This moment in Younger’s episode 4.04 really struck me. As a woman who enjoys both reading and writing romance, it’s frustrating to feel like I have to defend myself whenever I tell people that. You’re often put into one of two boxes: a silly little girl obsessed with love or a horny, repressed housewife. What I love about great romantic fiction (besides that it’s just plain enjoyable) is its exploration of human emotion and vulnerability, because when are you more vulnerable than when you fall in love? That shit takes guts. Romance novels show characters going through the pain and heartache of life and finding love in spite of it all, and we get to share in the experience as it changes them.

What is more universal than our desire for love? Than the way it transforms us? What is more human than the joy and pain that comes with it?

Love requires vulnerability. True vulnerability requires courage, not weakness.

And uh, how come male authors can include graphic sex and it’s deemed “edgy,” but when women do it (and actually explore the human emotions attached to it), it’s “corny”? Seriously, fuck that.