One of the most interesting things I noticed while going through the Empire-loyal planet Vardos is the artwork that was on the walls.  There’s some generic Empire symbols-esque type stuff, a lot of black/red/white/gray, a lot of the actual Empire symbol, and then… some propaganda-style posters:

I was a little twigged earlier in the game, when Palpatine’s Guardbot projected a message onto its face, but it was the damaged version of his face.  My first thought was, “But he didn’t reveal that face to the public!”  But the message was to a Grand Admiral and then I noticed the posters on Vardos–where it’s the younger, healthy looking version of Palpatine on the posters.

The Star Wars Propaganda book told us that, in public, Palpatine’s damaged face was never used, that they edited his image to look younger on announcements when he had to make them.  And it’s a cool little detail to see that reflected here, along with the Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers art.

This is what an Empire-aligned planet looks like, this is the message they put forth.  And it is very much like the propaganda style posters:

I no longer even know how to interpret it when a movie gives me an aging actor who looks like ten miles of bad road and a mildly age-appropriate actress who looks years younger than she is as being in a relationship.  I’m gonna need movie to start literally labeling these things with pop-ups.  My natural reaction to seeing the Cryptkeeper out to dinner with a coed is that facetime’s not cutting it with grampa anymore, or maybe it’s Susie’s birthday and Dad’s taking her out to her favorite restaurant to celebrate.  Then you find out halfway through the movie that they’re married and you’re like, wait, what?

Just stop doing this to me, movies.  My attention span isn’t what it used to be.  I refuse to put any more effort and thought into watching you then you got when you were being made.

chapter five;

That is, until I was interrupted by a solid whistle. It sounded close by. My eyes scanned the street, but they didn’t need to for long. Just across the street, on the left side, was a group of younger looking Serpents. And when I say younger, I mean at least sixteen. At least that’s how they looked from over on my side. Among the bikers stood a familiar bean pole, his jaw slanted in a smiling smirk. “Lookin’ good, D,” he hollered across the street.

I rested my fists on my hips. “Really? You’ve stooped to cat calling now?”

“Hey, I’m just stating a fact,” Sweet Pea held up his hands in surrender, but still held his smile.

“Well, if I look so good, why don’t you come join me?”

He wrinkled his nose, quirking his lips in an expression. “You see, I’m not really the running type.”

“Oh, okay,” I let my arms fall, taking a step back and turning partially toward the street corner. “Then I guess you’ll just have to admire from afar, yeah?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”


Casual sunday chat with fellow NDdP fan:

Me: NDdP is basically Super Mario Bros story. Just Klod as Mario, Pierre as Luigi and Esme as Peach locked in cathedral.

Friend: Klod is definitely Mario…especially because he’s a younger guy that looks older and/or of some weird indeterminate age and even when he ‘rescues’ the princess he still never gets laid and Pierre as Luigi is all tall and lanky and useless like in Super Mario Bros 2, where no one wants to play as Luigi because he’s only good for like one level to reach a really high jump.

This is Yuuma’s casual form he uses to move around freely in the human worlds.

While his body looks a lot like his demon form, he has a different clothing style and prefers to wear clothes that make him look younger, so no one gets an idea about his second identity. This way he can spend time with everyone after classes.

During classes, the demon disguises himself as professor Jin Hajime to keep an eye on everyone.

He changes his eye color to blue, wears formal clothes and glasses to keep his identity hidden. 

As Lunar Children

As children, we are thought to act mostly from our emotional reactions and impulses, which in astrology, is represented by the Moon. Therefore the sign our Moon is in can reveal much about our personality expression as babies and children, up to a more mature age, where then, through growth and experience, our Sun also comes into play, adding a much more layered effect.

A child with their Moon in Aries would be confident and demanding, someone that shows innate leadership skills very early on. They would react to their emotions straight away, whether they are deemed “appropriate” or not, and would also show protective instincts, especially when it comes to smaller or younger children. Would be looked at as a “strong” child, but equally with emotional vulnerability.

A child with their Moon in Taurus would like to stay close to home and people they are familiar with, and may show anxiety or discomfort when forced into new situations. They would likely seem older than their age, described as mature, and would be creative and expressive, though reservedly when around those they do not fully trust. There would be a nurturing instinct in them too, whether to other children, or nature in general.

A child with their Moon in Gemini would be excitable and light spirited, even to the point of becoming easily distractible. They would enjoy mischief and outsmarting those around them, even those of much older age. Words and language likely intrigued them from the start, as well as story telling and theatrics. They might have been easily swept by more consistent or demanding personalities, but always reserved a wit that was unmistakable.

A child with their Moon in Cancer would be very receptive to the environment around them, maybe seeming easily provoked into an emotional response, or quick to pick up on the emotions of others, becoming upset if someone else was. There would be a creativity that came from them early on, the ability to nurture an idea or their imagination. There could be a shyness to them at first, but a surprising amount of will that would soon follow. 

A child with their Moon in Leo would be fiery and spirited, someone that flourished when they were the canter of attention and affection, maybe even to the point of being reliant on it and showing off. Even so, there would be an innate sense of right and wrong, of justice and what is fair, even if they don’t always follow this, putting their ego first. Shame would soon follow though, and they would once again return to their internal rules.

A child with their Moon in Virgo could appear fussy and easily disgruntled, someone that notices much of the details of what goes on around them. There would be a matter of fact quality to them, but with an underlying care and helpfulness. They may search for approval from their elders, trying to be high achievers or appear disciplined, without needing assistance. Yet, there would also be a wit and humour too, grounded in its expression.

A child with their Moon in Libra would value friendship, maybe even needing a “best friend” over others at times for their own sense of ease. There would be a natural interest in people, maybe in other children with different backgrounds or experiences to them, and they may find conflict or augments particularly upsetting. They could be attracted to physically pretty things, things that have a certain flair to them.

A child with their Moon in Scorpio may find that they can draw something powerful out in others from an early age, can get a reaction that even they may not understand at their young age, which can make them feel somewhat odd. There would be strong emotions stirring in them, but also this ability to see beauty in the things that others may discard, or the things that haunt others. They would feel the safest with strong attachments.

A child with their Moon in Sagittarius would be the ones to tread dirt into the house, never pay attention to time limits, to speak when they have been told to be quiet, and to answer back should they view something as wrong. They would be the spirits that need an element of freedom, even as children, not prioritising what others tell them they should prioritise. They would enjoy making others laugh too, in getting that reaction.

A child with their Moon in Capricorn would have a sense of what they want for their future, even if this ultimately changed, of looking forward to comparing the now and then and seeing what they have done in that time. There would also be something “old soul” about them, maybe finding enjoyment from tasks that would be considered too old for their age, or boring by their peers. They may also feel patronised by adults in general, in the inference that they would need their help in most things.

A child with their Moon in Aquarius would be someone that asks questions from a young age, someone that finds that they cannot simply follow an instruction just because it was given to them, especially if they feel they have a better grasp on something than even adults do. They may appear odd, but also unfazed by the judgement of other children and adults. There would be a sense of “to each their own” from an early age.

A child with their Moon in Pisces would be someone that both enjoyed the quiet times of imagination and creativity, but also the ability to slot themselves into wherever they were needed, able to morph into the people that surrounded them. They may ask questions of the universe from an early age, and appear to acknowledge that there may be something “more” even in childlike terms. This would be a child where the parents would hopefully see something other worldly and valuable in them.

Things I will never get sick of reading in 8th year fics…

  • Harry giving Draco his wand back, their fingers lingering at the hand off
  • 8th year shared common room 
  • Harry and Draco being assigned as roommates
  • And at first its so awkward and strained but then they realize if they stop fighting about everything they actually get along fairly well
  • that moment Harry sees Draco in his pajamas for the first time; its early morning and Draco’s hair is falling around his face in soft looking wisps, there are pillow lines on his cheek and he looks younger, softer somehow, and its the first time Harry has ever seen him without any facade.  It makes him question everything he thinks he knows about the other boy.
  • Or the first time Draco sees Harry asleep, and of course he’s used to seeing Harry casual and relaxed so its not even the sight of him curled in his bed in just a pair of pajama pants and a worn Chudley Canons shirt that throws him off kilter, it’s just that he’s not used to seeing him so open.  It does something to Draco, watching Harry’s face as he sleeps, hes so exposed laying there without the brave face he puts on for everyone else.  It makes something inside of him break.
  • which ofc lead to each one of them trying not to notice what the other one looks like with flushed cheeks and windswept hair; what they look like when they’re really free and happy and how much it shocks them to realize that they want to be able to make the other one look that happy too
  • Party Games Trope need I say more
  • Harry helping Draco learn how to cast a Patronus
  • Harry and Draco comforting each other from nightmares because its so much easier to talk about it in the middle of the night when no one can see you, as if the darkness protects you from your truths
  • EVERYTHING.  Seriously give me every damn thing about 8th year and Harry and Draco growing and healing and finally being free to be teenagers and have fun and be silly and goof around and discover themselves and find love and finally, fucking finally, find happiness; to find each other.

It kind of feels heart-fluttering, or dreamy… or comfortable…

It feels very… special.

This FB is about Tumblr user tanukijade. The comment section is full of stories about her predatory behavior. Cut all ties with her, protect yourselves. When I shared the original post to my FB I ended up finding out that a few of my friends had had similar interactions with her. A common through line being that they were young at the time or looked younger than they were, which was met with vocal disappointment.
This person is predatory, pedophilic, manipulative and just down right dangerous. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away. Especially if you live in the PNW or specifically Bellingham.

anonymous asked:

your hogwarts au is ♡♡♡! i wonder what house do you see each mugiwara in??

Hi there, thanks for asking ♡♡ I’m sorry if I kept you waiting and sorry for disappearing><
So here’s my opinion! Sometimes there are more than one possibility to me so I’m just gonna list them all.
Luffy: Gryffindor
Zoro: Gryffindor
Nami: Gryffindor/Ravenclaw
Usopp: Gryffindor (I really think Usopp shold be in Gryffindor instead of Hufflepuff XD And his dream is to become a brave warrior on the sea so)
Sanji: Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff (It is reeeeaaaally hard to decide his house, and although I know I have drawn him in both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, I still prefer putting him in Ravenclaw XD)
Chopper: Hufflepuff (Chopper is so cute I love Chopper ♡)
Robin: Ravenclaw/Slytherin
Franky: Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw
Brook: Hufflepuff

I know there are many other different ideas about their houses so I also want to know how you guys think ;) Feel free to leave your thoughts!

Brother’s Friend | Mike Wheeler X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: Could I request a Mike Wheeler X Reader fic where the reader is Will’s older sister, the middle Byer’s kid, and Mike has a huge crush on her? Maybe she knows about it and one day asks him out, shocking everyone?

Characters: Mike/fem!Byers!reader, Will, Dustin and Lucas. Joyce and Jonathan are mentioned.

Word Count: 1541 words.

Parts of the series: (1) (2)

The girl was lying on her bed as she flipped through an old magazine she had read a few times. It was garbage, but exactly the kind of garbage she liked. She read the little notes she had written next to some of the texts, wanting to tell her if it was worth reading it again or not. Most of the time, she ignored what she had written, reading the magazine even if it was bad. She liked that, what could she do?

(Y/N) heard some cheering from the living room, making her jump from the sudden noise, but she quickly calmed down. She smiled slightly at herself before continuing to read. It was only her younger brother, Will, and his friends probably playing some game during their sleepover -they hated when she called it that- that they were having that night at the Byers’ house.

She thought she should be annoyed by the noises they made, but that actually made her relieved. She had been left responsible for the four boys, even though she was only a year older than they were, since her mother and Jonathan wouldn’t be home until later. (Y/N) was supposed to check on them every half hour, but she trusted them enough to know they wouldn’t burn the house down, so she’d just go check on them every now and then. While they were making noise it meant they were still alive.

The cheering soon calmed down, but she could still hear conversations coming from the other room. (Y/N) nodded to herself before returning to her magazine; she made a mental note that she should write again later: “This is trash. Read it again.”

The girl turned the page when she heard footsteps coming down the hall and it wasn’t long before someone knocked on her door. “Come in.” she said loudly. The door swung open, revealing Mike Wheeler behind it with a box of pizza in his hands. “Hello again, what’s up?”

The boy took a few hesitant steps into her room. Even though he had already gone in there at least five times to talk to her that night, Mike still didn’t seem comfortable getting into her space.

“We saved a slice of pizza for you.”

(Y/N) raised her eyebrow, feeling surprised to hear that. That was unusual. “Seriously? Did you all agree to this?”

Mike chuckled, shaking his head. “It was supposed to be mine, but I’m not that hungry, and I haven’t seen you eating since we got here, so I thought maybe you’d like it.”

The girl smiled, reaching out to take the box from his hands. “Thanks Mike.” she said, taking the slice and taking a bite, letting out a grunt of satisfaction. “You’re the best.”

The boy laughed at her actions. He seemed about to say something, but just smiled, saying a quick “you’re welcome” and left her room, closing her door.

Mike Wheeler was a sweet boy. He had always been a nice kid. But in the last few months he was being a bit too nice to her and it wasn’t hard to notice.

She remembered everything starting when she noticed that she would often see Mike staring at her in random moments, and he’d turn his face quickly when he noticed that he had been caught, his face blushing slightly. (Y/N) had tried to ignore that at first, but she couldn’t help but notice how he always made excuses to go talk to her - as he had done several times that night.

The girl didn’t want to jump to conclusions, so she went to her little brother for some answers. Will, even if he was a bit hesitant, confirmed that Mike did indeed like her.

(Y/N) didn’t know exactly how she should react or whether she should talk about it with Mike, so she just kept quiet. But in the last few weeks it had been difficult to ignore that, since the Snow Ball was near.

Most of times she was with the boys, Mike found a way to talk about this dance, always complaining that he didn’t have a date for it yet. She didn’t miss the way he looked at her when he said that. Will confirmed to her that, yes, Mike was planning on asking her to go with him, but he was struggling with it. She noticed how every time he came to talk to her he seemed about to ask her, but he always hesitated and left. Poor boy.

Mike Wheeler was a sweet kid and she had to confess she had a soft spot for the boy. He was cute and nice and she couldn’t help but have some feelings for him, even if she didn’t know what they were.

(Y/N) smiled slightly at herself as she thought about that, enjoying her lasts bites of that pizza. She heard the boys cheering again, startling her. Maybe it was time for her to check if they weren’t making a lot of mess. Please that they haven’t knocked down food on the floor.

The girl got up lazily, taking the pizza box with her. She entered the room, seeing that nothing seemed out of place. Good. The four boys noticed and turned to her, a questioning look in their eyes.

“I just came to wash the dishes, don’t mind me,” she said, heading for the kitchen.

(Y/N) set the box on the table, going to the sink, mentally preparing for the probably cold water that would reach her hands as she began to wash. She took a deep breath, starting.

“Hey.” she heard Mike’s voice talking to her as soon as she started to wash things. (Y/N) turned to him, watching the Wheeler boy standing by the table. “Want some help?”

The girl looked at the group of boys, who were staring at her until that moment, but quickly looked away, returning to play whatever it was they were playing. (Y/N) looked back at Mike, smiling at him. “No, that’s okay. You can go back to your game. ”

He nodded, looking nervous and suddenly anxious. Mike opened his mouth, seeming to say something. Oh, he was going to do it. The girl looked at him expectantly, but he closed his mouth again, giving her a small smile that seemed a little sad. “Okay.” and he went back to the boys.

Well, he almost did it again. She continued to do the dishes, but the small group’s conversation, although they seemed to make an effort to speak quietly, caught her attention.

“Just go and ask her.” she heard Lucas whisper.

“What’s the point?” Mike asked quietly. “She wouldn’t go with me anyway.”

The girl’s heart sank lightly from how hurt he sounded, but she just kept doing what she was doing. She took some glances at Mike, however, seeing that he looked upset that he hadn’t asked her, that he didn’t have enough confidence to do so. She didn’t like to see him like that, so, as she finished washing the dishes, she knew exactly what she had and wanted to do.

The boys kept playing that game they loved so much as she approached them. “Hey guys.” Mike looked up at her, a smile coming back to his face as she stood between him and Will. “So… Are you all excited for the dance?” they all muttered different stuff, but she had her eyes looking at the Wheeler boy. “I heard you didn’t have a date, Mike.” he seemed to get a little tense with those words. “Is that true?”

He played with his fingers nervously, looking at his friends, who looked as confused as he. “Yeah, I didn’t find anyone to go with me yet.”

The Byers girl smiled warmly at him. “I can go with you if you want.”

Lucas and Dustin widened their eyes. Mike seemed a bit flustered, glaring at Will, as if accusing him of having asked (Y/N) to go with Mike to the dance for pity or something like that, but the younger Byers just shrugged, looking slightly confused. The Wheeler boy looked at her. “Y-you don’t need to do that.”

“But I want to.” she put her hand on his shoulder. “It could be like a date or something.” Now Mike’s eyes had widened as well, feeling his cheeks heat up. "Only if you want, of course.”

He quickly nodded. “Yeah! Su-sure, a date. ”

She smiled slightly. “Cool.”

“Are you serious?” she heard Will ask, surprised. She turned to see the other three boys, including her brother, looking at her as if she were from another planet. She just laughed.

“I’ll be in my room if any of you needs me.” she said messing with Mike’s hair before starting to walk away. “We can talk more about the dance later, ‘kay Mike?’

(Y/N) saw him nod - still looking shocked - at her before she turned in the hall. All the way to her room, she heard no sound coming from the living room, but in the moment she closed the door she heard the boys cheering and, when she heard Dustin loudly saying "You go, Mike!”, she knew that this time that didn’t have anything to do with their game.