Mark: “Now why, why is Sherlock her favourite? That’s what I want to know. Clearly he is.”

Steven: “He’s younger, glamorous, better looking…”

Mark: “Get out.”

Steven: “You’re a stuffy old civil servant and he’s a detective, I mean really!”

His Last Vow commentary analysis of Mrs Holmes’ favourite

Pffbfbf holy tamoles, I’m so sorry this trade took the longest time. I really had to get a feel for younger Steven before I even started on it. TRADE WITH THE AWESOME HEYSAWBONES of a younger version of her manly character Steven ahhhh I’m really flattered you’d wanna do a trade with me and he’s such a hott butt. I really had fun with this, I hope you like ittt ahh let me know if I need to make any changes!

Guys I’m just as excited for “Room for Ruby” as you are, BUT I have to point out a big correction to what you are all assuming.

The episode is “Room for RUBY” not RUBIES. Only ONE Ruby is getting redeemed.

I’m pretty sure you can’t try to cram all the Rubies to become Crystal Gems and for Steven to get back in space so quick in one episode. Several of them are pretty loyal to Homeworld and….we all know Eyeball’s and Steven’s angst going on….

BUT there is one Ruby that does seem pretty flexible: Leggy

Leggy crashes into Earth. Gems find her. They realize how new and confused she is and Steven thinks that maybe she can be redeemed, so they bring her to the barn. Honestly she can be convinced so easily since she has no idea what’s going on all the time Steven could literally say “Wanna be a Crystal Gem?” and she’ll say “Sure?”

Like this would be a great change for Steven. Having a new Crystal Gem in the family that’s actually NOT thousands of years old and is actually younger than Steven! Knowing how young this gem is means he shouldn’t worry about some dark past or anything and that he can get a breath of fresh air and maybe become a good teacher figure for Leggy.

OKAY BUT  WHY IS STEVENS VOICE GETTING HIGHER PITCHED? Considering Steven was younger and was his old excitable self (which I miss). Just watch a older season 1 episode and compare it to a newer season 4 episode his voice sounded much better come on Zach I know you can do better.

SU Theory

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What if they’ve been making Steven look younger/cuter because he’s mentally regressing in age? Like….what if he’s so afraid of facing the problems that Rose caused that as he finds out more and more of what she’s done, his physical age regresses more and more as he tries to run away from them. To the gems, to Greg, to Connie, to anyone, really, just so he doesn’t have to face the problems.

I think there’s gonna be an episode where he talks about this, how he’s terrified of solving the problems his mother caused, and how he doesn’t want to face them. There’s gonna be a speech, presumably from someone like Garnet, saying something along the lines of “you need to face them and move on–you can’t run forever.”

And in that moment he ages like…5 or 6 years. He’s done running from his problems and ready to face them like an “adult” in his mind. The “big head” style was purposeful to make him look younger.

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Hey im like. 90% sure that the reason a lot of people are calling Thomas sanders a pedophile (which I don't think he is) is because he's 28 but conducts his online personality as though he's in his late teens to early 20's, and enjoys a lot of things that are intended for a younger audience (atla, Steven universe, kingdom hearts, etc.)

None of that makes him a pedophile or predatory in any way tho

Steven Universe Younger Characters age (my headcanon)

I gotta tell you about some of the characters of Steven Universe

Jamie: I think he’s like 21 year old, he’s a young adult

Sour Cream, Jenny and Kiki pizza and Buck Dewey: they’re 18 years old

Kevin: 18 years old

Sadie: 18 years old, she a young adult (unless that what her mom Barb said)

Lars: 17 years old, he’s a year younger that Sadie

Ronaldo Fryman: 17 years old (I think so)

Steven: 14 years old (obviously)

Connie Maheswaran: 12 in half

Peedee Fryman: I think he 12 years old

Onion: he’s like between 9-10 years old

ok ok ok we all love our gems and fusions, but do u know what i want more of? More scenes of the Beach City kids!

  • more of Peedee! i wanna see him as another addition to Steven and Connie! 
  • ^to add that, I wanna see how Peedee will affect the dynamic when he joins Steven and Connie to their adventures
  • Lars, Sadie, Ronaldo and the Cool Kids hanging out together! i would love to see how that will play out
  • Basically the older teens acting as big brother-and-sister figures to the younger ones
  • Onion taking Steven, Connie, and Peedee along to explore the sea (w/ his dad’s supervision ofc)
  • all of them hanging out pls!!

MyGemsona, Cole “The Obsidian Son” Meekis.
-Obsidian Gem -Half-Gem, Half-Human. (Race: Cree)
-Weapons: Broad Sword and Riot Shield
Cole being polar opposites of Steven. Only to be raised and trained by a Jet. Not having a supportive family or knowing what’s it like to have one. Grew up being told his Gem was meant to be weaponized, also, being couple years younger than Steven.

Originally, Black Diamond seized the idea of Rose Quartz making Steven misreading him as “new powerful form”, sending an Obsidian and few forces from Homeworld. To Earth.

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar.


okay, here’s the thing about the ‘but im tagging it properly and therefore making it avoidable!’ argument.

i realize that a lot of you really do think that you aren’t doing anything wrong, and that kids (or people who dont want to see that) wont find your nsfw/disturbing content because it is properly tagged. that is not the case.

1. you can find them outside of tumblr

tumblr isnt a vacuum, tagging it will not prevent kids from seeing it.

for example; my younger cousins (i have like ten sets of younger cousins my family is huge) like to look up pictures of their fave characters, sometimes even print them out as posters, or, if they are black and white, use them as coloring book pages. i used to do that when i was little. my younger cousin’s friends do that. when i did service learning for the younger kids in my k-8 middle school, all the kids would do that during computer time. its a thing kids do.

when i typed in ‘black butler’ with the safesearch on into google images, i immediately got a picture of a naked ciel wrapped in ribbon.

okay, but lets try specific characters, and maybe a show with an even younger audience. 

‘steven universe garnet’, with the safesearch on. scroll down just a tiny bit, not even an inch of the scrollbar down (and of course the scrollbar will be moved down in all of these situations, why would you just stare at the first page over and over again??? but im giving these searches the benefit of the doubt and not digging really deep trying to search for stuff).

BAM, garnet wrapped in a small towel, dripping wet coming out of the shower in a sexy pose.

well, im just a kid who wants to look at pics of my fave mystery twins! let me search ‘mabel and dipper pines’… is that them kissing? on the mouth??? yep. after about a cm of scrolling down. with the safe search on.

there are also even more pics of them kissing (they are all by the same artist i think… different pics tho) if you search ‘gravity falls dipper and mabel’

and whats the worst about this is that thing that happens when you click on a pic, and google shows you related pics/pics like it… so even ONE slip up opens the door to much more (yIKES the stuff i saw while researching garnet…)

what that also means is that, when clicking on a totally innocent picture, not even a questionable slip up, you’d get recommended a nasty one. while searching ‘steven universe rose’ i clicked on a pic of her, and in the ‘related images’ thing that popped up there was a pic of rose and greg… doing stuff.

also, when i searched ‘hiro and tadashi’, i clicked on one of the very first pics that came up, where hiro was a toddler and got mad ‘cause tadashi took a pic where his hair was up molded all weird form his bath. related images? hiro and tadashi very close, blushing, and looking into each other’s eyes romantically. 

and kids probably wont search ‘___ nsfw’, but just as a test i searched all of those fandoms with the safesearch on, and still got nsfw/suggestive/incesty stuff. so that proves the point that safesearch doesn’t block everything, and you cant just say, “well, the parents should monitor their kids!”, because a responsible -but not smothering- parent would make sure that their child’s computer or devices had safesearch on– that doesn’t 100% work.

(with the exception of black butler i guess, but that dosent really matter considering how young (starting at 11) the fanbase is) these shows are childrens cartoons. as the ‘big kids’, the older audience, it is not right to make these spaces unsafe for the target audience. no one is saying you cant enjoy these shows, but you should not be drawing (and most importantly, posting) harmful things involving these shows.

2. not everyone can blacklist things

not everyone can blacklist things. whether its because their computer or device isnt compatible with xkit, or they are relatively new to tumblr and aren’t even aware that ‘tumblr savior’ is a thing, not everyone has the ability to keep stuff off their dash, even if you do tag it properly.

3. spammers

shippers who ship minors and adults. they post pics of said minor/adult pairing.

when they post those pics or comics or whatever, they do tag it properly! #seba//ciel, #ere//ri!   yay!

but do you know what else they tag it with? the name of the show/series.

not even just the name of the show/series. everything related to the show or series, because they want more notes. looking for a pic of alois trancy? boom! seba//ciel. even stuff that isnt seba//ciel, but is tagged as seba//ciel. why is there a gif set of sebastian in the alois trancy tag???

goodness help you if your favourite character is a character in the ship you hate, because the tag is probably full of that minor/adult pairing. that’s rough, buddy.

4. then just dont follow me!

first - unless you have it stated on your blog or in your about or whatever, something along the lines of ‘hey btw i draw/post child porn’ (and yes, it is considered child porn even if they are drawings, and not photographs of real children) (EDIT i recently found better links than that one, so have some more: <3 <3 ), how are people supposed to be aware that they shouldn’t follow you?

and it has to be specified. just saying ‘oh btw this blog posts nsfw sometimes’ isnt the same, because there is a difference between adults being depicted sexually, and minors being depicted sexually. 

one may be a bit embarrassing to show up on your dash when your friend is looking at the screen, or maybe might make a follower a bit uncomfortable- but they can handle it, its just sex.

the other is highly disturbing, and can upset/trigger panic attacks in a lot of people.

second - they might not even be following you.

someone could see a (non nsfw) piece of art you did on their dash, and they could go to your blog to check you out because they liked your art.

then, they could be greeted by pics of an adult and a minor f*cking. (im looking at you, seba//ciel and ere//ri shippers)

is it your fault they clicked on your blog and saw stuff they didnt want to see? 


is it their fault they clicked on your blog and saw stuff they didnt want to see? 


the thing to take away from that situation is, did tagging your posts prevent them from seeing your posts?


Siouxsie And The Banshees - Fireworks (1982)

“The video we did was cut short because the guy who was in charge of pyrotechnics blew his face off!” (Siouxsie)

“He ended up in hospital with three layers of skin missing.” (Siouxsie)

“And about a year later, he looked 10 years younger.” (Steven Severin)

“A great face peeler.” “So, any old bags out there who want to look younger should blow a flare off in their face.” (Siouxsie)

Happy New Year, everyone!

steven’s birthday might have to be on my top 10 least fave episodes bc of how badly it messes with steven’s canon (i.e. too many birthdays).

too many birthday’s told us that steven ages by thinking he’s getting older. it also helps when he has too much emotional baggage and stress on him. so steven looking younger/not appearing to age makes 0 sense. steven knows he’s getting older so he should “look” older. 

honestly when i first saw it, i kinda assumed the problem was that steven was just stuck looking like he’s 8 because his behavior and mindset was keeping him childlike, not some weird bs about how a half human/half gem cant age properly.

i would have found that conflict more interesting, with steven being super self conscious about himself realizing that he’s not aging right because he’s still too optimistic about everything or something.