Flame and an Eagle (Emily Endless/Haytham Kenway)

She was girl from the street. Slim, young body was clothed in male dress. Red, matted hair always blew freely in the wind. Dark eyes pierced every hausfrau, she saw. She hated them. Maybe for that, they were normal women… She wasn’t typical woman. She acted like a boy. She fought like a boy. She was respected by local thieves and thugs. But she couldn’t always cover her feelings. There was young Londoner, who recently arrived by beautiful Providence. She was interested at him. When she met him at street, she gave him long, speculative look. So did he. She wanted to know, what he thinks about her. She stared at him pensively, did not perceive reality…

Abstergo || Eleanor & Haytham

The tension continued to build between them as she stood there, eyes watching his carefully as if he was bound to attack, which he probably was. She shifted her weight once along with tightening her grip around the blade before speaking. “I can’t tell you much more…” Eleanor said, the sound of regret ringing in her tone as she spoke.

The girl wanted so desperately to tell him, she really did, but the fact that the one person she feared the most told her not to, really interfered with how far she’d go. The long black haired woman stood still, muscles tightening quickly while she stood. Her lips quivered in the slightest motion, leaving the only calm looking part of her body standing alone. It was her eyes, the soft chocolate shade that they carried was always calm, never once had it changed in any situation.

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Charles was leaning back in his chair, a hand resting on his belly with the other holding his drink. It was a pose he took straight from Thomas’ book and didn’t bother to right himself when he noticed he had visitors. A few faces he recognized, one he didn’t, but he raised the tankard all the same. “Evening.” The light flush told he had had at least one refill so far.