anonymous asked:

I really do not understand why these band members including 1D are not coached on PR, Public speaking, Basic Business & Finance, Geography, Cultural Sensitivities etc ad nauseum.

It’s easy to project all kinds of ideas what the perfect young pop stars should be, but most of these bands really have the five year lifespan, and that’s why they’re so overworked as it is. They were just kids when they started, and in 1D’s case, been extraordinarily busy ever since. 

If you think it from another perspective, the 1D boys have learned so much in the past five years: they’ve become worldwide known performers, and learned much about music as a craft: singing, songwriting, playing instruments, producing, touring etc. It all takes time. They’ve made some good business decisions and are working on their futures already. They’ve cultivated a bunch of excellent connections. They’ve performed at the Olympics and other prestigious events that many other artists never get to experience. They’ve grown up, and learned so much about themselves. :)

After accomplishing all that in five years, so what if it takes some time to locate where Japan or Brazil is before visiting there? Or that they’re not noted for their public speaking skills? It’s impossible to learn everything interesting at once. That’s what we have the whole life for. :P