So awhile ago I was asked what characters I ship in my headcanon and one of the relationships I listed was the polyamorous relationship between Cheerilee, Caramel, and Big Mac. Because I don’t often draw them, I decided to doodle the three for funzies. So here they are basically being cute. o3o

The three of them have been in a relationship for a little while, about a year now, and while they love each other quite a bit they aren’t married (not yet anyway). In Equestria, a polyamorous relationship can be called a “herd” (sometimes specifically labeled “romantic herd” because the term “herd” in general can be defined in more ways than one) but there isn’t necessarily a lead mare and/or lead stallion. The main concern when it comes to romance of any sort in Equestria is that all parties are aware of their partner(s) preferences and that they’re all consenting to the relationship.

You can’t tell here since they aren’t colored but for Caramel I gave him a slight design change in comparison to the canon version. Instead of blue eyes he’d have Heterochromia, with one eye brown and the other a mild blue. I gave him a gap in his front top teeth because I think it’s cute. I might add a couple of white strands to his hair and give him a marking or two but we’ll see. As for his overall appearance, if you think he looks pretty young in comparison to Big Mac and Cheerilee… then you’re right! In my headcanon, Caramel IS younger than the two of them. Big Mac is 28, Cheerilee 29, and Caramel 23. Of the three, Caramel is more prone to blushing, even when Big Mac or Cheerilee simply tell him they love him. Precious cinnamon roll. o3o

Big Mac likes to call his mates “his darlins’”, Cheerilee calls them “her boys”, and Caramel them his “loves”. :3

I think they might have a foal or two in the future but I’m trying to figure out if they’d adopt or have biological foals. Maybe both. o3o

But meh. That’s another story for another time. I hope ya like mah messy doodles, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. ^.^