New main verse, aka; the next chapter in Genevieve Moore’s life. 

Graduated, bored, and tired of the monotony. Gen is searching for more than just boosting cars and racing against the best her area has to offer. A young girl scratching for something else – anything else.

Just like that something changes in the wind around her. The big guy who owns the garage/bar, her boss, learns that Gen is actually Ace; the name she uses when boosting cars after making the name for herself behind the wheel of her infamous car on race nights. He likes this a lot, in fact, he loves it. Even if he had  the best of the best under his roof and had no idea.

Now she’s learning more about what happens once she brings the cars she’s stolen to their new locations from him. New vending numbers, papers, all the legal jargon to keep the new driver out of jail. On top of that, Gen is making lots of new friends in the criminal market. Her name – Ace – spreading like wildfire as a driver for hire. 

     No job too risky.
                  No job goes unfinished.
                                 She’s more than just a driver.
                                                   She’ll simply get the job done.

  • Korra's Song
  • Nick
  • Legend of Korra

Bending Iron…

Hakita Stormfist would stand on the top of a hill, wind flowing through her hair and cloak. The howling breeze would wash over the hilly landscape blowing the branches, and grass. The shaman would grit her teeth as she drew her hands in front of herself. Opening her palms the woman would slide her stance out, and enter a much more stable position. Bringing her right fist forward she would slap the iron armor she had placed onto the dummy. A loud slam would ring out from the metal as she retracted her hand only to repeat herself. “I think I am getting the hand of this..” The drumming of the woman’s hands would continue to strike the iron. Slowly the metal would begin to scratch the young shamans hands as she struck it one last time with all of her energy, the iron warped and broke. The metal had bent to the woman’s blows. The shaman entered her stance once more before striking the armor once more square in the chest as it completely caved in.

“I know what to do now old friend.. I wish you could be here to see this…”

“Fenrir is growing to be a fine soldier, I could not be more proud of her..”

He appears out of nowhere, or at least it appears that way. Falling from the sky, leg outstretched Sasuke delivers a painful blow to an enemy-nin, sending them to the ground.

Landing on his feet, Sasuke places himself between the men and his daughter’s team. Upon hearing the emergency sent by their mentor about trouble encountered the shinobi took off. Arriving just in time it seemed. Without word he turns to the young teens. Bruised and scratched, but no-one is sporting grievous wounds. 

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✥// death strangling like noel//

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“Hgk–! Wh-what’re you d–” His airway was cut off, and Tidus was beginning to panic. What the hell was up with this guy!? Why was he choking Tidus?? The young blond scratched at the other’s arm and tried desperately to pull away or get them to let go. 

“St-stop..!” He shouldn’t waste his breath like that–