Taron Egerton and Tori Kelly at Young Hollywood Studios - December 4th


Photos of the trip thus far! Featuring my friend Stennar, my absolute best friend Taylor-Grace, Doc, Dracula, Spongebob, and Hogwarts! Much love from this lil Slytherin on Munday!

By the way, I got picked to get my wand at Ollivander’s and I’ve NEVER BEEN SO OVERJOYED.


Last year Austin and I had a great time disneybounding young Carl and Ellie from UP, which you may have seen floating around tumblr. Since that was so much fun we decided to do an adult version as well for the last day of my birthday/dapper day weekend!


KJ Apa stops by the Young Hollywood Studio to sip on some milkshakes and tell us all about playing perennial high school hero Archie Andrews in The CW’s gritty take on the Archies comics, “Riverdale”, including the real-life bromance between himself and Cole Sprouse, who plays Archie’s bestie, Jughead!.