About Me

Who are you?

I’m J. Call me Jan, Jee, Jae or whatever. That’s not really important since you can see that I’m trying to have as much privacy as possible. Studied a little too hard and gotten my degree. #totallyworthit Working hard currently, yet living like young, wild and free!


Where are you from?

I’m a Singaporean, born and raised in Singapore. My dad is European and my mum is Singaporean.


What do you do?

I’m working as a model since 18. Some of you might have seen me on billboards, posters, TVC or anywhere. But now I’m mostly based overseas; Hong Kong or China for my modelling. I’m also working in Singapore in an consulting firm as an Analyst. Don’t start asking what do I analyse because I’ll reply with “you”. No, I’m not an escort nor I sell my body for money. I earn my own money and I must say I’m living comfortably for now. So nope.


Why are you doing this?

What do you mean why? Ok, seems like I like to talk to myself too much. Because I’m a horny and naughty girl. I just want to share my daily happenings, exciting (or not) stories and pictures because I’m sure many people out there are like me… We all have a naughty dark side that we couldn’t embrace in public due to various reasons. This is a place for us to pour our hearts out and connect with each other. Yeah, to embrace our naughty dark side. This is also why I don’t show my face in all my pictures because of both my jobs.


What are your fetishes?

I like 3some because it turns me on really bad idk why. But there must be games involved if not just fucking and pounding is such a bore. I also like to see guys doing what I asked them to do. Some sort of “commanding” but in a sweet way and voice? Yes, most of the time I love to dominate but if the guy play along with it and is obedient, I’ll reward him with my care and attention… and maybe moans. I think dominate is a way too harsh word to describe though, I think I’m really nice. Please trust me lol.


What are you good at?

I’m good with anything that is related to my mouth, 11/10 for that. Yeah, I mean anything. Other than that, I don’t want to over promise y'know. I’m good enough and not your average kind of girl.


What are you looking for?

I know what I want in life and I know what I like. I’m not looking for anything in particular actually. I’m open to see what will happen. I’m not hungry or thirsty for anything (or cock) as I don’t lack of guys in real life or virtually even. This is just a place for me to let loose and embrace my inner desire. I would say I like guys that present themselves well, have a nice body but without arrogance. :) Ok if you want me to list out, I will. If think you fit into any of the points below, maybe you’re the person that I might be looking for.

•If you want to have a secret online relationship


• If you’re secretly a submissive guy or wanna try to be submissive for a change


• If you want to let me command you while hearing my moans (mind you it’s a killer)


• If you’re fun to talk to and naughty enough to play with, life is too short isn’t it


• If you’re attached and want me to guide and tell you the commands while watching you commanding your partner


• If you like 3some or orgy

Note that all grounds starts from online as I do not meet up with people at the first stage. Build up your trust and worth… we will evaluate on whether to meet up after. If you ain’t got time for this, then don’t bother. Also, I don’t reveal myself until we meet.


Have you met up with anyone before?

Yes, I did. A few actually and all of them never regretted. Will not reveal too much, but I did dated 1-2 of them too. One of them is an A-list actor.


How do we talk?

We can talk via Snapchat (the place we get naughty too) but I’m not going to put my ID here because I only like to chat with a few people at a time. There’s no point having so many people in your contacts and you end up don’t know who they are. You can contact me via email or here, drop me your pictures + introduction and I’ll get back to ya.

Yongguk’s presence haunts them.

Despite the man’s habit of taking up absolute no space at all, and can go days without speaking, his absence still burns a big hole right through them.

They play around in the practice room, going over the steps, and Jongup searches for his leader’s encouraging smile.

They go to Japan, and Himchan watches his dongsaengs pair up back at the hotel, while he gets a room all to himself.

They perform Young Wild & Free, the four members supporting his weight, and Daehyun expects to fall every time.

They sing With You, holding out the mics to let BABYz sing Yongguk’s part, and Youngjae’s voice is off balance.

And when the leader walks into the dorm for the first time in months, Junhong is the first one to step into his open arms.

The best thing about concerts is...

We sing along loudly, scream, dance, jump, mosh, headbang and generally go wild at concerts. These actions are usually not acceptable anywhere else. Concerts are basically a place for music lovers to forget about the world for a while. The best thing about concerts is essentially the ability to fall under the spell of music without the fear of being judged.