Well, this is really not how I wanted life to go at all

By now, a lot of folks have probably commented on the passing of Alan Young, known to some as Wilbur from the show Mr. Ed, but known to countless as the selfish, bitter, and beyond-rich Scrooge McDuck. And here’s the thing: if you’ve heard Scrooge in any big project by Disney, he was voiced by Young. In fact, Mr. Young was still voicing Scrooge right up until his death! 

When I was barely even a toddler, one of the very first Christmas movies I ever saw in my life was Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Disney’s 1983 adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novella had since become something of a family tradition in the RoboFist household, and it holds an innumerable amount of nostalgia for me personally. To me, Alan Young’s thick Scottish accent made his portrayal of the greedy old miser stick out instantly.

But it didn’t stop there. Young continued Scrooge’s adventures in Duck Tales, one of Disney’s best and most popular cartoons. Now, “Uncle” Scrooge wasn’t just in my household during the winter months; he was now there every Saturday morning, snowfall or sunshine. 

It was the role of a lifetime, and I know that Young must’ve loved every second of it. And we loved every second of his performance. 

Thank you, Alan Young. You’re the definitive Uncle Scrooge McDuck, and Disney fans across the globe will never forget you.


Magica De Spell: This time, nothing will stand in the way of what I want most in the world.

Poe: What? To turn me back into a man?

Magica:  No!  Scrooge McDuck’s ol’ Number One Dime.  It’s first dime Scrooge ever made.  It contains the psychic vibrations of every deal, every decision, every dollar Scrooge has ever made!  Once I melt that dime and pour it into my amulet I will be so powerful, not only will I be able to turn you back into my brother: but THE WORLD WILL BE MINE AS WELL! AHAHAHAHAHA!  Sorry, I get carried away.