Day Four Hundred Forty Two.

I want the kind of love where we
Hold hands
Giggle late into the night
Share secrets
Slow dance, even when there’s no music
And stand by each other’s side
I want the kind of love
That makes us feel young again
Even when we’re old and grey
I want a love
That lasts a lifetime

Looking for a platform to share your art/photography?

Hey guys! I’m part of a youth cooperative who are starting up a new youth magazine called Footnote, and we’re looking for contributors! We want to provide a platform for young people to stand on and share their work, whether you’re an artist, photographer or content creator of any kind! If this sounds like you, you can submit your content and we’ll almost certainly publish it in our monthly publication!

We don’t want to align ourselves with sponsors, so you won’t get paid, but you will be fully credited, retain all rights to your work and of course get a platform to promote you and your art on! The magazine will be available in both epub and hardcopy. Send me an ask if you need more info, or alternatively, you can submit work and inquires to

We’re also looking for journalists, poets and fiction writers as well as people to contribute regularly and even become committed (lifestyle, political and general) editors, so if you’d be interested in any of this, again ask or email!