B.A.P Private Relationship but Another Idol Likes You

You’re in a secret relationship but another idol repeatedly mentions publicly you’re his ideal type.

Yongguk – He’s not going to be annoyed in the sense that he’s worried about you leaving him. He trusts you and your relationship. Gukkie is just frustrated he can’t be public about your relationship in the first place. He wants to tell the world about the two of you and he thinks all this circumspection is stupid. Yongguk would try so hard not to have bad feelings toward the other idol. He’s going to rationalize things by excusing the idol’s statements due to ignorance. But he’d be a little bit in denial about how ruffled his feathers were until the next time they were all at a promotion he couldn’t stop glaring at the guy.

Himchan – He’s going to have two distinct reactions. Part of him is going to be thrilled and he’ll be gloating to himself, “That’s right, she’s awesome and she chose me.” He might even puff out his chest about it to you leaving you to wonder what he did to feel proud of in this whole mess. But he’s going to be very sensitive to any comments from other people that you and the idol would make a cute couple. He’ll also watch your reactions about the situation very closely and get a bit testy if you ever bring the guy up. If he met the idol Channie would probably give him a bright smile as he thought of unpleasant things that could happen to him.

Daehyun – Dae would be pretty vocal about it with his members, always asking them why the idol has to bring you up and that the media was blowing it up bigger than it needed to be. Grumbling about everyone making couple names for you and the idol it would eat him alive that he couldn’t “claim” you and tell everyone you were together. But with you he’d be more quiet, hesitant when he brought it up. He’s worried you might be attracted to the other idol so he’s going to hedge around the issue until you bring up the issue yourself. Once you reassure him you’re not interested he would be grinning for days. Around the other idol Daehyun would lose his sunshine smile and become somber until he was gone.

Youngjae – Any time he heard about it or was confronted with it (Dae bringing it up every five minutes) he would get downright cranky. But he wouldn’t be that way with you. With you he’d be even sweeter than usual, do even more things for you and constantly remind you of all the ways he is your wonderful, loving boyfriend. Basically he’d be like a peacock trying to distract you with his own beautiful plumage from looking at anyone else’s…ah, plumage, lol. Meeting the idol could go one of two ways depending on how much ribbing he’d taken recently. Youngjae would ignore him or he’d troll him with his intellect to make the other idol seem stupid. Expansion

Jongup – Probably hasn’t heard about it until someone brings it to his attention. Uppie cares more about what you have to say, not what others say about you. So once he hears what the idol said he might give an awkward laugh and shrug it off. If he feels concerned about it at all he’d ask you point blank your feelings on the matter and then take whatever you say at face value. If he met the other idol he’d probably keep his cool and act like nothing’s wrong. But if the other idol started talking about you Jongup would leave abruptly because he just can’t stand hearing another guy talk about you.

Zelo – This would bother him. A lot. He would wonder what you thought about the idol’s comments, if you thought the idol was cute, or better than himself, if you were thinking of heading for greener pastures so to speak. Poor guy would be miserable and overthink the whole situation. But he wouldn’t mention a word of his anxieties to you. You would have no idea he was bothered unless you made a joke about it and then it would all come gushing out catching you quite off guard. If he ever met the other idol he would surreptitiously stare at him, comparing everything he could think of about the two of them.

Youngjae (GOT7) Spam!

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Youngjae is such a cutie honestly

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Fluffy Sunshine <3

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