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i like how everyone wants a red hood arc in young justice so it spurs a lot of fanfic but you can really tell that they only watched the utrh movie because the fics lose so much nuances of jason’s robin character by changing how his death went and superimposing all the victim blaming onto him

(Young Justice) Beast Boy x reader

Summary: You and Beast Boy have been best friends before he turned green and was able to turn into animals. 

BTW: You both are dressing up for Halloween and you both are 15 years old.

P.S. Can’t wait for Halloween ! ! ! ALL THE DRESSING UP, CANDY, SCARY MOVIES ! ! ! !

(Y/n/n) Your nickname.


You, Bart, Jaime, and Garfield were in the living room getting ready for Halloween.

“Hey Y/n what are you dressing up as?” Bart asked, looking over to you.

“I’m going to be Beast Boy.” you replied.

“Why are you dressing up as me?”

“Cause I can and besides I think I would look great green.” (I’m cringing so much, sorry xD)

“You would look great green.” Garfield said smirking.

“Alright love birds stop with the flirting.” Jaime said slyly 

“WE ARE NOT! ! ! !” you and Garfield said in sync.

You both started blushing like crazy. “I ship it so hard.” Bart whispers to Jaime. “They get together in the future.” Bart then motions his pointer finger to his lips making a “sshhh’ noise to let Jaime know that it must be kept secret. 

“Hey Y/n can you put the makeup on me.” “I don’t know how.” Garfield said sadly.

“That’s alright, I can help.” 

You then got up and went towards Garfield and stood on your tippy toes so you can reach up to his face. “Your to damn tall, can you sit down please.” 

“Sorry that I’m so tall.” he stuck his tongue at you.

You then punch his arm lightly, making you both giggle.

Bart and Jaime then leave to go out. (insert smirky face)

Garfield then sat down on the chair and you sat on his lap, putting the white makeup on his face. “This is going to be difficult because your so green.”

“How come we can’t just call Zatanna to make my skin back to it’s pale color for a few hours and then put the makeup on me?” he asked.

“Well, that’s a great idea and she can probably also put the makeup on you herself with her magic instead of just making your skin pale.” “But I’m sure she’s like really busy with hero stuff.”

“… Right… Noted.” he said sadly.

“Hey don’t be sad this is the fun part because I get to make you look all pretty with makeup and sparkles and red lipstick.” you giggled.

“I hope that lipstick is just used for blood.” 

“I’m going to make you look like Edward Cullen.” 


you laughed and kissed his cheek.

He blushed and said, “Well at least we get to hang out, and the best part is that your in my lap.” he smirked again.

“Oh shush.”

You both started leaning in and then - - - CRASH!

There was a noise behind you two. “O-oh, so-rry, am I interrupting s-something.”

You both jumped and you fell out of his lap blushing, “N-nothing.” “It’s nothing M’gann.”

“Umm, alright…” 

She then left the kitchen. You looked up at Garfield and he picked you up and put you back in his lap. “So where were we?” he looked at you leaning in again.

You smirked, you then started leaning in, the both of you finally kissing.

You lifted your hand up to his hair tugging it a little and he threw his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him, him hugging you while you were in his lap, THE BOTH OF YOU KISSING fsdkalfjskalfjsa. (OMFGERD)

There was a bit of tongue here and there, the both of you trying to make the kiss last.

You and him pull apart, a string of saliva between the to of you. He wiped your mouth and you wiped his, wiping away the saliva. 

He smiles and pecks you on the lips repeatedly making you giggle and smile in the short quick kisses.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Happy Halloween, Gar.”

“Happy Hallloween. Y/n/n.”

To everyone in fandoms


- artists your work pulls at our heart strings

- to gif makers WITH OUT YOU WE WOULD BE SAD

- to icon makers y'all provide us with so much


Headcanon: Bruce likes to use slang words because he knows it makes Dick uncomfortable - he even does it when they team up after Dick becomes Nightwing
  • Batman: *swings onto the rooftop* What's hip and happening homie?
  • Nightwing: Please stop
  • Batman: Why you all up in my grill?
  • ---------------
  • Bruce: You snuck out when I specifically told you not to - that's not very kush
  • Dick: Why are you doing this?
  • ---------------
  • Bruce: The pizza rolls didn't get burnt! *dabs*
  • Dick: *starts crying*
  • ---------------
  • Wally: Is that your dad?
  • Bruce *in the distance*: What up boi
  • Dick: No no, fuck no
  • ---------------
  • Nightwing: You're saying they usually meet at this warehouse?
  • Batman: Fo' sho'
  • Nightwing: I will punch you
  • ---------------
  • Nightwing: Riddler is escaping into my city - I'll take him down and bring him back
  • Batman: I guess I can pop lock and drop this case
  • Nightwing: This is why I left you for Blüdhaven

When you expect a little but you receive a LOT 

I did this a week ago but then forgot about it and i know its crappy but its already done so here just take it