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You guys realize that Astrid's the very first female to touch Hiccup? like hugs, kisses, even more. And every time I see Valka touching Hiccup in the second movie, I just think "wow, you're not the first one and you're his mother" It just intrigates me. What a curious thought

Um… I’m going to disagree. Strongly.  The number of village women who took care of Hiccup? The woman who probably took over nursing him (his aunt?)?  Vikings, women included, casually petting his head as they walked by and giving him little hugs after they finished cleaning a skinned knee?  Gothi?   The kids he played with growing up?  Hiccup received affection from many woman in his life, not just 2.  It might be hard to remember when we start off getting to know him through his snarky, isolated teenage years.

The very easy headcanon of Camicazi/other heirs Hiccup met…? Astrid might not even be his first kiss, come on now

Edit: I just realized you said “first female” and not “first female after Valka”, which is what I read initially for some reason.  Please mark my strongly disagree as a now very strongly disagree.

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Doodle swap with AvannaK. She asked for Ponytail Hiccup. I thought, wait, what if the ponytail in this weird little subset universe started earlier than in his teen years? After all, it would take quite some time to grow it out to the length she seems to like in his young adult self. Years can go into hair like that. 

So here we have a very, very young Hiccup who decides to emulate his father in at least one manageable thing: his hair. This stage involved some weeks of dodging Stoick and any other adult who might decide he was long due a trim. All he has to show for it is a shaggy puffball tied inexpertly at the back of his head. He’s proud of it all the same.

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Linking in with the other anon's comment (Kinda), I firmly believe that Hiccup had a few maternal influences but who would've mothered him most? The one lady member of the tribe that would always look out for him and dote on him. The one woman young Hiccup would do puppy eyes at and get what he wanted everytime. There must've been one (Maybe Fishlegs' mother?)

Psssh, Gobber probably mothered him the most.  But outside of that, I think it’s been hypothesized that Snotlout’s mother (Hiccup’s aunt, if we’re to believe they’re cousins) took on a chunk of those responsibilities.