October is my favorite month. I love the capricious sunny days, the brilliance of the changing leaves, the sudden coolness of the nights, and the subtle creepiness of Halloween hovering at the end of the calendar. I also love the coziness of the month—the knitwear, the pumpkin flavored everything, and curling up to read seasonal books under warm blanket…but I don’t want to read horror novels for four weeks. Certainly October is a great month for spooky reads, but I want books that reflect all of October’s moods. So I’ve come up with a reading list of magical, unsettling, scary, romantic, and fun books that will hopefully help you to make the most of all that October has to offer!
YA writer Cam Montgomery is in full remission after battling recurrent lymphoma!! That's the great news. Unfortunately, her workplace terminated her insurance- leaving Cam with the huge costs of fighting and recovering from cancer. Anyone who has had cancer- or a loved one who has- knows the sky-high cost of care- and that's WITH insurance. (The scan that tells you you're in remission, alone, is expensive!!) And anyone who knows Cam- or of her- knows that the is A Giver. She shows up for her friends without asking anything in return, and we'd like to return the favor. So, the kid lit community is rallying around her with donations and with this auction! We hope you are enticed by any of the exciting offers we have on the website.

I’ve donated an annotated copy of FAR FROM YOU to the #OneDayForCam auction. Plus the secret FAR FROM YOU short story, featuring Sophie in her 20’s, that I only give out for fantastic causes like this.

There are some AMAZING things up for auction, signed books, signed ARCs, annotated novels, adorable bookmarks, and query and manuscript critiques from industry professionals! 


Ever since I read Noelle Stevenson’s dedication in Nimona—“To all the monster girls”—I knew that monster girl characters were going to be a weakness. I’m not a shapeshifter with a tragic past, but as someone who takes up way too much room, has way too many acne scars, and hair that just won’t behave, I’ve always felt a bit like a monster girl.

These days, however, I am loving referring to myself (privately, at least) as a monster woman. The status quo for what a human woman should present herself as—the fact that she has to present herself at all—is unacceptable. It’s rigid, cruel, and kind of boring. Monsters have fewer rules. And I’ve found that I’m drawn to the kind of female characters who, either figuratively or literally, have to wrestle with the human/monster dichotomy and find a way to get comfortable with themselves. See, I do that every other day. Reading these characters helps me sort out my own problems.

Fire Boy: a genuinely terrifying read set in Pakistan's urban capital

Fire Boy: a genuinely terrifying read set in Pakistan’s urban capital

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Fire Boy by Sami Shah Goodreads | Amazon | The Book Depository | Barnes & Noble Rehman and his wife, Mumtaz, live a simple, routine life in the Pakistani city of Karachi. They have no children of their own, but their quiet days are lived with a steady pattern of work, morning walks and cooking. But when Rehman goes for one of his walks one morning, some strange things start to happen; one thing…

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in the ya section like
  • books with straight protags:shelves upon shelves. you want them to fall in love? you got it, even in books where it really isn't necessary. you want them to fight crime? sure! you want them to have magical powers? take your pick! no one could possibly read them all.
  • books with gay, male protags:a handful, nowhere NEAR as much as books with straight protags, with an annoying large amount of "Gay Suffering" books, but the number of books where the protag DOESN'T suffer is growing. you may find a couple you haven't read yet.
  • books with lesbian protags:harder to find than the above, but the number is slowly but surely growing. unfortunately, you've already read them all, and why are so many of them sad????
  • books with trans protags:there are maybe three in the whole ya section and 2 of them are sad. you've also read all three of them.
  • books with biseuxal protags:there is one. you own it and have read it 1000000 times. it's not even very good but it's the best option there is. you settle for headcanoning some (all) of the straight protags as bi. (the subtext is there... because you inserted it but you can still see it... if you squint...)
  • books with asexual protags:ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

“A brilliant story about the courage it takes to keep living after your world falls apart. A heart-wrenching celebration of love and friendship and family.”  – (Laurie Halse Anderson, author of Speak)

For an English class assignment, Laurel is asked to write a letter to a dead person. She naturally chooses to write to Kurt Cobain because her sister, May, loved him. Also, May died young like he did. Throughout time, Laurel compiles a series of written letters in her notebook to Amy Winehouse, Amelia Earhart, Heath Ledger and more. Although she never hands her assignment into her teacher, she opens up starting high school, falling in love and her crumbling family life on paper. Through her letters, she begins to rediscover May. May failed her as a sister when she was suffering, but she eventually accepts that May was as human as she is now.

If you enjoyed The Perks of Being a Wallflower, you will revel in Love Letters to the Dead’s sentimentality. Dellaira’s prose urges you to stop and ingest every word. Love Letters to the Dead will make you cry with the tenderness that Dellaira weaves in each page. The book contains an anguished beauty, which is difficult to find, but an anguish, which fills you rather than leaving you empty.

Read excerpts from the book here!

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