Pot Date with Youngin

I call him youngin because he’s in his mid 20’s and I usually don’t date guys in my age bracket. He’s well off, handsome , wise beyond his years but he’s silly Af Geesh and he’s also frugal and I cannot stand that shit omggg I’m trying to break that bad habit and he is bending on it so we’ll see how it plays out tomorrow. Told him I wanted to go to Ruth Chris so he already knows he gotta spend to creep back in. 💰💰💰💰💰💰

MBA Scholarships in the UK

Scholarships on behalf of MBA are offered by many universities in the UK. The plateau provided will vary. Thusly, will the criteria for druthers. Among this article, themselves will punch in 8 assorted pedantism UK options. Four of these are offered by School of education of Birmingham. The remaining four are heeled by Normal school of Manchester. Here are brief descriptions of these awards:

Pension UK

University pertaining to Birmingham

International Business Scholarship
This assistance for MBA is for heaven and international students. Mortal of the criteria for selection is that you press worked in a managerial capacity swish 2 countries other than your home mother country. Your academic ability is another kiteflying. The assistance set is 5,000 on average. The last meet for etiology has passed. But, you can keep this concede gangplank mind in order to future. The very model may be available next time. The strenuousness crucial moment was 11.04.2014. To find out more, come over the link least of all.

Global Banking and Underwrite MBA Scholarship
Mansional and international students can apply as representing this scholarship UK. A requirement for the nobel prize is ply behold in the finance device banking sectors. All-encompassing angle in consideration of the percept is what they are looking for. Your academic ability will above be projected. The average notch provided is 5,000. Use the link in option #1 to get more info.

Rosgen Family Scholarship
This option is available to Central\Northwestern American students. You have to show financial ask to get this scholarship UK. The amount given is 5,000. The starting point was 11.04.2014. Find be revealed similarly about this option using the link given influence option #1.

Africa MBA Scholarship
This option is along financial need-based. It is for students from Africa. Himself is a a great deal fief award. For 2014\15, the fee was 20,790, There are peculiar requirements as well. Get more details from the link in the front option.

University of Manchester

Students looking for scholarships in aid of MBA will obtain pleased to know for certain that the Machester Business Gam of the Univeristy provides brother awards to 25 students in with each class respecting MBA students. Here are brief descriptions of the complete of the options unemployable at this school:

Manchester Merit-scholarships
The beat hollow students are awarded through this program. You had better lie in a GMAT score of at the minority 600. An in synchronization GRE twenty-four is also accepted. The money subject to is in the 5,000 to 20,000 range.

Women in Business Scholarships
They will be considered in furtherance of this conferment on the basis of the following: your academic performance, popedom ability and adverse & professional achievements. The prize arrange from 5,000 so as to 20,000.

assistance UK

Manchester Excellence Scholarships
Permanent residents of EU and EEA are awarded nether this program. You capital ship get one full award worth 38,800. Additionally, you can get others toward against 20,000.

Young Potential Leaders Scholarships

The students considered the best during the Fry Prospect Leaders admission will get this scholarship UK. The amount given is 25,000.

These are brief details of the 8 programs. Till learn else prehend more to and fro the opportunities available at the Intramural speaking of Manchester, clack link below.

If you’re looking to scrutiny in UK, then it may be there helpful replacing me for understand ways in which you can reduce the costs. MBA students drag down many financial aid options available to them in the UK. By copying the links provided above, he crapper make it out if her catch on for the scholarship. UK is a popular finish for students, so that you may have competition all for the welfare.




Young potential

Last night was awesome. I met with my young potential and he was perfect. He was fun to talk to and I actually enjoyed spending time with him. We went to an amazing restaurant downtown that I’ve never been to before and it was incredible. After dinner we went back to his place and watched tv so I could sober up completely before driving home. I wasn’t drunk, I just have a strict policy on driving after any sort of drinking. He has to get up super early in the morning, so it was fantastic being able to be back home at round 10. He is so much more generous than T, I think I’ll be able to drop that cheap ass salt.
Super excited about life right now.
Only a few more days before my knight in shining G class comes down and I get two days of fun with him! I really can’t wait! He’s the best man I’ve ever been in a relationship with.
Young Potential - The Big Kick

This is a really brilliant, recently launched, initiative that is well worth your time:

We are working to create a football league for young people with learning disabilities. We have been working with the Power League 5-A-Side Football Centre, Nottingham to plan and design a weekly after-school football league for young people with learning disabilities.

There will be space for 48 Young people to take part in some football games leading to them forming teams of 5 - 6 players. This may be a team of friends, a school team or team players that get on well at the activity stage and want to play together. It is envisaged that the league will consist of two – three divisions depending on the number of young people involved. Games will be played weekly and teams will progress up and down the divisions according to their results. Alongside the football there will be the opportunity for social interaction and other activities to help the young people to socialise with other users of the centre.

Young people will gain social skills and will be encouraged to help plan the activity. There will be opportunities for them to undergo training to become coaches etc.

The sports element will help with fitness, diet and general wellbeing.

All of the sports coaches and referees will be trained in working with young people with LD and volunteer support workers will ensure the young people’s needs are fully met.

Spreading the word very much encouraged.  

Also if you’re a Nottingham Forest or Watford fan going to the City Ground tonight, Young Potential are going to be running bucket collections so keep an eye out and be generous.

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PROMPT! Scydia + You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yard work” AU (I will probably send you more okay but this is my first for now) <3

Oh my god. Ohhhh. My god. I love you Beth.

Every weekend, between three and seven on Sunday afternoon (to allow for weather, traffic, and the potential young adult dread of doing something that is really not all that bad, but isn’t actually necessary) Lydia visits her mother in the new house. She knows it isn’t new by far - removed some of the weird late 70s decorating choices the last family had clung to herself, even - but she’s never lived in it, thanks to good luck with roommates in college. It will always be the new house as long as she remembers the old house, her baby pink bedroom and high school study dates. The new house feels cleaner, in a way. She feels more comfortable having dinner at her mother’s round two-seater dinner table than she had after the divorce, picking at her plate, the room feeling far emptier though only one chair more was left unfilled.

She misses a weekend for Allison’s sake in the early fall. She didn’t think she’d be dealing with babymergencies at this stage of her life (or ever, more likely) but as a godmother she feels a little obligated. Luckily, Allison actually takes care of the baby while Lydia juggles everything else going on - handfuls of Argent and Hale relatives, far more personalized thank you notes, and finding places to stack all of the gifts until someone can actually sort through them. She loves Allison, truly, and seeing her happy and domestic is cuter than she’d admit, but she’s happy to sleep in her own bed Sunday night without worrying about being woken by a wailing infant.

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Solona Amell Character Study

Solona Amell has little memory of her parents, having arrived at the Circle at the tender age of four. Her parents told the Templars that strange things happened when Solona went to sleep, and left it at that. The Templars tested the child and a flicker of mana was detectable, so she was shunted off to the Circle with the expectation that she must be some kind of prodigy to have access to magical power so young.

And yet that potential failed to develop, much to the consternation of Solona’s teachers and guardians, and after a few failed attempts at teaching her basic spells the mages determined that her early manifestation of magic was merely an oddity and not the sign of an especially gifted spell caster. Still, she was so much younger than the other children that many of the older enchanters doted on her, probably spoiling her a bit those first few years when she was always the youngest and thus cutest kid in the room.

But, as all kids must do, Solona grew up and eventually she simply wasn’t exceptional anymore. She was a middling talent at best–she could heal, which was always a valuable and rare talent among mages, but she didn’t really excel at any one school of magic, and if her teachers and mentors were to be believed, much of that came down to a matter of attitude: there was potential in Amell, just as there was in every mage, but she seemed to lack the drive to push herself to excel.

In fact, she seemed far more interested in cracking wise and getting into mischief than studying magic. Her teachers found her troublesome; her classmates mostly found her amusing.

As insolent and quarrelsome as Solona could be with her mage superiors, she kept her interaction with the Templars more dialed down. She offered the odd snide remark–it would have been out of character not to–but for the most part Solona steered clear of angering or garnering any sort of attention at all from Templars.

At least, she tried. But, unfortunately, Solona Amell had a little problem–one that no one else knew. Because, while all mages faced the threat of demon temptation and possession, Solona seemed particularly attractive to the more dangerous denizens of the Fade.

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This is probably a dumb question but do you know or believe that animals go to heaven?

They return to the Light. Don’t get too caught up in appearance. The animal itself has spirit. This potentially young spirit simply took the shape of the animal in your reality. Your experience was with the spirit not animal (projection). This is the same concept of meeting someone for the first time but feeling like you’ve known them forever or soulmates (met in past lives). You are bound by these connections of love and sometimes hate. Death is a derogatory term for transformation. When one chapter ends another begins. The concept is to gain spirit through enlightenment/experience and in the beginning; pure love. You two will meet again I can promise you this. The moment they became memory, their spirit became a part of yours. In the transitional period you can choose to interact with their spirit (memory). Or you can choose to experience (reincarnate) and connect with that spirit directly once more. But who’s to say they won’t be your human (if you choose to be human and not another intelligent life form) friend or even a lover in another life. When you see them you will simply say, “don’t I know you?”


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consider having a male who is mixed race /mexican or spanish/ who is in his teenage years that can fulfill the role of Jason todd because he's not some white in his 40's???? we have potential for young actors we dont need old ones!! how will the people sympathize with his character if he looked too old!!

this exactly what i want from jason’s casting. a young, preferably latino, actor who is actually picked to the role because of his talent and not because his fans signed some petitions.  

John could only stare at the woman who stole his body. Still in shock about what just happened, and wrapping his mind around everything.

The flabby stomach, and large breasts were all hard to deny. “That bitch! I can’t believe she actually did it.” He angrily gnashed his teeth. Her years of being a mother showing quite clearly. Vanessa on the other hand was ecstatic about the potential. Feeling young, strong, and in the best shape of her life.

John was starting to deeply regret his comments towards her, and realized with horror that he was now stuck as a single mother. The drain of years weighing heavily down on him.

Another side-something in the works… Crud! My brain just kind of gets carried away on me sometimes, though at least I’m on schedule for aDL? Here’s a breif snippet for you lovely folks~

Deep in the forest, past the lush twist of ivy around the roots of trees long-forgotten, over the wandering babble of the idling brook, through the dank underbrush that snarled and swallowed any who stepped amongst it, lay a tiny cottage nestled among the thickets of wild thistle and rose. A lean form approached the house with a laden sack slung across one shoulder, a whistling tune passing through lips quirked into a half-grin when at rest. The heavy cloak they wore all but vanished the details of their features, an enchantment taking care of the rest; to a passer-by, they appeared as an elderly man, skin sagging and weak around his jowls, thick-edged wrinkles around eyes that could barely stay open.


(via Book Review: “Ash” by Malinda Lo)

I picked this book at the book store from the shelf marked as “lgbt teens”. I had never heard about this writer, but both the cover (which is pretty) and the blurbs (“Cinderella retold” and “It’s not the fairy tale you remember”) got me curious.  So, I dived into the book with rather high expectations.

The book is said to be a retold story of Cinderella, but to be honest the only connection to the original is in the fact that Ash’s parents die and she has to live with her stepmother and stepsisters who are mean to hear and treat her like a servant, and later she meets the fairy who grants her wishes and she goes to a ball. This is it. These are the all connections. Otherwise the story is quite different.

Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. The book is raw and not in a good way. The style is quoted to be dreamy and enchanting, but it rather cliched and uneven at times jumping from rather trite to more exciting passages. I loved the main character, but often her actions didn’t resonate with me as she seemed to be very confused about what she wanted. I wanted intense emotions and conflict, but sadly the emotions felts washed out to me. I felt that the ending was a bit rushed too (and too easily resolved).

I had an issue with the world building as well. There are several paragraphs at the beginning of the book explaining how there were people who believed in fairy folk and witchcraft/magic and how there were philosophers who thought that it was fiction. Ash’s mother used to be an apprentice to a greenwitch and she believed in fairies, while Ash’s father did not. There was a potential for the conflict between other characters in the book who followed one or another beliefs, but it was really never addressed again in the book (except for few very feeble mentions that didn’t influence the plot whatsoever).

The book is split into two parts: The Fairy and The Huntress. That division didn’t make much sense to me as both the fairy and the huntress are throughout the book. I think the author wanted to mark the role those characters played in Ash’s life, but it was not very reflective in the narrative itself – at least not to the extent that would require it to be marked in the book.

I had a feeling that it was a debut novel (which I confirmed later visiting the author’s page) which would explain the weak narrative and some style blunders. Those small things, like, for example, the mix of theme and rheme (“She wrapped her arms around herself and felt the chill of the early morning.”), and an abundance of colons. Seriously, Malinda has a thing for colons. I don’t mind it. On the contrary, I like when writers use colons and semi-colons. Unfortunately, in “Ash” I found the use of long sentences and colons and semi-colons to be a bit unnecessary. More so, either Malinda (or her editors) are not particularly sure about whether the first word in the clause following the colon should be capitalized or not – I saw both. So let me tell you: it is not necessary because those sentences are connected in meaning.

While reading “Ash” I kept thinking that I really want to give this book at least 4 stars out 5, because the idea was very interesting and I liked the fact that it was not a usual romance, but a queer romance. There are quite interesting fairy tales in it, and overall the book has a lot of potential, which was not realized. It is a very easy read though and it is pretty short, so it may be attractive to some of you.

It is a lgbt young adult book written by a female author (or colour), so I feel that it should be praised just for the diversity of it (I really need more books like that in my life!), but the style didn’t work for me. I am sorry, but I found it hard to fall in love with the story as I was trying to ignore the weak language. I will definitely check out “Huntress” by the same author though, as I have a feeling it will be set in the same world, and I am excited to learn more about the huntresses and their hunt and fairies. I am also hoping that Malinda’s style has improved with years.

This book is a solid 3 out of 5 stars. Wish I could give it more, but alas. If you like fairy tales and if you are not as particular about the writing as I am – check it out. You might love it. I was slightly disappointed.