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Why doesn’t Dean go for lady cops?

So in this post I wrote about how Dean doesn’t have any female friends except Donna. Everyone else fits into a specific family category (mother, sister, daughter), the lover category (ranging from sexual relationships to Dean just viewing them as a casual sexual conquest), or the enemy category. And then there’s Donna, who could be considered family in a general sense, but doesn’t fit into any of the prescribed roles, and who could be a lover except that Dean has showed absolutely no sexual interest in her. And she certainly isn’t an enemy.

And then I got to thinking. There are actually two more women that come to mind over the seasons that had roles too small to be family, but which were not treated sexually either. They could also be considered friends, in a very acquaintancey way. And they were both also female cops. I’m talking about the cop in The Benders (Kathleen) and the cop in The Usual Suspects (Diana). Both of them let Sam and Dean go even though they were wanted by the law (both of them also killed someone right before doing that, but I’m not sure that’s relevant here).

Dean doesn’t make any sexual remarks towards them and isn’t even remotely suggestive in their direction (which, incidentally, can’t be said about male cops, just saying).

This is particularly remarkable because it was in the early seasons, where Dean treated nearly every woman as a sexual object, even enemies (Bela), and women who clearly (according to the social norms we all know and hate) were ‘claimed’ by Sam (Jess). In fact, Dean steamrolled over most taboos about flirting. He flirted with enemies, people in relationships, people who were clearly uninterested, strangers, older women, younger women, yes even men. But he drew the line at lady cops. I just wanna know why.

Was it because he thought they wouldn’t appreciate it? Because he thought he couldn’t get away with it? Because he’s afraid of women with power? Because it wouldn’t benefit him?

I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with attraction (that would imply that he only flirts with people he is attracted to, which I doubt is accurate if only because I think it more likely that he uses flirting as a tactic, to get people to react either positively or negatively). Although we do know that Dean doesn’t think much of cops, which might mean he doesn’t find them attractive as a rule. That leads me to consider that he flirts with male cops as an act of aggression and a way to claim power over them, and doesn’t flirt with female cops because… why? He feels like the power dynamic is already balanced in his favor? He doesn’t think it will work? He feels some kind of outsider kinship with them?

But then again, I don’t really want to say it’s respect either; because, again, that implies he doesn’t respect the people he does flirt with.

I’m sure there are other classes of people that Dean never flirts with, but this is the most solid example I can think of. And it holds true in more recent seasons as well. Dean didn’t flirt with Jenna, or the female sheriff in The Chitters. And we know Dean is uncomfortable discussing sex at all in front of Jody (see Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox).

This trend keeping up isn’t surprising since Dean flirts a lot less with women these days in general, but it still stands. I don’t think we have ever seen Dean flirt or be sexually suggestive with a lady cop.

Why do you think that is?

This Made My Day.

I was walking in the park today when there was a birthday party going on, this guy who, looked like he was in his mid 20’s, whistled at this female jogger and catcalled her.

She stopped, looked at him, and proceeded to give him the middle finger.

Shocked, the man looked at his kid and said, “Hey! My kid is right here! That’s highly offensive!” in this big, bad, ‘I’m smarter than you’ voice.

Without even blinking, the girl said, “You’re teaching your son how he should talk to a lady, I’m showing him how a lady is supposed to respond.”

And continued jogging.