RaNia’s Alex is VERY aware that A1sts(RaNia stans) ship her and Youngguk. She’s liked several posts that A1sts have created about her. She even tweeted earlier this year that she was(kiddingly) awaiting his call. WELL SHE JUST MIGHT GET THAT CALL! Yesterday Youngguk found her Instagram and liked her picture.  He doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram and Alex doesn’t follow him so he had to have looked her up himself to get to her profile. YONGGLEX SHIP IS SAILING YALL.

B.A.P Meeting You At A Fansigning

~This is based off a request from an anon. Sorry, you’re request was kinda vague so I just made up a setting. I hope you like it!~ Admin Thumper

Youngguk: He would be baffled at how pretty you are but try to regain his posture. “Wow, you’re gorgeous, I mean, hi it’s very nice to meet you.”

Himchan: He would try to flirt but end up messing up the pick-up line and become bashful. “What’s a place like you doing in a girl like…no, wait. What’s a girl…anyways, hello.”

Daehyun: He would be respectful and courteous towards you, subtly flirting. “Hi, I’m very pleased to meet such a pretty fan. Did you enjoy the show?”

Youngjae: He would smile and be very pleasant. “Thank you so much for traveling so far to see the show. What’s your name? That’s so pretty. It’s nice to meet you.”

Jongup: He would blush and smile shyly. “So who is your favorite?” *points to himself* “Really? Good, because I think you’re really pretty.”

Zelo: He would be shy but ask you about your sign that read, “Zelo Oppa”. “Hi, I noticed your sign earlier. Am I really your Oppa? Well, thank you anyways for calling me that.”

Reaction (Cosmic Girls): When a male idol flirts with their girlfriend

Seola: “Hey Zico I know she is hot but she is also mine.”

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Xuan Yi: “You better back of my girlfried! You don’t want to see what I will do to you if you dont.”

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Bona: “I don’t know whats going on over here but it better stop”

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Exy: “Oh look Jay oppa is talki..flirting with my girlfriend!

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Soobin: “Hi Chanyeol it looks like you have meet my girlfriend isn’t she amazing!”

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Luda: “ Aw Youngguk its so cute how you think you think you have a chance with my girlfriend.”

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Dawon: “Oh babe is this boy annoying you do I need to tell him to go away?”

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Eunseo: “I would be worried but I am so much cuter then Taeyang there is no need.”

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Cheng Xiao: “ Jagiya good thing you have me to protect you from the flirty boys.”

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Mei Qi: “No way nobody flirts with my jagiya besides me!

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Yeoreum: “Chen better not be flirting with MY girlfriend!”

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Dayoug: “I know my gf is cute but I would not flirt with her if I where you.”

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