February Book Photo Challenge - Day 12 Fictional bf/gf

Rowan is a beautiful cinnamon roll and thats all I have to say about that!

  • Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas
34 Young Adult Novels To Diversify Your Bookshelf
Add more color to your shelf with these YA novels.
By Zakiya Jamal

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can u pls give me some rival-to-lover book recs preferably ya??

Hi, lovely! 

YES! This is by far one of our favorite tropes, so we have a few to recommend. Though, funny thing is, we thought we knew a lot, but then we realised most of them are hate-to-love books, so here’s our small list below :)

Young Adult

New Adult

Characters in KTS are from the Addicted series, and we highly recommend that you start there to get the full story!

We hope this helps and happy reading!

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Flash Snark: The Rose Society—Part 2

A new obvious main character approaches! Complete with utter nonchalance in the face of this girl torturing people for funsies.

Instead, he stays slouched against the wall and unstraps a lute from his back. He plucks a few strings thoughtfully, as if tuning the instrument, and then flings off his dottore mask with a grunt of impatience.

Oh, yeah, something I forgot to mention last time: doctors in this world apparently wear real-life plague doctors’ masks for some reason? Are they frequently exposed to countless rotting bodies? Because I’m pretty sure covering the smell was the main purpose of the masks. Or maybe they also believe in miasmatic theory? It’s never been established, but sure, whatever.

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There is this lady on the train - I see her most mornings, who is almost always with a book in her hand. She’s around…40 years old, maybe? The really cool thing is that she reads YA (this morning, she was reading a book in the Septimus Heap series, I saw her reading Holes a while ago).  And she is so chill about it, just enjoying her book, reading literally until the train has stopped in the station. And I think that’s fantastic, because we’re so hell bent on labeling everything in our lives, including things related to reading (you’re an adult, so you should read only adult books, you should be reading more classics, you should not read things that are simpler), that we’re forgetting that we’re supposed to do whatever makes us happy. And if reading YA/children’s literature/middle grade makes us happy, we should just do it.

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