youngjae coffee shop

inochinohime  asked:

10, 24, 27 :)

10. So my current bias….it’s very complicated because it keeps switching XD Like they keep fighting for the throne Youngjae->Daehyun->Yongguk->Jongup->Zelo->Himchan and then repeat….but as of this moment it’s Daehyun or Youngjae (They have to share the throne forever….)

24. Jeez since Youngjae and Daehyun are currently king….

Youngjae sweater ensemble in Coffee Shop murdered me: 

Daehyun from this photoshoot makes me squeal. Simple white shirt with jeans always an A++ in  my book!


Favorite pic has got to be this :)

*Cough Daejae* haha and cause it has both my bias with them lookin so fluffy *o*