This is Lola Ren
She is only young but she scratches me a lot with her lightsaber-claws
She also force bites me

OMG HER PRECIOUS SURPRISED FACE IS JUST TOO MUCH.  She reminds me of my dad’s cat, who makes really awkward faces.  THen again…. I also make really awkward faces.  I’m sorry that this picture exists.


Marlon lying and scratching the log by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
I like this picture of Marlon lying and scratching the log!

I had a dream last night that @fornoes and me and my roommate were going to school (like uni school) in the castle from the Micky Three Muskateers movie

and then I was doing like, a question meme? And fornoes gave me a pint of ice cream to do a Q&A with? And I did, and it was these weird questions like “my old cat scratched my young dog, should I ask a vet to make my dog apologize for being scratched by him?”

and I was writing all these questions on different parts of a paper plate((the kind with slots for different foods) which we then put food on, and fornoes and my roomie were like egging me on to put various foods in the different slots because each type of food meant something

and all this was happening in/around the castle from the Three Muskateers which looked like this

but we three were human and not animated but we were in that animated world it was VERY WEIRD 

Best Week Ever! Part Three

Best Week Ever! Part Three

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In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I planned to start doing direct book sales through this website. I was so motivated by the concept, I powered through my exhaustion (slept like crap for two straight nights) and got things set up.

So I am happy to officially announce that you can now buy print editions of all four Action Figures books and The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Scratching a…

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As much as I loathe him, I love thinking of Galeos and Ibliss when they were friends/worked together
Galeos carrying the lumber and Ibliss using his lighter. Having nicknames sewn onto the backs of leather jackets, “Beelzebub” and “Young Scratch”.

He spoke about living in the city while he was still young, but scratch that, he spoke about coming home–how he knew he would have to come home. Come home to the place where winter’s existence seems to be extinct, but sunsets by the beach discarded the yearn for colder days. He described the sunset in hints of rosy magenta, “Just imagine the prettiest sunset and that’s my favorite color”. How he missed the way the sun would set beneath the ocean’s waves clashing and– –well, I suppose he had a reason to come home. After all, there was no greater place than the place that was truly home.

Best Week Ever! Part Two

Best Week Ever! Part Two

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First, I’m pleased to report that the five-day giveaway for Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins is off to a strong start. More than 200 copies were downloaded yesterday, and there’s still four days left to go. The book is currently the top free download in two genres (teen & YA/literature & fiction/comics & graphic novels, and comics & graphic novels/teen & YA).

Honestly, it’s nothing to…

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#tbt Its me!!! 2001 Vestax Taiwan DJ Contest!!! I was so young 😏🙌🤘 #vonik #vonikmusic #vonikofficial #scratch #hiphop #oldschool #vinyls #technics #turntable #young #djkid #memories #edm #music #streetmusic #gansta

15: Twin Cities Youth Media Network Event

Saturday, 2/20 from 12:30 - 4:30pm @ Walker Art Center 


Celebrate 15 years of youth voice. Join us for a screening of youth-made films and videos at 2 pm, a hands-on art-making activity, and a chance to meet with colleges and professional representatives from around the metro area from 12:30 to 2 pm.

Bonus! Catch a 4 pm screening of Battleground Minnesota, a hip-hop documentary musical about the 2004 presidential elections in Minnesota. Hip-hop activist Shakademic proves that if Walter Mondale can learn how to scratch, young voters can get schooled in election politics. Winner of the Netflix Jury Award at the 2005 Media That Matters Film Festival in New York.

The Twin Cities Youth Media Network (TCYMN) works to strengthen the field through supporting, sharing, and promoting the work of young filmmakers and adult mentors.

Here is the facebook event:

Sydney FC vs. Brisbane Roar: In The A-League, It Don't Come Easy

@SydneyFC will look to take advantage of free-falling @brisbaneroar. Here are 10 bold predictions from Jo (@JoRyanSalazar)

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If we were to personify teams in the Hyundai A-League, Graham Arnold‘s Sydney FC and John Aloisi‘s Brisbane Roar are two buxom girls walking into a social club, having beer around the dark neighborhood, looking for an emotional pick-me-up when all of a sudden…BAM! Enter a couple of strong IBA Official Cocktails made from scratch. Both young maidens, fat-bottomed girls as idealized by the late…

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I tried speaking to my mother about mental illnesses, but at a different approach. My little sister has this habit since young: scratching her head when she’s nervous. I googled it and turns outs its a form of compulsive disorder.

Today, she started arranging things how i would do them and it worried me a lot. My mother asked me how she should help her with this. And i told her to bring her to a psychologist.

To my disappointment, she said “thats unnecessary cause its expensive. And scratching is a bad and ugly habit”. Sigh… Guess it will always remain a secret then.