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Team Avatar as  House Stark (or is it House Stark as Team Avatar?)

Eddard Stark and Hakoda: The father
Catelyn Tully and Kya: The mother
Robb Stark and Sokka: The Young Wolf
Theon Greyjoy and Zuko: The exiled prince 
Sansa Stark and Katara: The elder badass daughter
Arya Stark and Toph: The younger badass daughter
Bran Stark and Aang: A boy with wings
Rickon Stark and Suki: The one fandom forgot 
Jon Snow and Zuko: The outcast/dragon prince

Decided to count Zuko twice because reasons.

It's Finally Over... Slept on it last night and..... Well... Here we go

I… I literally can’t with this entire series….. I don’t even know where to start in this entire finale.


-Wu Redemption is Stupid (Also idea for independent states sounds a heck of a lot like what it was when the Earth Queen died. Who would be in charge of that? Even we have a president?)

-The bending was uber convenient and inconvenient during the entire the finale. All they need to do is trip the machine, cut off a leg and the weapon would have gone down. Ways to do this? TONS OF IT. They could have 

A) shifted the earth under her feet like Toph was able to do in Book 2. I mean. They have a heck of a lot of earth benders and a heck of a lot of earth from the city. ALso they can use water since it’s a COASTAL CITY to freeze it constantly. Why did Korra have to stop freezing it. It was actually doing more damage when she was contiually doing it?

B) At any time could Bolin have used his lavabending saw to cut some metal in a probably faster fashion than those two robot birds. We saw him doing it inside.

C) Just because the outside is made of platinum does that mean they CANNOT bend what’s inside the robot. Constantly have they proven in the Avatar series that you don’t need to see an element in order to mess with it. Whether earth is jammed somewhere or whether water is deep underground, a bender can always feel their element. Heck, even Kuvira admitted that she felt them bending the metal in the suit.

Platinum is shown to be unbendable but it does not negate the effects of bending like kryptonite.

The mecha obviously was vulnerable as it had earth inside it, therefore it could have been metalbent from outside (especially in the cockpit, which was shown inside to be 100% metal.

-Asami punishment YET AGAIN. Now THIS character has seen the true suffering that Korra stated to have experienced.

She lost her father, She lost her mother, she got her boyfriend stolen from her and then was cheated on, she lost her company and had to work hard to rebuild everything from the ground up. This girl is a rock-solid character that always gets jilted IN EVERY SINGLE SEASON WITH LESS AND LESS screen time and NOW THIS?????

-There was absolutely no reason that Hiroshi needed to die. Heck, there was no reason that anyone should have cared for him to die so why the impact? Just to make Asami suffer? It made absolutely no sense and everyone in the room of where I live was just rolling their eyes and saying, “He’s going to die, right?”

-It was just a dumb plot choice. He was brought in for like two episodes out of the entire last two seasons and they did this to him? The only thing I could see from this is just to put a blot on Kuvira’s pretty much SPOTLESS record, despite the fact that he was a convict and the fact that it was the United Republic that tried to assassinate Kuvira FIRST!

- Korra’s development-

Granted they tried. I will grant them that they tried. However, it was a pathetic attempt. They literally spent more time planning our Varrick and Jhu LI’s redemption/marriage and Wu/the citizens escape than they did with Korra’s lesson. She fights Kuvira, she gets trapped in the spirit world  with Kuvira, decides to NOW talk about ANY SORT OF REMNANCE OF A BACKSTORY WITH KUVIRA with literally NO INDICATION of caring or knowing about it, and then all of the sudden says, “You are like me because you have a fierce and don’t want to give up.”

Well Korra honey, there are alot of characters that don’t want to give up and are fierce like you. Lin, Mako, Varrick, Toph, younger Katara. 

That doesn’t excuse the fact that you weren’t there for  3 years, or the fact that Zaofu and Republic City did almost nothing to help the Earth Kingdom in it’s time of need. That doesn’t excuse the fact that Kuvira was TOLD to unite the kingdoms by everyone and was ONLY condemned for NOT STEPPING DOWN (go look at the early episodes of this book if you don’t know what I’m talking about)


And then she’s arrested and Kuvira’s just like to everyone, “Hey! Give up the cause! We were wrong guys! LOL”

Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something be resolved that quickly since the nonbender revolution in Book 1. And that was really sad.

AND EVEN IN THE END OF KORRA’s GROWTH, she’s pretty much doing what she did every single season ending. Saying that she has changed, and grown, and then doing crap the next season. Whose to say that this wasn’t any better?

-The ending

Granted we never figured out what happened to her past lives or why the HECK we need another spirit portal, we just HAVE to have someone’s wedding in the end and it has to be a side characters. More screen time for character introduced in Book 2 and barely kept alive up until this point! Not like there were other characters that could have been focused on! LIKE ASAMI’S DADS FUNERAL. She is a main character after all.

In the end, we get some stupid love implications from not even the main shipping that the creators themselves said they shipped. We get two people, whom one had stolen the boyfriend from and had been cheated on, to convince the other, who would drop her company and everything she worked for just to be her handmaiden in another kingdom, forced to get together in a friendly stroll into the Spirit World.

And yet they are just friends. But everyone is implying this forced relationship instead of actually saying, “Hey! You know what? Korra hasn’t really developed any good healthy relationships with anyone of these characters. They’re all just one-sided or shallow! Let’s just make her a strong, independent young lady who still needs to learn how to make friends.”

NOPE! Let’s give “the people” what they want! REPRESENTATION! Then maybe they will stop writing critiques on how we left open all these plot holes and other stuff to screw over the series!

You can’t just insert a character for no good reason, treat her like crap, and then at the end of everything say, “HEY YOU WANT TO BE WORTH THE SCREEN TIME?  BE THE SLAVE OF THE TITULAR CHARACTER FOR THE REST OF THIS STORY~!”

That’s just…. Oh whatever.

You know what?

People are going to say that LoK is the best thing ever.

Not because it actually was.

But because people will look at it and say, “Look at the representation!”

Representation of POC!

Representation of TEEN RELATIONSHIPS!

Representation of WOMEN!

Representation of PTSD!

Representation of… whatever that was at the end….

It’s not going to matter what you do in the end.

This show was a train wreck. A huge fan fiction letter to themselves.

Thank goodness the crash has come. And the dust from the wreckage is cleared.

Let’s move forward with our lives guys and go back to the ATLA cafe, where everything was perf, and knew what they were selling.

Drinks and Food are on me.