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Sometimes I wonder about what terms Kidoh left BTS on. There was also that clip where Rapmon, Suga, Kidoh, Jenissi, Youngguk, and Zelo all had these secret missions to perform, and SugaMon acted like they'd never even seen Kidoh.

I saw that clip, that was my introduction to Topp Dogg! Yeah, I didn’t think about it at the time, but that was strange that SugaMon didn’t really acknowledge their history with Kidoh but Jin seemed comfortable enough with him (that was the infamous Jin feeding Kidoh a cookie video, right?), especially given that Rapmon and Kidoh are both in DNH…

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// okay so here is the rerecorded version. if you guys want to see the first video its on my youtube channel because I didn’t know that it had actually posted and its too long to post on here.

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i’m so new to b.a.p. but imma do it anyway bc daehyun

  • KISS: daehyun or himchan 
  • HUG: himchan
  • MARRY: daehyun tbh like sign me up now.
  • LIVE WITH: zelo
  • BE THE LITTLE SISTER TO: himchan or youngguk
  • KEEP AS A FRIEND: himchan and jongup
  • HIT A LOT: himchan
  • GIVE A MASSAGE TO: daehyun
  • DO ANYTHING FOR: zelo 

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Hey! I'm a Leo!!!! So I would like to know if im Compatible with Jackson, Youngguk, Chanyeol, Tao, Kai, Hoya, and Dongwoo!! Thank you :* love your blog!!!

YES : Jackson, Yongguk, Chanyeol, Hoya & Dongwoo

NO: Kai

WOW Anon you are the first who has suggested multiple and really has matched nearly all. Congratz you seem to be in-tuned with your celestial self. All of your matches are other fire signs so the relationships would be similar. Mostly excitement and fun, bursting with energy. With you Aries partners know that they can have quickened tempers but the anger passes fast (Hoya, Yongguk, Jackson) for your Sagittarius partners, they are humbled hearts who are quite sensitive, where your Aries match hold their sadness Sagittarius hold this sadness almost as a scar or a grudge. So which ever you believe you could handle would suit you best. They are both even in compatibility.