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I think you can manage to find a song, video recording from the Diamond Dogs tour. I’d love to find at least one song live video from the Isolar tour. All you can find are the rehearsals. I’m still looking for it, though.

There’s actually just a few other than the rehearsals, (incase you haven’t seen them) these are the ones I can think of at the moment:

  • TVC15 (audience recording by the looks)
  • Waiting for the man (another audience recording)
  • This one which is good quality clips of Suffragette City, TVC15 and Life on Mars
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The first two videos are not the best quality, but still. The last one is really good. Thanks. you know, it would be wonderful to find the full video of Station to Station (song) live from the Isolar tour!

HELL YEAH. That’d probably be the death of me! 
Seeing the rehearsal footage of it was how I found out about the song (and fell in love with it) in the first place, haha :D