I tricked myself into thinking the street lights through the trees were shooting stars just as I tricked myself into thinking you were different than who you really are. So I’m stuck here as the leaves fall around me, begging my mind to let it all become a memory, even though I’ve become less than that. You talked about forgiveness but all you did was forget.
—  Adan Portwood

this extremely beautiful person started speaking to me out of the blue b/c i mentioned i have a life-sized kingdom key then when i made some shitty and ridiculous joke about using it for intruders they genuinely laughed and smiled & on top of my face immediately going red i felt my soul leave my body like. Unreal


“I know I am not pretty. I used to get hurt by comments saying ‘Non-celebrities are prettier than you’, ‘How did you become a celebrity?’, and more. But that pain was able to heal through Gong Shim. She encouraged me to think that it’s okay not to be pretty. So I decided to be an unpretty celebrity.” - Bang Minah