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I’ll never forget the way my nieces’ eyes lit up and how excited they became when they asked if there’s any “girl superheroes” and I told them yes 😭💙

Imagine Loki got a spell mixed up, where he wanted Thor to be the lesser liked son for a day but instead had them swap bodies, which in the end has the same effect. No one believes “Loki” when he claims to be Thor, but Frigga seems to know, but say nothing, wanting to teach her older son some humility and her younger some comprehension of his older brothers duties. 

Art vs Money

This discussion has went on and on since the beginning of time I guess, but it got heated in the Vietnamese comic community recently. A famous and devoted artist, who admired by many, recently got more chance to earn because his work got the crowd attention. He made a breakthrough in his comic career, and starting to take more agency contracts, which in fact very reasonable but at the same time his content also decreased its quality. Its a trade off, but as long as he loves what he do, I dont see any problem at all.
However, artists from younger generation with fame (some older too) crticized him of being cheap and use others content, that he stopped doing art, thats not art blah blah. Some criticism turn into humilation and shaming him in social media, to my surprise, most artists in this community hated him for that. I dont get it, art is something really personal why criticize him for that, I dont get why people from same community have to be so mean to each other?
If they knew I just draw sex and ass now would they detest me too? But I love what I do, thats my art.

What do you think? Art vs Money.

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Younger!Promptis or Older!Promptis? Or a combination?

Wow! What perfect timing love, I legit just checked for asks and yours appeared. Maybe it was fate. ❤️

Well to answer your question, I like younger Promptis a lot. BUT if we’re talking older beardless Noctis omg I would love some of that with young Prompto. 👌👅💦

I would pay to see some good old fashioned headboard banging rough sex. Like head down, ass up sorta deal for the perfect angle.

Pen Pal Medli

Name: Medli Age: 18 Pronouns: She/her Country: USA

Looking For: A witchy friend! Somebody to exchange tips with and just chat

Method: Email is, but I’m down for discord or skype as well

Requirements: No younger than 15 and no older than 29 please!

Interests: Video games big time, especially Nintendo (I looove the zelda series), some anime, and I’m way into art!

Witch Stuff: I’m currently a rain witch and I’ve been practicing for just under a year! I willing and eager to get into all kinds of witchcraft, but I really do love rain magic a lot. Oh! also I’m still not open about my craft since I have some family that would nit be pleased to know that I’m a witch.

Extra: I have clinical depression and anxiety and I’m a little shy so I ask that you please have patience with me, I’ve recently been collecting and taking care of a fairly large group of succulents which I am very attatched to, and I’m just finishing up my last year of highschool and will be heading off to college in the fall! (very excited to have an opportunity to practice openly when I do move).

Social Media: pleasant–petrichor is my witchy blog on tumblr, pleasantpetrichor901 on instagram, and linksass is my tumblr personal blog

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Ok, best Sonic platonic ships, go!

#1 PLATONIC SHIP IS SHADOUGE they are my ultimate brotp and are QPPs and platonically married and I love them help me

Other ones I love are:

Sonic and Tails as brotherly best friends, this one’s kind of a given

Knuckles and Shadow united in feeling lost without a past

Wave and Storm as bickering siblings who in the end genuinely care for each other

Rouge and Amy as kind of an older/younger sister power duo (I just want Rouge to take Amy shopping okay?)

Tails and Cream as just tiny cute friends, I bet Cream will happily listen with wide-eyed interest as Tails explains his latest modifications to one of his inventions

Cream and Charmy as tiny cute friends with a bonus of one is polite and well-mannered and the other is loud and brash

Sonic and Chris - I support their friendship, fight me

If I go any further I’m just gonna end up listing every minor Sonic friendship that I like so imma stop here before this gets out of hand lol



I had something much fancier planned but all I had time to cram was this, sorry child ;A;



Bakery siblings Macchi Ruben and Mocha Joana! Ruben specializes in cakes and sugar flowers while Joana makes amazing chocolate goods. Leo nicknamed them Macchiato and Mocha~