Young Justice-Light em up MEP

anonymous asked:

Did you watch Young Justice? If so, what did you think of the portrayals of the Batfamily?

The Batfamily was pretty great as a whole. I have friends who aren’t impressed with Wally (due to him not being serious enough), and tons of people are irritated about Roy and Kon for being too serious to the point where they’re not recognizable. 

But I loved Dick’s portrayal as a whole. In fact, I already answered that [here]. My only complaint for Young Justice is they tried to make Dick look like a womanizer. Even if he wasn’t strictly acting like a womanizer, it was a vibe you got from other characters, such as Wally going, “You dog!” I hate when writers purposely aim for that tone.

Bruce Wayne. I loved Bruce’s portrayal in this show. It had the right amount of serious Bat mixed in with the right amount of father figure.

Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake (and Stephanie Brown. I guess.) It’s hard to say much for these three because they didn’t have enough screen time to explore different facets of their personalities. Babs had the biggest spotlight, and I enjoyed her. She was intelligent, take-charge, competent, witty. Tim, it’s really hard to say because I don’t remember him having many lines. (Did Steph talk at all? I mean, hey, at least she existed.)

Jason Todd. A+ portrayal. Completely in character.

now i’m imagining like - helena moving back to gotham and becoming a vigilante A LOT SOONER

like suddenly there’s this vicious, brutal vigilante, and batman is off fucking around in space so yj goes to handle it

oh look it’s a teenage girl tearing through the mob like tissue paper

they’re antagonistic for a while, but eventually huntress ends up joining the team, and artemis becomes like a big sister figure

by now, spoiler is a thing; she and huntress worked together a few times, and helena vouches for her, so steph joins the team too

THEN a bunch of criminals mysteriously get their trigger fingers broken

assailants are left in an unconscious heap at the scene of the crime

eventually, finally, batgirl confronts the girl responsible and takes her in, offers her a home and a name

when batgirl becomes oracle, cassandra becomes batgirl; when robin becomes red robin, stephanie becomes robin