Está vendo esse gif da Jasmine com a cabeça machucada? Pois é, o Jinsu fez isso nela… Sabe como? Ele quebrou uma janela/vidro na cabeça dela e um vizinho desconhecido dela, que nunca tinha o visto antes, acabou vendo e chamou a polícia. Jasmine ainda disse que Deus tinha mandado um anjo, porque até hoje ela nunca mais viu aquele vizinho. 

No offense to any jelenators, but you dont have to dry hump your girlfriend to prove that you are in love with her. People may not like Jinsu, but atleast respect him for the fact that he has treated Jasmine like a queen. He knows how to treat a girl. In my opinion, grabbing your girlfriend’s ass in public does not in ANY way prove your love to her. Every public event Jelena goes to, they kiss infront of the cameras just so people can think that they are in love and inseparable. Just by watching videos you can tell how attached Jinsu and Jasmine are and that they have a happy relationship. I’m not hating on Jelena or anything, but I dont understand why they have a full blown make out session almost every time they’re seen together. True love isnt shown by ass grabbing and dry humping. Jasmine and Jinsu arent afraid to show their love for each other. If Justin and Selena TRULY loved each other, they would have been able to come out, and admit they are dating.