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ZOO | 2.05 | Allison + Mitch

When a snake flicks its tongue it’s gathering particles through its Jacobson’s Organ.

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Are you able to do a cuddle blurb thing for Severide? Love your work ☺️

Sure I can :)


Again I have a feeling that cuddles with Severide would be full of playfulness.

And laughter.

And banter, oh my god so much banter.

Like he rarely stops talking, except when you’re talking. I have a feeling that when you’re talking he’s dead silent, wanting to hear everything you have to say.

Whether it’s about your day or what you and your siblings used to get up to when you were younger.

Kelly Severide would use cuddling time to get to know you, the parts of you that you don’t tell anyone else. The embarrassing stories. The long forgotten memories.

He wants to know everything.

Like wise, he will tell you everything.

Whether he’s telling you about a stupid thing he did as a trainee or about his relationship with his father, he would always be telling you something.

However every now and then, when there was a bad fire or when he lost a victim; he would ask you to tell him a happy thing.

He would cuddle into you and listening quietly to whatever you chose to tell him. Sometimes you would tell him about a ridiculous customer, or perhaps what you and your brother really got up to that time a window was broken.

You would speak to him about anything and everything that would make him happier.

Of course there were days where what you talked about wasn’t happy. Sometime he would want to speak about the fire or the victim he lost.

And then you’d let him, let him pour his soul out into yours. Because when it was just the two of you, there were no secrets.

When he was with you he wasn’t a firefighter or a playboy or a family reject. He was a simply a man in love with a woman.

And you weren’t a doctor or a sister or a girl who moved to a big town. You were simply a woman in love with a man.

And that was all that counted.


I don’t know where that came from. For some reason I felt like I could right a whole essay…

Also you guys can request different blurbs as well, like what moving in with them would be like or even what your apartment would look like. What them as parent would be like or what going on a first date would be like as well :)

Feel free to request a prompt or an imagine. I write for the Chicago series, all small screen D.C. tv shows as well as a bunch of bands and book series.


You probably wondering why I ’ve put photos of an old Scott actress…
Present you Mary Weir most known under the name of Molly Weir. She played the character of Hazel McWitch on BBC children show Rentaghost.
She is the Molly of the Vaselines song “Molly’s lips”. When he was younger, Eugene Kelly used to delight his familly by kissing her when she appears on telly.

She said she’ll take me anyway
She’ll take me everyway
As long as she stays with me

She said she’ll take me everywhere
She’ll take me anywhere
As long as I ’ m good and clean

Kiss, kiss, Molly’s lips
Kiss, kiss, Molly’s lips
Kiss, kiss, Molly’s lips
Kiss, kiss, Molly’s lips

She said she’ll take me everytime
She’ll take me anytime
As long as she stays with me

She said she’ll take me everyday
She’ll take me anyday
And it would be free…

Written by Ted Egan, Eugene Kelly, Frances McKee.

ppl are so ready to accept the audrey+bad!coop=richard horne theory but like not his mo, i mean he has his own way to operate which is …different than Bob’s. Doc Hayward suggested he thought he went to go visit audrey cause of the bank explosion but like he had bigger things to tend to like a ring that was missing and annie who knew his real identity im assuming the audrey statement is a red herring also have y’all seen younger david patrick kelly ?? if richard is any of the horne’s itd be jerry’s

Two Hundred And Four Reasons

Spartan-117 & Spartan-087

[Preface] // [Part 1] // [Part 2] // [Part 3] // [Part 4] // [Part 5] // [Part 6] // [Part 7]

Though most of John-117 and Kelly-087′s time together as both teammates and friends has been chronicled in the official novels, I’d still like to take a look at some of the fiction that exists in-tandem with these pieces of Halo canon. Specifically the comics - some of which offer a slightly different perspective on certain events from the books, while others contain relevant plot details and set the stage for Blue Team’s adventures in ‘Halo 5: Guardians’. But no matter how different they are in style, all of them serve to supplement what has long been established about Blue-One and Blue-Two, and the strong bond they share.

It’s in the Subtext

In the comic book adaptation of ‘The Fall of Reach’, obviously much of the story of the original novel is condensed (and some events are omitted entirely) in order to fit everything into twelve issues. However, interestingly enough, a lot of attention is still given to John and Kelly’s partnership and how they’ve stayed side by side practically their entire lives. Even to the extent that a few moments and details that aren’t present in the source text were added to the comic that emphasize the closeness of their relationship.

(Throughout the comics there are many panels like the ones above that depict isolated moments between John-117 and Kelly-087. I’ve chosen the ones that I thought were the most significant and relevant to this series of writings, but there are indeed more. So I definitely recommend checking out the whole comic books for additional context.)

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Idk if this hate it's just something I've noticed. On Jojo's boomerang video I've noticed there is a lot of bots(automatic) comments. Do you think she buys her views? At first I thought it was just kids but one of my fave youtubers was talking about how a lot of youtubers buy their views and that's one of the signs especially ones that say "I love ___" or " i am a fan" and she has a lot of those.

My best guess would be that it’s just a lot of younger fans commenting. Especially because he target audience is on the younger side. -Kelly

Coming Home (Dean Winchester)

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, crying, death mention, mentions of abusive parents

Word Count: 2183

Summary: You get into a fight with Dean after a hunt goes wrong


My eyes were focused on the rain drops dripping down the impala’s window, my hands shaking slightly in my lap. I flinched back every time the street lights illuminated my reflection; the blood splattered thickly across my face, the underside of my right eye red and puffy.
I didn’t need to turn around to know that Dean was glaring dangerously through the rear view mirror, his jaw locked tight, green eyes blazing. He hadn’t said a word since getting in the car, even the radio was switched off; the three of us sitting in silent tension.
As soon as we were back at the bunker however Dean wouldn’t be biting his tongue anymore; I could practically already recite the whole argument in my head already and to say that I was dreading it would be an understatement.
I messed up. I should’ve followed the plan. I should’ve listened. I shouldn’t have gotten that kid killed.
Anything that he was planning on saying was nothing compared to what I had already thought to myself. The guilt was coursing through my system, leaving behind a horrible churning in the pit of my stomach.

I blinked back the tears threatening to escape; I was not going to cry in front of the brothers. Especially Dean Winchester.
The man was notorious for his rough exterior, shoot first ask questions later attitude; he didn’t show his weaknesses. Not that I minded all the time; he was also probably the best hunter I had ever seen, loyal, badass and not to mention gorgeous. My heart skipped a few beats every time he looked at me.
I had known them now for a little over a year, after a vamp hunt gone wrong. Sam and I clicked almost straight away, we joked and laughed as he patched me up; bonding over mythology, reading and early mornings. I hadn’t quite given up the junk food though. But when he pleaded with me to stay, his wide puppy eyes staring deeply into my own, I couldn’t say no.
Dean however was another thing entirely; I thought of us as friends but he always maintained some kind of distance, almost as though he didn’t want to get to close. Some days we didn’t talk at all. Despite all of those things I was sure I loved him; which was completely ridiculous because he would never feel the same way about me, I wasn’t the pretty, fruity cocktail type girl that he seemed to prefer.

“Y/n?” My thoughts faded away as Sam grasped my shoulder lightly, a small sympathetic smile on his face. “We’re back”
I looked around and sure enough the impala was parked in the bunkers garage; Dean already long gone. As I slumped out of the car I thought about my warm bed and how nice it would be to collapse between the sheets once I had had a shower.
Once I had reached the bottom of the stairs though my duffle bag thumped to the floor by my feet. Dean was there, whiskey tumbler in hand, waiting for me.
“Sam give us a minute will you?” He said sharply, inclining his head towards the doorway.
“Just…go easy will you?” Sam replied, shooting me a look before making his exit.
My eyes dropped to the floor the minute we were alone, not trusting myself to look at the hunter in front of me anymore.
“Dean look I’m sorry – “ I began to say before he cut me off; his voice low.
“You almost got us all killed tonight”
“I’m sorry”
“Sorry doesn’t bring that boy back does it? Sorry doesn’t act like a fix it all for screwing up y/n”
“I made a mistake”
“Maybe it’s not a good idea for you to hunt with us anymore”
“You’re reckless, argumentative; you go in all guns blazing before working out a solid plan, you take too big a chances…I’m not going to risk my own or Sammy’s life for whatever immature suicide mission your on”
“Dean…” I murmured pitifully; the tears I had been trying so hard to hold back slipping out over my waterline.
Without another word he downed the rest of his drink, placing the glass onto the wooden table before walking away; leaving me standing there watching his retreating figure.
My mind was whirling while I tried to piece together what exactly just happened; Dean had kicked me out, actually kicked me out.

Somewhere inside of me hoped that he would be back any minute to apologize, but the longer I waited the more I realized that he had been deadly serious; he didn’t need…no want me here anymore.
My shoulders shook with the sobs building in my throat, my chest constricting with the memories that were just too close for comfort. The image of a fifteen year old me swimming in front of my eyes. With a shaky breath I grabbed my bag back off the floor, jogging as fast as I could back up the stairs and into the rain. If he wanted me gone then I was going.
The rain had gotten heavier in the time since arriving at the bunker, my long sleeve shirt soaked through within minutes, my hair hanging down in wet tendrils across my collarbone. I walked up towards the main road, no particular destination in mind; nothing for me in either direction.
The bar was a twenty minute walk from here; maybe that was a good place to start.


By the time I swung open the pubs door I was shaking from head to toe; my arms wrapped around my waist tightly, even though they weren’t really doing any good.
The room wasn’t completely full but a few people still stopped their conversations to stare at me while I walked to the bar. Donny, the barman looked me over with a suspicious look.
“Where are Sam and Dean tonight?” He asked
“At home…I’m really not their concern anymore” I slouched down onto the stool, picking the napkin up in front of me and twisting one of the corners, “shot of whiskey please…I need something to warm me up”
With a shrug of his shoulders Donny filled up a shot, sliding it over towards me. I gulped it down in one mouthful, raising my hand for another. As the alcohol burned its way down my throat I thought about my family for the first time in years; thinking about everything I had left behind.

“Muuuuuuum! Y/n pulled my hair again” Kelly, my younger sister whined.
I hadn’t been anywhere near her but that fact never seemed to help me; I was the eldest and there for the responsible one, the one that could never muck up, the one that could never tell tales or pick on my sister. Of course that never stopped Kelly from getting me in trouble as much as possible; what was worse was that Mum and Dad always believed her.
“Y/N!” Mum screamed from the kitchen, her voice causing me to wince slightly.
“Yes?” I asked quietly when I reached her, my hands shaking as I held them together.
“What have I said about pulling your sisters hair?!”
“But Mum I swear I didn – “
I didn’t see the wooden spoon as she whirled around to face me, but I definitely felt it. CRACK!
My eyes stung as I lowered my hand to my thigh, rubbing gingerly over the place she had smacked me.
“What did I say about telling tales?” She seethed, “Wait till your Father comes home and hears about it”
I ran up to my room before she had the chance to say anything else; Mum was bad but Dad…
By the time he got home I hadn’t come out of my room once, opting to stay on my bed, earphones plugged in and the loudest playlist I could find. Maybe if I pretended to be asleep when he came in then he would just leave me alone.
It was wishful thinking though.
My ear phones were ripped out, Dad’s face coming into focus. His eyes bulging out of his skull, face flushed red.
“Get out of my house”
“What?” I repeated.
“I said get out” He grabbed my arm before reefing me off the bed, “I’ve told you to stop picking on your sister, I’ve told you not to back chat to your Mother but you just won’t listen! The world doesn’t revolve around you y/n and it was high time you learnt that”
Never taking his hold off my arm he stormed back down the stairs, passed my Mother with her arms on her hips, past my sister with her smug smile, towards the front door.
Dad shoved me mercilessly through it when it was open, my feet catching on the lip of the door, sending me crashing to my knees…

I shook my head violently, trying to clear the memory away for good. Gulping down my shot I wiped at my eyes, annoyed once again to find that I had been crying. With a huff I flagged down Donny, I needed another drink.


At first when the stool next to me was slid back across the floor I didn’t bother looking up; sure that it was just some random drunk guy trying to get a few passes over on me. But as I heard that deep, gravelly voice speak up my eyes widened, my gut twisting uncomfortably.
“So…Donny said you might need a lift home”
“I might, if I still had a home” I mumbled into the counter.
“Look y/n obviously going off on you like I did wasn’t the best way to approach the situation but of course you still have a home”
“You don’t need to molly coddle me Dean, you made yourself perfectly clear earlier so don’t worry about me anymore”
I got off the chair and walked towards the exit, my hands outstretched in front of me so I didn’t over balance.

The outside air was crisp and cold, the parking lot still smelling of rain. I didn’t bother turning around when I heard Dean’s boots on the concrete.
“Hey…HEY!” He grabbed my arm, “What the hell?”
“Let me go Dean” I hissed, trying to yank out of his hold.
“No not until you talk to me!”
“What’s there to talk about!? You said it yourself Dean, I don’t listen and I’m reckless hell I make pretty poor choices almost all of the time! And even though all those things you pointed out are exactly the same as what you do, you still felt it necessary to lecture me over it!”
“I can’t have anything happen to you” He replied, looking down at his feet.
“I said I can’t have anything happen to you and maybe you being exactly like me is what pisses me off so much, because I know you won’t listen and if…if anything happened well…”
“if anything happened what?”
“I wouldn’t be the same person” He finished. “I wouldn’t be able to keep doing this damn job if I didn’t have you in my life”
Before I had the chance to say anything his supple lips were pressed against mine, his tongue brushing across the bottom of my lip. We were moving completely in sync with each other, hands tugging at against our clothes. My hands roamed across his shoulder blades, up the back of his neck and into his hair, tugging at the short strands. I parted my mouth when his tongue became more persistent, biting my lips softly.
“Come back home y/n” He groaned, his hands tightening on my hips, “Please”
“I…I don’t know if I should”
“Sammy told me about your family…I’m so sorry”
“I’m sorry too” I mumbled, bringing my face down to rest on his chest.
“I shouldn’t have said those things to you y/n…I swear I didn’t mean them…I…I love you”
“Why do you sound so shocked?”
“I’m nothing like those other girls Dean, I have a messed up background, I’m not girly or pretty”
“You are everything those girls aren’t, sexy, badass and who cares if you have history, all of us do in this life”
“Why were you avoiding me all the time then?” I questioned.
“Yeah ah…I just didn’t know how to tell you that I liked you”
“I love you too Dean Winchester”
“Good” He replied, pressing our lips together again. I swayed a little where I was standing.
Despite everything that had just happened, I was still drunk, my head starting to ache.
“Come on then” Dean said, taking hold of my hand.
He led me back over towards the impala, helping me into the passenger seat before getting in and starting the car.
There was still rain on the windows, the street lights shining off the glass as we drove underneath them; but the mood had shifted, Dean was smiling at me, his fingers laced together with mine. The road back to the bunker had shifted too; it wasn’t just a temporary house anymore, it genuinely felt like I was coming home. For good this time.