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Choi Young Do & Cha Eun Sang Playlist
  • Please Don’t… - K.Will (x)
  • Sunflower - Girls’ Generation (x)
  • Baby Steps - TaeTiSeo (x)
  • Andante - Super Junior (x)
  • Monster - Super Junior (x)
  • Hello - Teen Top (x)
  • Virus - Beast (x)
  • Love - NS Yoon G (x)
  • Speechless - Jay Park (x)
  • Trade Mistake - Panic! At The Disco (x)
  • Almost Is Never Enough - Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes (x)
  • Stained - Tori Kelly (x)
  • Upside Down - Tori Kelly (x)
  • Stuck - Big Time Rush (x)
  • No Idea - Big Time Rush (x)
  • Love Alone - Katelyn Tarver (x)
  • Strawberry Bubble - Justin Timberlake (x)
  • Heart Skips A Beat - Lenka (x)
  • Breakeven - The Script (x)
The Hand That Held Hers - Chapter 1 | YoungDo & EunSang of The Heirs

I - The Question


It was all over the news and among the topic of conversations between everyone in Jeguk High, Choi Dong Wook and Esther Lee marrying in less than a month’s time.

Eun Sang looked at the group surrounding Young Do and Rachel. They were congratulating them.

“How fake can they get?” Bo Na appeared beside her, a disapproving scowl on her face. “Just look at them, congratulating the two as if they really meant it. They’re all obviously talking about how broken their families are on the inside.”

She reached for a book in her locker. “They’re congratulating them as friends.”

“Ya.” Bo Na gave her a look. “There is no such thing as friends here, just a network of acquaintances.”

Eun Sang sighed, and turned her head when loud footsteps approached her. In the corner of her eyes she saw Rachel’s face, her expression contorted into a mix between sadness and helplessness beneath her usual apathetic façade. She walked pass them quickly, leaving the group of people and her soon to be step-brother behind. Young Do’s eyes met hers, he was standing still whilst the people around him continued their chatter.

She went upstairs, it wasn’t time for class so she thought she’d escape to the balcony away from other students. Her feet stopped moving at the sight of Kim Tan and Rachel from afar, they were alone. Rachel’s head was bowed and her shoulders hunched over, she was crying.

When Kim Tan reached up to place his hand on her back to comfort her, Eun Sang sighed. She pitied her, she saw how different their worlds were. Kim Tan understood her, yet she couldn’t entirely; Eun Sang has never and will never be caught up in family relations like that. She was going to walk away when a figure stepped in front of her, Eun Sang looked up to see Young Do standing less than three feet away from her.

He looked over the balcony where Kim Tan and Rachel stood then back at her. “If you’re jealous, shall I hug you in his place?” The corners of his lips twitched upwards.

“How about you?” Eun Sang asked. “Are you alright?”


“The thing that’s all over the news.” She explained. “Aren’t you involved in it too?”

His smile fell and he just stood there and stared at her. His eyes unwavering and underneath the usual spark of danger in his eyes were emotions swimming in depths of black.

“I hope you’re alright, I really do. Come to think of it, you’re only eighteen years old.” She paused before adding. “About me not getting back at you for letting me fall into the pool, I’ve decided to postpone it for now.”

After saying that, she turned around and walked away, not sparing another glace at the boy behind her or the two people downstairs. She heard Young Do call after her when she pushed open the doors, but she ignored it.

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“Who is it?”
“Is it you, Cha Eun Sang?

You’re an idiot for coming, Cha Eun Sang. A total idiot.


“Mom. I need your help.”
Her mother looked puzzled.
“Help me make some black bean noodles. I really want to do this myself. Will you show me how?”


He bit his lip, cracking a smile. “You brought me black bean noodles. I’m so touched you remembered that I could cry.”

Young Do pulled out one of the containers, his smile never faltering. He seemed so childishly contented, “Did you make it? You didn’t poison it did you? Don’t answer that. Because then I can’t eat it.”

Eun Sang’s voice softened. “Are you really that happy I made you food?”

"Yes. I’m happy. Why? Can’t I be happy?”

“He would take long walks near the gate, as if waiting again.”
“You were the one he was waiting for." 

“Are they really alright?” To her they didn’t taste special.
“I should have made you cook for me all this time. What a waste.” 

She scoffed. “You can ask the best chefs in the world to cook for you.”

“But it would never taste like this.” He chewed and swallowed. “It would never taste like home.”

Moments later a loud voice echoed outside. Eun Sang recognized it instantly. Young Do ran his tongue across his upper teeth, already seething. He got up and walked away.



fallen crown


I think what hurt the most was that Choi Young Do & Cha Eun Sang never had the chance to see how imperfectly perfect they could be together.
The Hand That Held Hers - Chapter 4 | YoungDo & EunSang of The Heirs

IV - Grey And Purple


Walking to school with an onigiri in hand, Eun Sang bought it in the convenience store near Bona’s house. Yesterday had gone by a lot smoother than she had expected. Her morning flew by quickly with each lesson, she had lunch with Bona and Chan Young. At times she could feel more than one set of eyes fixated on her during class – she knew that one of them was Kim Tan and she guessed the other was Young Do. As a reflex she turned her head to his direction just to make sure, but she didn’t even have enough time to look away or abort her mission because Young Do’s eyes caught hers immediately. She’s not going to think about the smirk he sent her way and how it had her body reacting in a way it really, really shouldn’t. That was not something Eun Sang felt like she would ever - and she meant ever - be ready to think about.

But nonetheless she was glad that she didn’t have to talk to or face the man she left behind that morning. It took a lot to do what she did and she wasn’t sure if she’s ready for another confrontation, not yet at least.

God she was never going to be ready for anything.

When she reached Jeguk high, from the corner of her eyes she noticed a familiar orange motorcycle parked along the sidewalk. She didn’t have to look to see who was leaning against it. Who else would those long, slim legs belong to? There was the shortest halt in her pace – she didn’t know why – but she hurriedly caught herself and she might or might not have purposely walked further away from the motorcycle. Her efforts to blend in with the rest of the Jeguk students going to school and going by unnoticed were of course in vain.

Eun Sang-ah.”

Of course he had to call her.

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anonymous asked:

I love love love your little edit for Fallen Crown! Are you thinking about making more. I remember seeing your edit and almost fainting because it was like reality except in photoform. I love you~

Aww Thank you ! I tried my best :3. Haha :)

Mm. I have one in mind, but it’s going to be hard T-T; It might not look as pretty :’C But I’ll post it anyway ! :D as soon as i finish :3

You make me smileeeeeee (: Let me give you a hug :3 Haha <3