Do you guys know just how much I appreciate Adam Young? His music is so wonderful. It’s peaceful, and beautiful, and emotion filled, and he’s so talented. Oh god, I love him and he’s so underappreciated. I’ve been listening to his music for over half my life and I still have trouble comprehending how beautiful his work is, how emotion filled it is. He conveys these amazing visions, and it’s not Even all Owl City. Ever heard Sky Sailing? Amazing! How someone can be so talented, make me feel overwhelming emotions like this, these beautiful, lovely, unreal feelings, is beyomd me. His music just. Makes me so damn happy and sad and amazing. If I ever get to meet him, I hope to thank him for providing me with just this joy. Sorry for the rant, but he’s so underrated, and more people need to listen to his music and experience it.

I’m really glad to see that Dan has always been a very energetic and lively person. He’s really goofy now and was when he was 6. He was unfiltered as a child ( because who’d he be fake for? ) and to see him the same way shows how real he is. It just makes me happy to see that he hasn’t changed that much because that means a few years from now he’ll always be Dan and that’s just really cute and a really positive outlook for me.