My friend said this is a good exemplification of culture and cultural appropriation:
If someone has a car, let’s say they made that car, or bought it. Either way; they worked really hard to get that car.
It is THEIR car and they have the right to not let anyone they don’t know or don’t want on their car.
And if you try to break into their car or steal their car WITHOUT PERMISSION, even if it’s just because you really appreciate that car and would take really good care of it, if you are not allowed in you are not the good guy. You don’t have the right into that car, you’re doing something that is rightfully not viewed well. If you try to do anything to or with that car without the owners consent and full permission, you are stealing.
And, repeating, the owner of the car, have the right not to let people they don’t want in. And they have the right to only allow certain people.
Maybe that car is passed down by heritage.
Maybe you can be allowed in by doing some kind of deed.
Maybe if they like you they’ll let you in.
But unless you have consent of the owners you are stealing their car and that isn’t good.


Yep, I think this is the end of this short journey~

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What it feels like to listen to their music:
  • Panic! At the disco: dancing with someone as a joke and executing the perfect spin-then-dip
  • The Young Veins: driving into somewhere you love and it looks just like how you left it
  • The Brobecks: running around with your closest friends on a summer night, just for the rebellion™ of it
  • Fall out boy: walking through crowded streets in your favorite shoes and walking to the beat of whatever song you're listening to
  • My Chemical Romance: the burn/relief of walking into an extremely hot house after you've been in the biting cold all day
  • Twenty One Pilots: going to an underground party and not being able to see who's around you but you're all connected by the music

my honest opinion? it takes a lot of courage for an artist or a band to make something that is THIS different than their previous stuff, and I’m really proud of Fall Out Boy for trying something new and way stoked to see what the rest of the album and this new era are gonna be like. change is good, and I’m glad they’re not just stuck a rut where all their music sounds the same. but that’s just my opinion.

INFP Musicians

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots)

Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set)

John Lennon (The Beatles)

Jesse Lacey (Brand New)

Jim Morrison (the Doors)

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

Alex Turner (The Arctic Monkeys)

Adam Young (Owl City)


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now