The word “stop” echoed through the hills. Soldiers froze, weapons weakly falling from their hands, their eyes paralyzed with fear.

A young woman elegantly wove her way through the crowd, emerging from the ranks without a single piece of armor. Her eyes shimmering darkly, the colors swirling almost threateningly.

“Down.” She commanded, and the soldiers fell to their knees without so much as a second thought.

“You’ve lost.” She said, almost apologetic, “Accept your defeat graciously.”

The soldiers slowly shed their helmets and chest plates. They bowed their heads in surrender.

The woman turned to her own army, not looking nearly as ferocious or victorious as she had just moments before, “My name is Piper McLean, and this war is over. We’ve won.”

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i want you to know i can't even see ansel elgort without thinking "han solo" now bc of you

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…this makes me happy

You thought that being young would be many things. Skipping school and running through fields, sitting in the sun with friends, going to parties, coming home late and not remembering it the next day, taking buses and trains, not caring where you go, as long as you were with those few special people, kissing cute boys, and dressing up to go on first dates, sitting in coffee shops, talking about everything and nothing. You expected adventures, stories that you could tell your grandchildren one day.

You didn’t expect to be stuck in the same monotonous routine, going to school, having to face people you strongly dislike on a daily basis, feeling worthless, and so used to being tired that it’s now a part of you and you can’t remember the last time you felt awake. You feel pressured, trapped, like there will never be a way out, and most of all, you feel alone.

—  Unknown