With this year coming to a end I can’t help remembering everything that has happened these 12 months. I gained a best friend who I cared about so much and lost her. I broke a boys heart that I didn’t mean to and I’m still sorry to this day. I started this year with a group of friends that I thought would be there for the long run, but just proved to me that nothing lasts forever. But as this year comes to a end all that stuff stays and I move forward. I realized this year that no drug or person can make you happy, that’s all up to you. I learned a lot this year some good and some bad. I learned that sometimes the people you thought would always be there for you leave. I also learned to not be taken advantage of. I’m done being used by people I call my friends. Coming into 2013 I am keeping to myself and letting everyone come to me. I am not using the word “best friend” or even “friend” for that matter until someone proves me different. I’m leaving everything that happened in 2012 and never looking back. I just want to say sorry to everyone including Annie and Josh. You both deserve greater then you both think and that’s my final words. Bring it on 2013.