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Zazu was the first of his brood to wake up in the nest where his family lived. He was the runt, the smallest and weakest as well as the only male. He slept on the edge of the nest just under the hole in the tree where their mother dropped food to them. Not because he was particularly favourited, but that his sisters took up all of the warmth in the center for themselves.

Not wanting to wake any of them up and start a fight he would inevitably lose, little Zazu carefully clawed up the tree bark to the entrance of the hole. His mother was out searching for food for them at the moment and she didn’t really like it when they went out of the nest. Zazu tried to do what he was told, but breaking one rule was better than being beat up.

They had only just started flying lessons, and Zazu was at least confident in flapping from branch to branch, so he hopped up onto one that stuck out into the air. He settled down on it’s edge and began his favourite hobby: animal-watching.

“Let’s see…Small group of Giraffa Camelopardalis,” (his mother had taught him the fancy names for every animal early on, and he liked to use them to show off). “Um, a single Black Rhinoceros; DicerosDiceros Bicornis! Family of Ostrich, that’s StruthioStruthio…”

He never did remember the second part of that name, because a more interesting animal caught his attention. “Panthera Leo!” he chirped, perching on the edge of the branch to watch the lion.

He shifted his position as the cub passed under him, a few times he opened his beak to say something but found that he was too shy. It was only when he was a few feet away that Zazu pointed towards him, ever a fan of stating the obvious.

“You’re Prince Mufasa!”