blanketbloggers asked:

ok art/performing arts school AU where little steve shows up at college with a box full of graphites and charcoals and records and meets his roommate, a tall muscled boy with a long undercut who wears jeans and sweaters and reading glasses and tells steve he wants to be a concert pianist and steve goes to his recitals because who doesn't want to see a beautiful boy play the piano and bucky plays chopin for steve and steve plays morrissey for bucky and bucky is steve's muse

when bucky wants to go to one of steve’s exhibitions because “you come to all my recitals, it’s only fair”, steve says no bc he knows all bucky will see are studies of his own body and all of steve’s professors ask who the pretty boy he’s been drawing is and when they assign the end-of-the-semester nude studies and steve hesitates, they ask why he doesn’t just ask his boyfriend to model for him and of course bucky finds out that steve needs a model and is jealous of anyone else who might do it 

so ofc bucky offers to model for steve and he sits on the sheets and he’s so gorgeous and it’s the cheesy nude study art school au but we can’t forget that bucky plays the piano almost as beautifully as he smiles and once they’re really good friends steve probably hangs around after his class to visit the practice rooms where bucky is practicing and bucky pats the bench next to him and says “you ever heard heart and soul?” and steve shakes his head and bucky says “well, you need two people”

so he teaches steve the low part of heart and soul and they play it and steve keeps messing up but they’re having fun and bucky might be playing an octave too low and playing the low notes in the wrong sequence so the side of his hand brushes steve’s on the keys but who can really tell if it was an accident or not and at night they lie in bed and stare at the ceiling and steve knows he’s in trouble when he realizes he’s matched his breaths to bucky’s and they dance to mozart in their dorm room