throwback to when these three pretended they were going to race but ended up doing a catwalk

anonymous asked:

wait, whats six of crowns about? (not the same anon but ive looking for something to read for a while n needed to ask)

ok. are you ready for another one of my shitty recaps?? no??? well tough tits

six of crows can be boiled down to:

  • 6 very dangerous teenagers. please do not forget that they are all, both together and individually, dangerous criminals
  • even wylan, probably. 
  • set in a land of scary powers and corrupt heirarchies, these 6 murder nerds are assembled by nick fury kaz brekker
  • they’re pulling off a near-impossible heist in the middle of what u can equate to White Supremacist Land. like this is 100% a suicide mission but their team leader is generally known for being a criminal prodigy/all-around-bastard so really, they’re 100% suited to this
  • Maybe The Real 4 Million Kruge Was The Friends We Made Along The Way

fun additions:

  • 3 of the main cast are confirmed poc, and 2 are confirmed non-straight
  • 2 of them are previous sex workers, one is a victim of human trafficking
  • the lead guy has a physical disability 
  • another lead guy has a learning disability (u will cry for him)
  • the White Straight Male Character is very much made to unlearn his problematic shit until he starts improving as a person and a friend and a member of the gang
  • jesper
  • that’s it his entire personality can be summed up with “fun addition” i love him
  • you, inej. you.

in conclusion:

  • you should read it.