For all of you hating on bap, calling them stupid for returning to the company and other nonsense, realize that they’ve dreamt of being on stage since day 1 of training. Imagine have a taste of your dream and suddenly all of it has been taken away. Please understand that losing a year of performances and enjoying the glory was hard enough, I doubt they would’ve liked to suffer more in anxiety of what’s next. Let’s give them in return our utmost support and hope for the best! 


Cause he deserves the world 😔💓 . #bap #youngguk audio credits to : B T A N E D I T S

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Hi, we usually don’t reply to comments on confessions, mostly since we’re not the ones who’s opinions they are in the first place, but I don’t believe the confessor meant to body shame Tiffany. I think they were just trying to describing her body type, like an hourglass shape or a pear shape, or in this case a boxy/straight shape.

-Yerin (snsdn)

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yo yo yo bap for that group thing

Send me a group and I’ll answer:

  • My first bias: Daehyun 
  • Your current bias and why: Daehyun ^^ And its a whole long story but he helped with my depression and yeah.. 
  • Favourite song: 1004 or Coffee Shop 
  • Favourite MV: 1004 or Excuse Me 
  • OTP: Daejae <3333
  • Member you think has the best smile: Youngguk ^^ `
  • Favourite choreography: Oneshot or 1004 
  • Favourite era: 1004 or What Are You Doing?
  • Do you own any merchandise: A BAP face mask thingy 
  • Have you seen them live: Almost, but no ;;-
  • Favourite voice/singer: Dae bby
  • Favourite dancer: Jongup and Zelo 

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60)Top 5 hottest celebs? - thanks :D

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if it wouldn't be too much of an issue could i please request that you'd do the youngguk and nam joo hyuk rp icons from your old to--do list? thanks so much honestly you're like super sweet and super duper helpful.

not an issue at all, i’ve added them both back on. 

i’m going to be restarting my to do list, because looking at it is giving me a headache and i honestly don’t have the drive to do any of these in particular. but if your request is on there and you’d still like for me to do it, let me know. the list of requests that were on there are under the cut. 

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