youngauth  asked:

So... I may have answered your previous ask via phone (which I am not apt at apparently because I ended up posting it instead of answering and in my attempt to fix it deleted it) Here was my response to werewolf movies: But that’s what’s so sad, isn’t it? We haven’t had a great quality werewolf movie in over twenty years. We are drastically overdue. And I’m so sick of vampires. Honestly, I walk down the YA section of bookstores and weep cause everyone is cashing in on the twilight vampire craze

You know what that means right? It’s up to us to make the next great werewolf/vampire movie. I vote it takes place in a dystopian future where humans are overrun by super intelligent machines that were developed by vampires. The vampires now run the planet and farm us for our blood. The werewolves (in an attempt to make themselves human) have been converting themselves to cyborgs so we have a world full of controlling vampires and wereborgs. It’s up to you(the main character) to single handedly(or maybe with 2-3 friends all specializing in different useful skills) to free the humans and take control of the planet!

This could also double as a cool video game.