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Congrats on 1k followers!! For requests, how about Shance - Dance :3c

Thank you :D

*Keep in mind I HC this as happening in the 80′, and Shiro is not a minor.

Taking this chance to remind everyone I’m still taking requests for my 1000 followers special! (Ps, ya’ll can ask for stuff other than shance lmao, like 80% of the prompts are shance fjgkhf not that I’m complaining)

“Would you do me the honor of a dance?”

The voice came from a cadet younger than him. Shiro recognized him as Keith’s friend, or rival, or something like that. Two grades below him, dark skinned, scrawny, and surprisingly not as short as Shiro had come to expect from younger people. He was almost his height, actually. Really cute as well. Such a shame Shiro would have to decline.

Smiling warmly, he said, “Thank you. I appreciate it, but I really don’t want any pity dances. Being outed like that wasn’t fun, but it’s fine.” He’s had a couple of other askers earlier that night already. Straight, genuinely nice guys who probably wanted to cheer him up, show their support. He appreciated the gesture, he really did. But he just wanted to let the storm pass, not draw more attention to the fact that, as it was phrased, “The garrison’s most promising fighter pilot is a faggot". Not over a pity dance, anyway.

“Wow, that’s… uh… I’m bi. And you’re hot. Really hot.”

“Oh.” Well, that… Certainly changed things.

“When I heard what happened… I was so pissed. It was such bullshit. You’re the best pilot we have, so who the hell cares who you… Uh…  Fancy.” The young cadet finished awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

Fuck, he probably meant to say. It was known, after all, how the famous Takashi Shirogane was caught on his knees, sucking off a dude he picked up in an underground gay bar. According to the more tame rumors, anyway. The wilder ones… He didn’t even want to think about those.

He shouldn’t have broke the curfew to sneak to the nearest town. He was horny, yes, but was it worth almost getting kicked out? Absolutely not. Of course the administration said it was because of the disciplinary offense, aka breaking out at night, but they all knew what it was really all about. More than half the students sneaked out on a regular basis, and no one gave a flying fuck. But when word got around he was caught with a dude…. It was another story.

“Thank you. I wish more people would agree with you on this.” Shiro said weakly, letting some of his tough facade fade into something more vulnerable.

“I’m Lance, by the way.”

“Lance.” Shiro rolled the name around on his tongue. He liked the shape of it. “Takashi Shirogane, though I get the feel you already knew that.”

Lance chuckled softly, and yup, Shiro was indeed very, very gay. What was it about a cute boy laughing from your joke that instantly made your knees go weak?

“And on a second thought… A dance sounds really nice.” Damned be consequences, he wasn’t missing this opportunity for the world. 

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First of all, I love you all so much you're amazing at what you do and inspire me so much. Thank you for this blog I have not lived before this. I'm not sure if this has been done before or not, but what if Claire found out she was pregnant before she fully realized her feelings for Jamie?

Leaning back against the nearest tree, Claire huffed out a large breath, her mind finally calming as the rage of being *abandoned* here with young Willie dissipated.

“Mistress…?” The young lad yelled, scratching the side of his head, displacing his cap as he hopped from foot to foot, nerves getting the better of him.

“Out with it, Willie,” Claire sighed, exasperated with the whole ordeal.

“I’m just going further into the woods, aye? To piss…” he trailed off, not needing to explain further as he awaited Claire’s approval.

“Go on then,” she replied, a terse tone to her voice, one that she couldn’t seem to eradicate no matter how hard she tried, “just make sure you go downwind!”

Nodding, the lad scarpered, the leaves around his feet flying to the sides in his haste to leave.

Flopping back against the tree, Claire swayed to and fro, her toes buried in the detritus at her feet as she gazed around her, her mind trying not to conjure up fresh images of the raiders in the glade.

Pushing herself up, she wandered the same stretch of forest over and over, her movements making a wee path in the mulch, her footprints embedding into the forest floor. Shaking the renewed anguish from her head, Claire’s eyes darted just passed the tree line.

There, just out of sight and hidden ever so slightly by the thick bark of the oak trees, lay a familiar outcrop.

“Craigh na Dunn….” she whispered, her heart beginning to race as she stepped forward slightly. The swishing of the leaves around her kept her grounded as she laid her hands against the bark of the last evergreen, digging her fingers into the thin trunk as the wind blew through her hair.

Having little time to think, Claire hiked up her skirts and made for the hill, the rough terrain hampering her footsteps only slightly as she darted through the open ground paying no mind to anything or anyone who might be passing by.

Images of Frank swirled before her eyes as her ankles buckled, the small dips in the grass causing her to lose balance more than once.

She had to make it up there.

The wind blew, rising around her as she forged her way onwards, not giving a thought to the highlanders she’s ceremoniously dumped, or whether they would be perturbed by her mysterious disappearance.

Beckoning her forwards, the stones seem to call to her, the brisk breeze making hollow screeching sounds the closer she came to the circle.

The sun dipped low on the horizon as she finally reached the brow of the small incline, the hum and whisper of the stones echoing loudly in her ears now.

Reaching her hands forwards, Claire slowed her pace, her heart thumping madly in her chest –partially from her sprint, but partially a build up of nervous energy.

Could she really do this?

Could she simply abandon Jamie without a second thought, without leaving him some simple sign that she hadn’t been abducted, hurt or even killed outright.

The attack in the glen hit her square in the chest, the memory of the rogue redcoats grasping hands causing her to shiver as she slipped closer and closer towards the unconscious pull of the fairy hill.

Inside, deep in her belly, a warmth started to emanate. Beginning in her womb, the *glow* seemed to fill her frigid veins with new life, her eyes tearing up as the image of Frank wobbled and faded.

Suddenly her rash decision didn’t seem so clear anymore, and her flight away from Willie and the protection of the forest seemed foolish and selfish.

*No*, she reasoned, anger flaring as she took a measured step forwards, numbing herself to the strange sensation currently bubbling up just beneath her pale skin. She needed to go home, to the twentieth century where she belonged –where she had been desperate to return to this entire time.

Clenching her fists, Claire steadied her shoulders and fought back against the emotions coursing through her.

In the distance, a subtle cry pulled her from her internal conflagration, her ears pricking at the sound.

*Willie*…she could hear him calling out to her, his anxious fretting reverberating through the low ground as he searched for her.

Dipping down, Claire hid herself, her mouth going dry at the mere thought of him out there, frantically scraping every inch of the nearby surroundings in the hope of coming across her.

Her stomach dropped, the sensation rocking her as she gripped her belly, doubling over as she gasped for breath.

*NO*, she cried, albeit silently, the improbable explanation for her unease causing bile to rise in her throat.

*No. No, no…no!*

It couldn’t be.

She wasn’t sure, but it was certainly too soon to tell.

Her body, however, immediately dismissed the notion, the muscles in her womb tightening as if to protect the tiny visitor growing inside.

Slamming her back against a tree that grew on the edge of the hillock, Claire clenched her eyes shut, moisture spilling down her cheeks as she rubbed the same spot over and over, the rough material of her bodice irritating the sweat-drenched skin of her palms.

Before she had time to debate any further strong hands grabbed her, hauling her from the damp grass where she’d collapsed in anguish only moments before.

“Up with you, mistress!” The redcoats spat, distaste lacing their tone as they pulled Claire aside, taking advantage of her delirious state.

Finally, her faculties returning to her, Claire awoke, fury shooting through her from head to toe as she began to fight, her arms aching where the men had tight hold of her.

“No!” She yelled, her cheeks burning, impassioned rage seeping from her pores as she tried hard to flee.

“I don’t think so, my girl,” the older of the pair sneered, his blackened teeth grinding together as he bound her wrists and thrust he up into their small cart. “I’d save all your strength,” the younger returned, a fowl glint in his eyes as he secured her to the wagon, her wrists burning and her blood running cold as she guessed the next words out of his mouth, “you’ll need it soon enough. Just you wait until Captain Randall sees you, eh…”

With that, her heart plummeted.

As the horses began to pull away, Claire slid her knees upwards, cocooning herself against the thin material of the wagon wall, protecting the only thing that mattered now. The one thing she had wanted most of all.

Burying her head in her hands, she wept quietly, bitter tears rolling in thick rivulets down her flushed cheeks.

Why now? She cursed, her internal monologue going unheeded as dusk settled over the highlands.

Why now with a man she barely knew in a land where she was all but a stranger?

“I’m so…sorry,” she whispered.

To Frank.

To Jamie…

…and to their unborn baby.


The nine times he kissed her and the one time he didn’t.

Okay. So. In a bid to collect all my crap from everywhere- this was my first ever complete Harry Potter fan fiction…. that I published. It is of a rare pair but one that I hold close to my heart. 

Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. 

This includes 
1) Some profanity
2) Mention of NSFW theme/acts

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Ryu @ ???: "W-WHOA!!! You look like an Arcanine, but you look so much cooler!!! I'm gonna be an Arcanine someday, too! Hey! How can I grow up to look like you, huh? Do I have to eat glowsticks? Or take baths in paint? HOW COME YOU LOOK LIKE THAT??? C'MON, I NEED TO KNOW!!! BARK BARK BARK"

“You see kiddo, I was bred to look like this. It took years to create me, though you might be too young to understand…” Albina scratched herself nervously and thought, “Here if you put on the glow stick and maybe a few more you can resemble me!”


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Can I request a Filch/Snape fic? I don't mind what sort of content so it could be mentor or it could be friendship or it could be slash or something else you think of. Thanks!!

Sure.  :)  25 years in 4.5k…and Filch ended up with a sort of Cokeworth accent, yikes.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Anyway, onwards!

Severus ran down the hallway, his lungs burning hot.  He clenched his wand tightly in his fist, and as he rounded the corner, he turned and cast behind him.  Impedimenta!  His spell was silent, but his internal voice was furious and the word bellowed through his mind.  He didn’t stop to watch the fallout; he didn’t need to.  He turned and sprinted, his heart beating furiously, hoping he’d bought himself enough time.  As he hurtled down the corridor, he heard steady thumping footsteps that could only signify a grown man – a teacher – coming from the other end of the hallway.  He paused, and strained his ears.  Flitwick?  Surely not.  Slughorn, perhaps?  And then he suddenly picked up the soft accompaniment of a much lighter footed creature intermingled with the heavy tread.


Severus pressed himself into an alcove, pulling his dark hair over his face and thrusting his hands into his pockets, hoping to blend into the shadows.  

“To the place, I belong…”

Severus’ black eyes darted, watching the older man singing as he swept the floor, Mrs Norris circling at his feet.  He glanced back at the top of the corridor, waiting for Sirius and James to appear – and then, sure enough, Filch’s head jerked upwards and his singing ceased.

“Hey!  Get back here!”

The boys’ eyes widened, and then both youths turned on their heels and ran in the direction they’d emerged from.  Filch furiously threw down his broom and started after them, but James and Sirius were quick and nimble, and Filch was blowing hard before he reached the far end of the corridor.  He leant heavily against the bricks, waiting for a moment or two to catch his breath. When he finally stalked back towards a nonchalant Mrs Norris, he flexed his fingers, cringing as he stooped to retrieve his broom.

“Little horrors,” he muttered, brandishing his brush, and shaking it towards his beloved cat.  “Where’s Peeves when you need him?  Soon teach them oiks a thin’ or two.”  He sniffed loudly.  “Now, where was I?  Already forgotten.  Don’t get old, gal.  Don’t get old.”

Filch gave a hacking cough, and thumped his chest firmly.  Severus watched curiously as Filch started to sweep once more, and a gentle and soft song emanating from the older man.

“Life is old there, older than the trees…”

“Go on, get on with yer,” Filch snapped, waving the young Quidditch players past.  “Had enough of yer dawdlin’ round ‘ere.  Traipsin’ through with yer muddy boots.”

Severus stood at the door to the castle, and wordlessly slipped his boots from his feet.  He banged them against the outer wall, knocking the mud from between the studs onto the ground.  Carrying his boots by the backs, he walked past the caretaker in socked feet, glancing up at the taller man, who eyed him curiously.

“What’s this then?”

Severus froze.  “Jus’ tryin’-”

“-are you mockin’ me, lad?”

“No!”  The young boy scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, refusing to look at the bristled face towering above him.  “I get it.  I live wi’ Muggles,” he admitted, softly.

“I’m no Muggle.”

“I know that,” Severus retorted hotly, his face flushing.  “But I know it ain’t as simple as… Scourgify!”  Before he could consider what he was doing, his wand was in his hand, and the messy floor was cleared.  His eyes widened, and he looked at the ground.

“Had yer fun, ‘ave yer?”

“Sorry,” Severus said, softly, backing away from the older man.  “Sir.”

“Dunno what the little beggar is playin’ at,” Filch said, setting a bowl of food on the floor. “Sir.  Sir!  Ain’t never one of these little blighters called me sir before.”  He straightened, and gave a small smile.  “Could get used to it, mind.”  He sniffed.  “Aye, that I could.”

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Bad For Me (Min Yoongi x Reader)


It was wet and cold outside that day; the sky gray, and the rain coming down in ice cold sheets as the soles of Yoongi’s white converse became coated in mud as he ran, paying no mind to the puddles.

He just needed to make it there on time. For once in his life, he actually cared about following the rules and being prompt. But, it had been a bad day, and his perfectly formulated schedule that he had made weeks prior had been forced to be disregarded.

Yoongi needed to make it to that audition on time. It was a simple job that paid minimum wage, but it offered him money, and something to devote his time to so he wouldn’t feel so lonely anymore.

You were sitting at the counter within the warm shop, watching the rain roll down the large glass windows that were across the room. You were sitting calmly, having a cup of black coffee and not thinking about much in particular. You were in a state of ease; a state of ease with everything in your life.

But then, a young adult walked in. He was tall and lanky, covered by a long-sleeved striped shirt and an additional hoodie, his hair a mess from the rain, his white converse stained in the dirty water that covered the city streets.

You were content with everything before this.

But then, Yoongi walked in.

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I thought that I heard gunshots.

Ruthlessly, I am wrenched Back:
To another life
To another me that was
Painted in shades of only red
Ears pierced by a loud ringing, just masking the
Distant crying of a young girl.
I bring my scratched hands to my lips,
Covering them and pressing hard
Like I can somehow
Hold it in.

You notice a slight tremble in my fingers, I think.
You place your hands over mine, and you
Gently coax me back,
Only your voice reaching me through the
Ringing bells:

You’re alright, you whisper.

It’s only fireworks.

-July, E. Oliver

Merry Christmas, @aredblush!

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Tall Tails

A degree in Library Sciences got you very little in Beacon Hills. Coupled with a degree in Mythological Studies it got you a chance to work in the Library. Emphasis on Library duly intended. The Hedgewitch Library boasted the largest collection of Supernatural works in California. Most were gathered by the group of Hedge Witches who came to Beacon Hills in the mid 1800’s. They bought, stole, and bartered their way through the literary world and gathered everything they could get their hands on.

There were old journals that detailed meetings of the first vampires. There was a clay box filled to the brim with instructions on how to construct a golem. There were works written in the original language of the Fae and a story book written by an Unseelie Prince. There were works from Derek’s own family. Closer to the entrance of the basement, where all of the rare works were held, there were four books penned by the first Hales to immigrate from Mexico.

Derek liked to flip through them now and again, to try and catch a glimpse of himself in the penmanship. To him, reading these books, tending to them and keeping them safe, was an important job. He was protecting the past. He was ensuring that someone else could some day see these books and find joy.

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He Wrote Her One, She Sent Back Two

Summary that can be found hereImagine your OTP used to exchange anonymous letters as children. Now person A goes to a university/college, and has to miss a lecture for some reason. They borrow the person B sitting next to them’s notes and find the handwriting extremely familiar…

A/N: A quick, short little thing because eclipse-dragonslayer tagged me in a little prompt post a few weeks back and I just found it again! It would have been shorter, but I had to add a little bit of a backstory so things would actually make sense XD


Natsu wrinkled his nose as the teacher walked down the aisle of desks, passing out blank sheets of paper to her third grade class as she did so. The young boy wrapped his arms around his middle as his tummy rumbled, looking longingly towards his cubby hole along the wall where his Smaug lunchbox was being held captive until lunch time.

“This is a stupid assignment,” he whispered to the boy sat beside him, whose name tag read Gray in very careful, meticulous handwriting. Natsu’s lips curled at the sight of it, remembering his own messy scrawl that barely passed as legible. 

“She’s probably not even gonna mail these,” he continued in a hushed tone as their teacher handed each of them the blank stationary, continuing on to the rows pushed to the back of the room. “I bet she’s just gonna read them at her desk and pretend she sent ‘em somewhere.”

All he got in response was a shrug of the shoulder from his friend and a mumbled, “Maybe.” Natsu really didn’t care about the other boy’s reply, however; he was too busy basking in the pride that came with outsmarting one’s teacher.

“Whatever,” the young boy shrugged, turning away from Gray to face the front of the class again. Natsu puckered his lips in thought, reaching for his pencil. “If Teacher is gonna read it, might as well write something down so she won’t flunk me.”

However, as he sat there with his pencil resting heavily on the first line at the top of the page, Natsu’s eyes couldn’t help by wander to the ticking clock that was on the wall just above the cubby holes.

It was nearly lunch, and as he looked around it seemed like everyone else was almost done with the letters that were going to their pen pals.

Even if these do get mailed after all, it’s not like I who my pen pal is… Natsu thought to himself, quickly jotting down a rushed introduction of himself before folding the sheet in half. So it’s not like they’re gonna know who I am.

In truth, it was a lame excuse for an even lamer letter, and it was almost enough to make the young boy feel guilty, but then their teacher announced that it was lunch, and well…

He had a dragon lunchbox calling his name.

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▏You Got A Girl? ▏Mark ▏シ

Request: Can I request a scenario when the members of the group found out that Mark had a gf which is in the same age as Yugyeom. I really like how you write all the scenarios. >~< ❤️

Comments: Oh, thank you very much! Sorry for the wait with this one, but I hope you like itt~

         Mark stared down at his phone when it buzzed with another notification. Upon seeing your name on the screen, he grinned widely and typed back a reply.

         “Mark hyung,” Yugyeom called. “Can you pass the remote?”

         Mark continued to type back a reply without a single word, blatantly ignoring Yugyeom’s request. He was too focused on you to even realize that he was in the dorm with his other members, who, by the way, knew nothing of you.

         Yugyeom stared at Mark and frowned. “Mark,” he called again. “Hyung, can you pass the remote, please? It’s right next to you.”

         Mark still didn’t answer.

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Anemia [2/?]

Prompt: Anemic Ivan just wants to be left alone, but a certain golden-haired, blue-eyed (usually) vampire has other ideas. (RusAme)

Rating: T

Warnings: Language, Depression, Google-Translate Russian


Alfred wasn’t entirely sure why he was here. He definitely wasn’t being a stalker.

Stalkers are evil creepy dudes. Totally… not like me.

Still he had to admit what he was doing was kinda stalker-ish. Honestly, all he’d meant to do was take his most recent… acquaintance… home safe. But he couldn’t get the taste of undernourished blood out of his mouth, or mind. So when he’d come across the dropped groceries he’d been struck with a brilliant plan! He’d bring them back to the guy’s house, along with some iron supplements!

Iron supplements were for anemia, right? He was pretty sure that’s what the guy’s blood was missing…

Anyway, that should have been it. Wanting to help the guy wasn’t an excuse; he’d wanted to help every single one of the “acquaintances” he’d made over the years. Wanted to take every one under his wing, cook them a hot meal, help them recover from the hangover, hell, maybe pay their debts or something.

But he couldn’t. He’d made a rule. He’d get them home and that would be it. It had to be.

I’m just making sure he’s ok. He tasted pretty sick, I’m just… making sure he’s not hurt too bad.

That ran around his mind on loop as he watched the Russian through the foggy glass.

It’d been almost twilight when Al had happened to pass by the man’s apartment, and as it so happened, the man himself was walking through the front door. Keeping to the long shadows, Alfred had managed to follow the large man all the way to a high school, where apparently he worked as a janitor.

And now he was watching Ivan mop floors through the little window of one of the classroom doors. Which might be a little… yeah, ok, he was being stalker-ish.

Alfred made a face at the thought. Heroes aren’t stalkers. And I’m trying to help him, so I’m a hero!


As Alfred watched, the Russian man suddenly started moping more urgently, his expression angry. Alfred felt himself ever so slightly tempted to take a peek in the other man’s mind, but quickly squashed the idea. Looking inside other people’s minds was just wrong, plus he was really bad at it. It always made him flat-out exhausted afterwards, and sometimes all he could detect was an obvious emotion.

Totally not worth… it…

He sensed something was wrong a moment before it showed. Not in a specific, this-is-what’s-wrong way, but more of a subconscious nudge. His gaze zoned in on the Russian…

Just in time to see his knees buckle.

With a rush of air and the slam of a door flying open, the classroom was empty.


As it so happened, the Russian man had been thinking about a particular vampire that made his blood boil.

He still felt pretty ill. It had been a chore to force himself out the door and all the way to work. That damn vampire had shaken him so badly. The burly Russian had never feared isolation or dark before. He hadn’t jumped at the slightest sound echoing down the school’s tiled halls. That damn creature had broken him; the final straw. Ivan felt his anger grow, and had pushed himself harder into the motions of mopping.

Suddenly his head was light, and the hallway spun.

Ivan’s vision went blurry, all blacks and whites, too bright and throbbing. He was vaguely aware of falling but not hitting the ground. His pulse was pounding in his ears and he was short of breath. All he was sure of was the coolness of the tile at his back. And… the sensation of something around him. Supporting him. Slowly his pulse calmed enough for him to hear…

“—get you to a hospital!” A near-frantic voice exclaimed. “Shit, I knew you were sick! This is bad, we need to—“

Ivan’s eyes wouldn’t focus, but they didn’t need to.

“YOU,” Ivan growled, pouring the last of his strength into the hate behind the word. A wave of exhaustion hit, ripping away the anger and bitterness he was leaning on for energy. His head lolled back as he grappled with consciousness.

What had he done? Not work hard enough? Care for his sisters too much? Anger some divine being unwittingly? That’s what it felt like; a curse. An old, true curse, the kind that destroyed not only the person but the people around them too.

He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to be sick. He didn’t want to be useless. He didn’t want to have failed his family. He didn’t want to be alone in a foreign country…

“Hey, hey, hey! Stay with me, big guy…”

He didn’t want to hear the genuine concern in the damn vampire’s voice…

Ivan blinked rapidly, his vision slowly clearing. His eyes managed to focus somewhat on the boy’s murky blue eyes. The slightest tint of purple threw off the vivid blue he remembered.

“Come on, we need to get you to a hospital…”

“Nyet!” Ivan grabbed onto the arm supporting him. He sighed. “Nyet. No hospital.”

“Dude, you just collapsed…”

“NYET.” Ivan insisted through his teeth. He slowly eased himself back down to the floor, closing his eyes. “I will rest and be fine.”  

The boy continued to hover over him worriedly. “Well is there anything I CAN do?”

“Da, you can leave,” Ivan grumbled.

“Oh, yeah,” the teen snapped sarcastically, “I’m gonna leave a sick dude half-conscious in the middle of an empty high school at night.”

“Why do you care?” Ivan growled.

“Cuz it’s my fault!” The teen said it like it was the most obvious thing.

So, the krovopiytsa has a conscious. How sad.

“If I were you,” Ivan mumbled coldly to himself, “I would not be wasting my energy on a weak human.” Ivan’s cruel, childish smile twisted onto his face. “Unless I was board and hand nothing better to torment. Tell me, how long are you going to be hunting me? Until you get your fill, bit by bit?”

“What?” The boy’s expression twisted in disgust. “Ew, no dude! I’m not even hunting right now.”

“THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Ivan snarled.

“Dude, chill, I just wanted to check on you. Make sure you’re ok.” The young man nervously scratched the back of his neck.

“Ah. So you are feeling guilt.”

“Are you taking medicine for it?” The young man said suddenly, ignoring the last comment. “The anemia, I mean. You have a doctor, right? If not, I’ll fine one for you. I’m sure I can find someone good.”

“Nyet, that is not being necessary,” Ivan mumbled. He did not, in fact, have a doctor. You needed money to have a doctor.

Ivan pushed himself up into a sitting position and locked eyes with the young monster. “Guilt. Pity. Kindness. These are all wasted on me. I have nothing for you but blood,” Ivan spread his hands, smiling sadly. “And even that is no good.”

“That…” The boy stumbled, his face flushing. “That’s not…”

“Leave.” Ivan ordered.

“I… can’t.”

“LEAVE!” he roared, lunging forward. He threw all his energy behind his swinging fist, and felt a deep satisfaction when it connected with the young man’s face.

But then he was spent. He fell forward, unable to right himself, and found himself down, face first, at the mercy of a now probably irate vampire.

“Please,” Ivan begged, feeling the last of his will sap away. His voice was broken and quiet, almost a prayer. “Let me be alone.”

There was a long silence, But Ivan knew the vampire hadn’t left. A bitter chuckle confirmed it.

“You wanna be miserable?” the young man asked quietly, all the mirth gone from his voice. He helped Ivan back into a sitting position.

Ivan noticed that the boy’s bottom lip was split, but it looked like it had already been healing for a day.

The teen studied him a long moment, his intense eyes suddenly very old. He closed them and smiled sadly. “…I get it. Alright then…”

He sighed, standing. The vampire turned to leave, but hesitated.

“…Tell ya what, I know a great place to be miserable at.” He smirked down at Ivan. “It’s a bar. All imported liquor. The good stuff. I’d bet they’d have some decent vodka, if you’re into that stuff.” The vampire stuck out his tongue. “Tastes like liquid hate to me but whatev’. You want a place to be miserable at? Bruderhaus ‘s the place.”

Ivan stared up at the smirking vampire, not sure what to think. Was this kid seriously recommending a bar? To the man he’d nearly killed the night before? Ivan would be damned before he took the vampire’s recommendation…

But god, he’d been missing good vodka.

The vampire winked at Ivan as he began his retreat. “Take care, big guy. Oh,” he paused. “And go to your doctor already, dude. You’re not gonna get any better this way.”

Ivan glared knives at the empty air where the vampire had been a moment before.


Several days passed, and Ivan started feeling as bad as normal. Still, it was an improvement to almost passing out every time he exerted himself.

The large man set the school’s alarm and strode to the door, stepping out into the muggy night air. He glanced around the empty, dimly-lit parking lot, shuddering despite himself. The orange light made him uneasy, and probably would for a while. He growled under his breath, pulling up his scarf and charging into the darkness.

Unfortunately, since he was no longer pushing a mop, his mind had no good reason not to wander. It floated back the realization he’d had when he’d woken up… It was Katusya’s birthday.

Ivan felt his stomach take a nasty twist and his hissed under his breath. He couldn’t keep going like this. What he wouldn’t do for some good…


Ivan gritted his teeth. The last thing he wanted to do was take advice from that vampire. But even as his mind tugged at memories of past birthdays, Ivan found his feet turning from home to downtown.  

He didn’t know where he was going. Ivan ended up awkwardly asking for directions from several passers-by. Fortunately, it seemed Bruderhaus was a bit famous, and the second person he asked pointed him in the right direction.

Ivan finally found the place, its entrance a bit below street level and lit in blue light. There was a sign with a black eagle and the name of the place written over it in gothic script. Ivan snorted to himself and double-checked the open sign before pushing in the door.

The strong scent of beer, salt, smoke, and a hint of sweat assaulted him as he glanced around. The place was an odd mix of stereotypically German paraphernalia and American night club. Ivan could hear the faint heavy beat of club music, and there was a dance floor off to his left, but thankfully it was empty. He headed to the right, where he could see a low-lit bar area. Ivan noticed a few other patrons mulling about as he pulled himself up on a bar stool. His violet eyes took in the place, never having been to bar like this in person.

“Vodka,” Ivan growled softly at the bartender who had his back to him. He was pleasantly surprised when the barkeep set down a full bottle of Stolichnaya in front of him, instead of just a glass.

“You struck me as a bottle kinda guy.”

Ivan’s eyes went wide. He looked up to see the bartender’s sky blue eyes and bright smile grinning cheekily down at him.

“Good to see you, big guy.”


Krovopiytsa – bloodsucker

Hurricane Regina


Missing year Snow Queen with a touch of Outlaw Queen. In which Snow and Regina bicker like five year olds and Robin heeds a warning for once. 

She’s flying (she is), the wind whisking her unbound hair away from her face as the storm front barrels onto the castle grounds like so many thundering steeds.

Come, Josephine, in my flying machine,” Regina sings from her balcony, flinging her arms out to embrace her beautiful storm. Lightning waltzes toward the castle from the line of the horizon, the thunder’s rumble echoes in her bones, and she brims with magic; why shouldn’t she call the thick waves of rain to the palace for everyone to enjoy?

“Enjoy, peasants!”

There’s something not right here; sanity worries the fevered edges of her mind like a child fretting with the tassels of a tapestry. Desperate to calm the manic sparking of her neurons, stem the wild rush of magic begging to gush from her fingertips, the quiet part of her mind rails against the sickness invading her body, identifies it, even, but is powerless to stop its course.

And so, the storm.

Strong arms cinch around her waist, yanking her away from the railing. Charming. He smells of good deeds and aftershave, even in this pestilence infested world without cologne. What right does he have to invade her personal chambers and manhandle her in this manner? None, that’s what. She kicks off the railing in an attempt to upset his balance and loosen his grip, but he stumbles and then tightens his hold on her as he regains his footing.

“Release me, or so help me god your child will be born with a monkey’s tail,” she says, pushing down on his forearms with both her hands to little effect.

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Bruce had never thought in a million years that he would be standing in a perfume store, but here he was browsing. He turned to a young man nearby, scratched his ear a little bit, and asked, “Do you have anything made with Bulgarian rose oil here? My girlfriend loves that stuff.

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This is very specific, but could you write a fic about that shot when pearl is crying and under the covers in Jason's bed in that deleted scene? Like right before he texts the rest of the team to go train? I think it's so cute that when she's scared she goes to her big brother for comfort & protection! (If we get a sequel I want more pearl!! I wanna see more big bro Jason!)

(I had to do a quick rewatch to find the scene and I’m sure I did. I remember watching all the deleted scenes and I had missed it because it happened so quick. I hope you enjoy.)

It had been a hard day for the young Pearl Scott; no scratch that it had been a hard couple of months. Ever since the tail end of summer when Jason was out more with his friends. But not his new “delinquent” friends. Well that’s what mum and dad called them. But his old friends were worse.

They were the reason dad yelled at Jason, they were the reason her brother was more distant. She was so used to going to him for answers. Her brother with the big smile and he knew everything she was sure of it. When she had nightmares he would bring her to her room and read her stories.

When dad went fishing for long periods he would make her dinner. He would braid her hair in the morning and pack her lunch for school. Well that stopped after the accident. It stopped when dad started yelling at Jason more. She remembered when he came home after his first detention. His limp was worse than ever.

“Are you okay,” she asked as she sat next to him.

“Honestly Pearl Girl; I’m far from okay,” he said, Jason never lied to her. He tussled her hair and she went to her room.

When she heard them fighting she snuck through the house to see it. Her father was so loud it scared her. She ran to her brother and hugged him to protect him from their dad. She felt his hand calmly pat her back to sooth her even though she tried to sooth him. Dad stormed out and mum tried to get her ready for something she didn’t care about.

This was when things became awful and soon became worse. Jason was barely home and when he was he was secretive. Dad made him spend a Sunday fixing the sink and no one told Pearl how the sink had been broken. She missed the Sundays when they could play. Jason always played with Pearl even if he was tired.

She held Jason’s arm as the rain came down during the funeral. She shivered because the deputy would come to her class and talk about how to say no to drugs. Deputy would always wave when she rode around town with her dad or mum. She even saw him at Jason’s games. She remembered when her brother was on the bench and dad would yell to put him in. She remembered when Jason threw the game winning touchdown. Everyone loved Jason then and now no one did; except Pearl.

After the funeral she ran to his room. She hid under his covers because nothing made sense anymore. She didn’t know why people looked at her brother like they did. He won the championships last year. She was there with Angel Grove’s colors painted on her little cheeks. She was one of the loudest fans; cheering for her big brother and when he won the game they all went out for dinner and ice cream.

“Pearl?” Jason said in his soft brother voice.

“What happened?” she whimpered and brushed her tears away.

“What do you mean; string bean?” Jason said and smiled.

“You,” she said harsher than she thought, Jason paused.

“Uh well… I made a big mistake and I’m paying for it,” he said. “Sometimes you need to take your lumps but with that you can grow and change.”

“I want the old Jay back<” she said as tears welled up. “I miss my brother.”

“Pearl, I’m not different but I did a bad thing. But I’m going to change that. I’ll save the world.”

“Okay but only if you become my brother again,” she said through tears.

“For you Pearl, anything,” he said as he brought out his phone.

‘Let’s Train’ he typed as he looked to Pearl. “I have to go, but I’ll return.”

My thoughts on “Straight Outta Compton”

Less than a week after its release, Straight Outta Compton is already one of the most successful Rap based films ever. With that, it’s also one of the most controversial and debated Rap films that I can recall. Most of us have always felt that Rap films come off as corny or contrived, and it makes it even harder to watch groups that you personally saw every week on TV, in comparison to “What’s love got to do with it” and “Ray” where many of us weren’t alive during the artist’s prime. This was surely the case when we saw the Aaliyah film (shoutout to the memes), Notorious, and even the TLC film, which I felt was solid.

In today’s post, I’ll discuss a bit of everything…my thoughts on the film, the main complaints and controversies I’ve heard, and N.W.A’s legacy to follow the film.

What I loved about it

-The cinematography was ridiculous. The cut scenes where dudes rode their motorcycles and lowriders, the scene following Tyree’s death, when Dre turned the corner and walked in the middle of the group, and the transition between the Lench Mob vs. Ruthless fight into the Rodney King beating were perfect.

-The lead actors did a stellar job, without question. Jason Mitchell really did feel like Eazy throughout the movie, and I even think he should receive nominations for it. Oshea Jackson Jr. made me forget I wasn’t actually watching Cube at times, although his slight suburban accent still showed at some points. Corey Hawkins sounded exactly like Dre.

Each time Eazy would go into business mode, it connected. I loved the part when the protestors stomped on their records, and he essentially says “They can do whatever they want to with them….they paid for them!” His last days in the hospital were extremely believable as well…the crowd was dead silent both times I saw it, as we were all caught in the moment.

-The studio and live performance parts were dynamic, and the energy seemed to spread throughout the audience every time they started rapping one of their classics. They could have played the entire “Boyz n da hood” song, and the audience would have rapped along word for word. The scene in Detroit was on point, and seeing Cube say “What’s up???” to Dre, as Jerry Heller nervously hoped they wouldn’t perform the song that earned them free advertisement from the FBI, was extremely well done.

-This felt like a completely authentic L.A. movie. The school bus scene was literally perfect…every single Black male who was born in L.A. has stories about being “banged on,” in which we fear for our lives as it happens, but usually leave unharmed, and actually laugh about it when re-telling the story. Even the random goons in the movie felt like the ones we really see in the hood, and not just paid actors.

-The police brutality scenes seemed to strike a cord for all of us who have dealt with it in some form.

-The DJ scene where young Dre (scratched by Jazzy Jeff) gets off on that early 80’s Electro track “Al-Naafiysh” was fire! I’m a DJ nerd, so I’ll probably rewind this part 50 times once it comes out on Blu Ray.

-The “No Vaseline” scene…man. The reactions from the group, and the way Jerry Heller was ONLY concerned about the supposed “Anti-Semitism” were excellent.

-The L.A. Riots scene was compelling. The slow motion effects, Cube making eye contact with the police officer, seeing the peaceful protesters in the same scene as the violent looters, and the red + blue bandana tied together were all powerful.

What was left out?

I truly understand that it’s impossible to place every single thing within a two and a half hour movie, so I’m not as mad as others about the things that were left out. If they included all of the things I’ve heard, the movie would be more like a 5 part series. The way I see it, the movie is great at covering the main points, and for those who would like to dig deeper, there’s plenty of history that can be found online and in magazines from that period. Also, the director’s cut is three and a half hours long, and I am hoping it is released on DVD.

Here’s a list of things I’ve heard mentioned that were left out:

-JJ Fad and their song “Supersonic” which was one of Ruthless’ first hit records, weren’t mentioned at all.

-Arabian Prince, an original member of N.W.A, wasn’t mentioned at all.

-Michel’le was mentioned, but wasn’t depicted at all. This has probably been the biggest complaint that I’ve heard, and this is one of the few that I think should have been in there for sure. She was a factor in the N.W.A/Ruthless era, as well as with Death Row.

-MC Ren’s contributions weren’t shown in depth, and D.O.C. seemed to just be the homie who was around, versus the highly successful solo artist and contributor that he was at the time.

-Dogg Pound/Death Row vs Ruthless beyond Eazy and Suge…in particular, “Dre day” vs “Real Mothaph’kkin  G’z” which was a major beef at the time. They show the fight between Ruthless and Lench Mob, but make no mention of the fight between Dogg Pound and Dresta/BG Knoccout that happened on the golf course (When Nate Dogg regulated for real): 

-I didn’t realize Chuck D was depicted in the movie until seeing it for a second time, but they don’t speak much on how Ice Cube connected with the Bomb Squad in NY.  

-As a whole, Dre and Cube were shown in the most positive light, while Suge’s character was one –dimensional and showed a seemingly overnight transition into the meme-worthy villain that he’s known as. Jerry Heller’s character showed decent balance, and left you with the impression that he cared for the group as human beings, but that his money was always more important than anything else. I guess he was right about Cube being Anti-Semitic (I’m being sarcastic).

-All of Dre’s domestic violence and assaults against women were left out, and I will speak about this next.

Dr. Dre vs. Dee Barnes (and other women)

In 6th grade, I recall being in an American History class that covered everything from Columbus’ claiming territory that wasn’t his, up to the Reagan era. When we got to the Civil War section, they only mention slavery in one paragraph. Not only did it not mention that slaves were forced on a boat from Africa, but it said something about how most slaves were treated with respect because it made them more productive.

I got home, and was furious. I told my dad, and expected him to call the Principal, or confront my teacher. He sat calmly, and said “well….who do you think wrote the book?”

Seeing this movie, and realizing that everything negative that Dre did to women was omitted, I was reminded of what happened in class that day. Being that Dre and Cube were behind the movie, it gave them a chance to sanitize their history as a group, and as individuals, and many folks think this taints the movie. I feel that Dre was shown as being the extremely focused, hard-working creative that didn’t care as much about groupies or even money…yet, there’s folks who will say that he was by far the most violent, abusive person in that circle when it came to relationships with women. 

This discussion has been extremely divisive in the last few weeks. There have been some women who feel that Black women should boycott the movie due to the omission, and others who have spread numerous articles on Dre’s history. On the other side, many folks feel that this happened so long ago, that it shouldn’t affect his current status, and they point out that he did go to trial and settle with Dee Barnes back when it happened.

The 2Pac scene

One of the most obvious anachronisms was regarding Eazy-E wearing the Sox hat before it came out, but the one that bothered most of us was the timeline after 1993, especially concerning 2Pac and Death Row.

The years don’t show at the bottom of the screen after 1993, but a lot of things were out of order, leading up to Eazy’s death in March of 1995. The main thing that confused us was 2Pac’s studio scene, which followed immediately after showing Eazy-E passing Tower Records and seeing The Chronic billboard, which was in 1993. 2Pac wasn’t released in prison until after Eazy-E passed away, and he actually got married a month after Eazy’s death while he was still in jail. Along with that, Hail Mary may have been recorded during the sessions of “All eyez on me,” but most of us figure that it was recorded afterwards, most likely in Spring/Summer 1996.

Along with “Hail Mary” being recorded, it’s said that Dre was going to feature Ice Cube on “California Love” and use it as his own first single, but Suge made a change and put 2Pac on it instead. In hindsight, this was a brilliant move by Suge.

Compton: The Album (and semi-soundtrack)

Dr. Dre, D’Angelo, and Jodeci actually released real albums this year! I’m still in shock. With this album, it served as somewhat of a soundtrack to the film, which was more than most of us expected when we first heard that it was coming out. I would personally say it’s a 7.5/10 album…I certainly wasn’t expecting a classic, but was hoping for more standout songs. However, the album is worth it solely for “Animals,” in which the #1 and #2 Rap producers in history finally linked up on a track, and made a potentially classic song. I think they should create an intense video that captures the essence of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, showing everything from Mike Brown, to Sandra Bland, to Trayvon, to Rodney King and Latasha Harlins.

The film’s legacy

This movie is going to have a major long term impact, especially with the younger generation that was probably born after N.W.A’s debut album came out. I have already seen a lot of folks in L.A. dressing like they were from this era, but I think the songs will actually become big with kids who never listened to any Rap that came before the 90’s or even 2000’s. Seeing a Batman remake of the song “Straight outta Compton” itself, along with this Kids Pop video shown below, is proof that the movie has truly crossed generations and cultures: 

This movie comes out at the most perfect time in my opinion, as L.A. Rap is finally back into the forefront after suffering a commercial drought for most of the previous decade. This movie shows the origins of the strongest family tree in Hip Hop, which includes artists such as Snoop, Will.I.Am and Fergie, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Bone Thugs, who all came through the N.W.A tree in some sort of way. I hope this film will lead to more high budget, polished Rap Biopics that show other legendary rap families, such as Native Tongues, Def Jam, Wu-Tang, and No Limit/Cash Money.


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heyyy zam'ji! describe how the best sex you had was!! and pili what are the sexiest things about your man??

Zamji: *The young womon is blushing, scratching her chin* “UH.. that was in northrend… I saw the snow for the first time in my life and I went out with my mate that I had at this time, to discover it. We… uhm.. yeah.. “ *she’s smiling akwardly and looks in another direction*

Pili: “Da sexiest ding? Da’s his strengh’. I love e’ when he jus’ grabs me an’ …rhrhhhh”, *the Farraki purrs and smirks dirty*