• Lifeline (Meek Mill diss)
  • Safaree

safaree is a much better rapper than meek idk why yall stan for meek

“wasn’t a secret, young bull, i knew everything. hope you go platinum, she need a better ring, i thought i left her so she could go onto better things”

“’i hear the mumbling, i hear the cackling, i got them scared, shook, panicking.’ that’s really my pen game nothing damaging, when you was pulling up, i was pulling out, i know real shit that i aint even gunna talk about”

We recommend: LGBTQ YA

“There’s really no other way to say it except this: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is one of the best books ever! (See how it has won all the awards!?) Two boys, their families, and their love for each other: you will have all the feels.”

This is a beautiful, dreamy novel about art, love, and family. I absolutely adored reading about Emi, and her life. The little bit of mystery made the story even better.”

This is a fantastic resource for LGBTQ teens (and for those who know and love them)! It includes advice, some history, and some personal stories: all with a sense of humor and respect.”

None of the Above is a compelling exploration of gender told through the story of Kristin, a girl who learns she is intersex, and then must deal with the fallout as her whole high school finds out her truth.” (Part of our We Need Diverse YA! sale)

“Sensitive and honest, Beyond Magenta takes a nuanced look at transgender and gender-neutral teens by giving six individuals a chance to tell their stories. Eye opening and touching!”

“Jandy Nelson writes a beautiful intertwined tale of twins who have lost each other over the years. A must read.”

“Austin is in love with his girlfriend Shann, but also with his best friend Robbie. And they both love him. And the world might be on the verge of destruction due to some six foot tall bugs with a taste for human flesh. Basically the best book ever. 

This book may help you ask the hard questions, answer the hard questions, set boundaries, and listen with an open mind. This book will change your life. Read it!”

This tense and gripping novel is incredibly unique: part drama, part psychological mystery, part love story. Hutchinson weaves in some intense themes, as well as graphic novel style interludes for one of the most interesting and touching reads of the year.”

“Jane Eagland’s novel explores gender expectations and LGBT issues through historical fiction. Fascinating and surprising!’

“I love A.S. King, and I especially love this book! Astrid is so relatable, with her family problems, her longing to connect, and trying to figure out her sexuality as she falls in love with a girl. So well done!”

A sweet and engaging story of a trans character coming into her own. Perfect for fans of James Howe, Hannah Moskowitz, or coming-of-age tales in general.”

“A fantastic retelling of the classic Cinderella story from a lesbian perspective.”

This touching, emotionally resonant book does an amazing job depicting a wide range of homosexual experiences, while remaining focused on the two seventeen year old boys attempting to break the world record for longest kiss. It’s exciting, funny, sad, and inspiring!”

me somehow every time i get appetizers out
  • some nasty dude, completely unprompted:what's a young lady like u doing eating alone :)
  • me, my mouth absolutely stuffed with edamame pods:contrary to what you may think im having a good time and know exactly what im doing. you aren't needed here

I’ve been thinking a lot about art, style and how I make this all fit in my work lately. 

I’m going through a weird phase and I constantly feel lazy and unproductive even though I draw practically everyday. I try to take some time off to clear my head, but I feel guilty. I try to draw, and everything looks dumb. 

So today I was making and art timeline so maybe I could put my work in perspective, but I don’t know, ugh… I don’t know.

according to a snippet of information that went along with the short video above (in which a longer interview will be uploaded at a later date) jonghyun is currently enrolled at myeongji university (alongside key and taemin) where he is attending graduate school / working on his masters degree in film and musicals. he previously attended chungwoon university (alongside onew) where he received his bachelor degree in broadcasting music.

(note: jonghyun has been vocal in the past about how he dropped out of high school to focus on his idol training and later worked on recieving his ged. there are two particular interviews floating around where jonghyun mentions his dropping out. the first, an interview with gq in 2010, had him responding to a question about how he’s changed since his trainee days with: “i’ve walked the road i’ve wanted to ever since i was young. i did everything the way i wanted to. i joined a band, transferred to a music school from my high school, dropped out and received my ged, then debuted, i’ve lived the way i wanted to. i’ve walked the road the way i imagined it. i think i will continue to that in the future.” (source)

the second, an interview with nylon in 2013, had him responding to a question about what he regrets doing in the past with: “dropping out. i don’t think it was that great to drop out of high school to go to music school. i felt like i was wasting my time studying back then, but now that i look abck on it, i didn’t think it had to be like that. but, still, it’s not that i have a lot of regret and feel guilty.” not long after this interview was released jonghyun took to his twitter when realizing that his answer was open to some misinterpretation and clarified by saying: “going to smi (seoul music institute) was the most important turning point in my life, and the best decision. there must have been a miscommuncation of some sort. i feel disappointed by it all but i don’t have any regrets.” (source) jonghyun went on to elaborate further on his attendance at the seoul music institute last year during a broadcast of blue night where he said that, if he hadn’t attended the school, he wouldn’t be able to write lyrics or music today. he also mentioned that his decision to withdraw from a regular high school, which his mother supported and helped him go through with without discussing it with his father first, caused from discord between him and his father. his quote on this can be found here.))


My Everything (intro) - Owl City at Fuji Rock Fes. 2015


“Grandma, I’m scared.”

“Listen carefully. You’ve been taken over by a ghost…I’m talking possession.”