Do you watch Fashion King?

Sorry if you don’t, just needed to let this out :)
I ship Jaehyuk with GaYoung so much. I ship them so much that it hurts so bad because I know her heart belongs to YoungGul. Usually the ones I support are those that love each other but can’t seem to make things work out, you know unrequited love and all of that, which in this case would be YGxGY.
But but but I can’t handle it when a guy changes for a girl. Like I know JH is a despicable person who gets everything he wants and he probably doesn’t understand how to treat a girl right. But all those little smiles and the way his face lights up when he sees GY gets me every time. (gotta say lee je hoon is a marvellous actor btw). It’s like he finally understands what love is and it hurts to know she doesn’t feel the same for him. In other shows I love it when the rich cold guy falls for the simple girl (BOF, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop), but in those shows the guy actually gets the girl. In Fashion King however, it’s pretty obvious that GY and YG have mutual feelings towards each other, their only problem is timing and that Jaehyuk and Anna gets in their way every single time.
All in all, of course the ultimate ending would be that YG and GY eventually get together and live happily ever after. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, in fact I think it would be best. But I don’t think I can stand JH being hurt. I’ve grown to like his character (not when he’s evil though) and I replay all of his scenes with GY. Or any of the scenes where he smiles because of GY. Once again I’m gonna say I really like Lee Je Hoon as an actor.
I just want Jaehyuk to be happy. He probably won’t end up together with her so I’m hoping the writers give us more JHxGY interactions in the episodes to come. In ep 13, when he held her hand I think my heart jumped. Skinship between them is so rare, i need more!
I really don’t know what the point of this post is. I ramble too much. *sigh*