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2,500 followers. Whhaaaaaat? Now, I realize that a lot of my new followers are porn blogs due to my lunch time masturbation post but I don’t care. It’s amaz-za-zing!! I think I’m going to do blog compliments this weekend to celebrate so stay tuned for that post. Thank you to all of you, my lovely dumplings!!

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Important: Teo's Askbox is now CLOSED due to hiatus

{{ So, time to be more explicit to those who haven’t followed all of my activity this month.

Mod - myself - is going to study hard this upcoming year, and can’t allow themselves to run this blog at the same time (I realized that I can easily spend an hour or more just to answer one ask. This is not possible anymore). It means that ask-teostra will have to take a long hiatus (for about one year, school resuming the 1st of September) to give Mod all the necessary time for studies. BUT…

It is not a true hiatus because I know that I won’t be totally absent. Firstly, even if I won’t post many drawings, I’ll come visit once in a while, answer your questions if you got any to the mod, and maybe chat a little. Moreover, I will have a few weeks of vacations during the year, allowing me to, perhaps, make art and give news. Finally, some of you agreed with me that it’d be a good idea if I still kept the blog somehow alive by reblogging from time to time a few previous posts that I particularly liked, in order to make new followers discover some old gems that don’t deserve in my opinion to be forever forgotten in my archives. These posts will be tagged as #reblogging memories or something nice like that.

I don’t know yet when I’ll be back for good, and when I’ll resume answering asks like I used to do before the event.

About #The Crimson Odyssey: this event was meant to introduce the hiatus in a RP-ish way and was the only thing I’ve been posting about since a couple weeks ago. Here is the first post:

Please take a look at it if you haven’t already and if you got the time, before reading its summary below. :3 }}

{{ To summarize the event: Teo received a call from a very old friend of his - a Crimson Fatalis living far away - who recently got wounded by Hunters, and who lost his daughter somewhere. Being the only one capable of helping him, Teo sees no option than to temporarily leave his lands and fly alone to the volcanoes of his childhood, where the Fatalis lives. His mission is to save his friend from death, and find the lost kid, Ely.

Many friends (other blogs!) came to give their encouragements and gift him diverse items to help him during his journey (btw I have in my drafts the list of what’s currently in Teo’s inventory, it’s quite big). And that’s pretty much everything, Teo has now left, letting his Kingdom into Luna’s hands, and I think we won’t hear from him for a while… Will he survive his encounters? Will he succeed in carrying out his task?… At least, we hope so.

If you have any question to the Mod, don’t hesitate to ask, and I may add missing information in this post. Thank you for your attention, and enjoy life ~ }}

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“ why is there glitter everywhere? ” @chris and/or Sammy from Derek

‘Its edible glitter.’ Chris said, smirking as he rested against the kitchen counter, watching Sammy. ‘Sammy’s got it into his head that he can bake .. judging from the three burnt cakes I disagree.’

Sammy grinned as he pulled a perfectly cooked cake from the oven and set it aside. ‘Fourth time lucky?’

My lil bro is the perfect Roadhog because while he’s got a super deep voice and is at least 1ft taller than me he’s super soft spoken and his favorite pokemon is Chansey and if that doesn’t tell you the kind of person he is idk what will