I’m in love with the fact that this series celebrates the Disney Duck comics and their lineage!

Even paying respect to Donald’s history as an adventurer is as awesome as it is surprising.

It’s gonna take some getting used to not hearing Alan Young as Scrooge but that’s a personal problem I can deal with!

A Christmas Carol (in 2017)

Running to the window, he opened it and put out his head. No fog, no mist; clear, bright, jovial, stirring, cold; cold, piping for the blood to dance to; golden sunlight; heavenly sky; sweet fresh air; merry bells. Oh, glorious! Glorious!

“What’s today!” cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him.

“Eh?” returned the boy, with all his might and wonder.

“What’s today, my fine fellow?” said Scrooge.

“Today!” replied the boy. “Why, January 2nd!”

“It’s Chr– Wait, what?” asked Scrooge. The young boy nodded.

“January 2nd.” said the boy, beating at his arms for warmth. Scrooge stared out the window for a moment, his breath hanging in the cold winter air.

“Fuck,” said Scrooge. “I really need better sleeping habits. Fuck.”

Scrooge turned from the window, shuffling back toward his bed.

“Augh, and that Tiny Tim’s probably dead by now too. Fuck. That’s what I get for staying up on Tumblr until four in the morning. Fuckity fuck.” said Scrooge. Scrooge flopped onto his bed and wrapped himself up in his blankets.

“Well, that was a wasted bloody night.”

The End.

Well, this is really not how I wanted life to go at all

By now, a lot of folks have probably commented on the passing of Alan Young, known to some as Wilbur from the show Mr. Ed, but known to countless as the selfish, bitter, and beyond-rich Scrooge McDuck. And here’s the thing: if you’ve heard Scrooge in any big project by Disney, he was voiced by Young. In fact, Mr. Young was still voicing Scrooge right up until his death! 

When I was barely even a toddler, one of the very first Christmas movies I ever saw in my life was Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Disney’s 1983 adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novella had since become something of a family tradition in the RoboFist household, and it holds an innumerable amount of nostalgia for me personally. To me, Alan Young’s thick Scottish accent made his portrayal of the greedy old miser stick out instantly.

But it didn’t stop there. Young continued Scrooge’s adventures in Duck Tales, one of Disney’s best and most popular cartoons. Now, “Uncle” Scrooge wasn’t just in my household during the winter months; he was now there every Saturday morning, snowfall or sunshine. 

It was the role of a lifetime, and I know that Young must’ve loved every second of it. And we loved every second of his performance. 

Thank you, Alan Young. You’re the definitive Uncle Scrooge McDuck, and Disney fans across the globe will never forget you.

anonymous asked:

Okay SO DO I HAVE A STORY. I did a performance of Scrooge! about two years ago now. Lovely cast, great people. We never had a full run of the show. The first time we did the whole thing was opening night. Ghost of C-Pres forgot her song. I tripped over and broke a fog machine. Our coffin broke and people fell inside. Young Scrooge sprained his ankle in Dec. 25. The ghosts who chain Scrooge didn't all make it on stage. On top of that? It all happened because my friend said the M-word. Truth.

this is INTENSE

trezote  asked:

What are your thought on new Ducktales coming soon? Personally I hope it will one day lead into return of Darkwing Duck.

Yeah, that’s my ideal endgame. As for the new Ducktales itself, it looks all right, but I must admit to being a bit weirded out by the change in animation style, and especially the new voices. I know a new Scrooge can’t be helped, but to me, Alan Young’s voice IS Scrooge McDuck.

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Top 5 best horror stories in theater business

1. I once had two shows open at the same time. 20 minutes to open, I get a text from the tech for the show that I was not at that simply said “there’s no sound.” I broke several laws to get across town to the other show. I fixed their problem, had them open, raced back to the other show and sat down with thirty seconds to breathe before the first mic needed to come on.
2. In one final dress, the kid playing the lead walked right off of a four foot high ramp. He was fine. Later he scooted backwards and banged his head on another platform. Again, fine. Later that night a different actor passed out mid scene. No one noticed for a few minutes because his character was supposed to be asleep. That was a bad night.
3. During a performance of Christmas Carol (not one I worked, but with the company I do it with), Bob Cratchet was in a car accident and missed the first show. Bill, who played Young Scrooge/Nephew, stepped up to play both Cratchet and his original parts. Aside from occasionally playing two characters in the same scene, he would sometimes walk off stage where an ASM would wrap him in a scarf and hat, spin him around, and push him back on stage. After the show, he promptly passed out until the next show. Bill doesn’t remember the show at all.
4. I watched my TD in college shoot a nail through his thumb.
5. Ask backstageleft to tell you about how the lights and drops were hung for Elephant Man. That’s a horror story.