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City of Heavenly Fire — Chapter 21

Alec’s part

You know what’s an excellent idea? Going scouting with a hangover! Especially after the book spent a few chapters forgetting Alec was drunk in the first place! That’s just excellent for the narrative tension!

“Maybe you shouldn’t have drunk so much last night,” Jace said […]
“Maybe you should try looking a little less smug about what you did last night,” said Alec.
Jace nearly fell off the ridge. “I do not look smug. Well,” he amended, “no more than usual.”

Wait, so…how does Alec know? Did Jace brag about it already? Did Clary? Does it just show on their faces?

“I can read your face like a very open, very pornographic book. I wish I couldn’t.”

Apparently it’s the latter. How this works is beyond me.

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anonymous asked:

hello!! i was wondering if you have any recs for books w lesbians or bisexual girls in them? thank you so much!

Hi! This is my favorite kind of question. I’m so excited woops. I’m on my f/f reading streak lately and i’ll gladly recommend my favorites. Most of these books either have a lesbian or bi main character. Spoiler: they are life ruiner, in a good way. Here they are:

I haven’t read them yet, but I heard so many fantastic things!

I hope this helps and you’ll love them!