Can I Just Rant Real Quick

Adults act like kids have it easy. Like kids have no real problems whatsoever. But honestly that’s such bullshit.

I have friends who have dealt with/ are dealing with abuse

I have friends who self harm

I have friends who are suicidal

I have friends with depression, anxiety, ptsd, ect.

I have friends who dissociate, friends who are going through existential crises

I have friends who have had hardly anyone in the past

I have friends who have dealt with death

I have friends who are insecure

I have friends who are bullied, friends who are never given a fucking break

I have friends with bullshit parents

I have friends who are constantly put under an extreme amount of pressure

I have friends with cripplingly low self image

I have friends who have to deal with tons of shit just because of their gender/sexual/romantic orientation

I have friends who are just emotionally drained

I have friends who hide everything behind jokes and sarcasm because they don’t know how to deal with everything they’re feeling

I have friends whose worlds are crumbling down around them

Many of the things on this list also apply to me

And to top it all off we all live in an area with high child poverty rates

And we’re only in fucking middle school

But adults love to act like kids never have to deal with real emotions that can effect us tremendously. Like we aren’t incredibly sensitive and impressionable. Like we don’t live in an aggressive world where we’ll tear each other down just to feel stable. And they also love to make fun of us for just being kids, doing silly things, loving silly shows, doing things that we find fun and make us happy. This is all such bullshit.

End rant