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Young Man Missing At Sea For Week Found Floating In Raft; Audio Excerpt

A young man who was missing at sea for a week is expected to return to land Tuesday. Linda Carman, 54 and her 22-year-old son, Nathan, of Middletown, Connecticut disappeared September 18 after leaving a marina in Point Judith, Rhode Island to go on a fishing trip in a 31-foot aluminum fishing boat named the Chicken Pox.

I think it’s crazy to see old pictures of yourself and not recognize the person. To see someone the mirror doesn’t. That smile in those pictures, most aren’t real. They’re staged. I didn’t get when adults said they’d want to be young again. I miss my old life. I don’t embrace change and I miss myself so much. I hate who I’ve become. I hate hiding my feelings. I hate that I let my body go. I have no motivation and it makes me feel worse. I feel so pathetic.

Dodgers make franchise history with run to NL West crown

LOS ANGELES – A new manager still yielded the same results for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who not only clinched their fourth consecutive National League West title but also set a franchise record by punching their postseason ticket for a fourth consecutive year.

Charlie Culberson hit a home run in the 10th inning to give the Dodgers a win over the Colorado Rockies on Sunday and lock up the division title.

The Dodgers will open their playoff run in the National League Division Series on Oct. 7, likely against the Washington Nationals.

Dave Roberts replaced Don Mattingly as manager in the offseason and guided the Dodgers from a slow April and May and past what should have been a crippling amount of injuries. The injury woes were highlighted by the herniated disk in Clayton Kershaw’s lower back that forced the three-time Cy Young Award winner to miss 75 days.

The Dodgers put 28 different players on the disabled list this season, the most by any club in baseball over the past 30 years.

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Dave Roberts made full use of his roster on the way to a division crown in his first season as Dodgers manager. Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

Putting Roberts square in the manager of the year conversation was the fact that after Kershaw was lost following his June 26 start at Pittsburgh, the team actually got better – led by a resurgent bullpen and an offense that flipped the switch at the most critical time of the season.

In July, Los Angeles was second in baseball with an .800 OPS. Although that production has cooled somewhat, the Dodgers are now a more confident offensive team. It has made them a more complete package to go along with Kershaw, who returned on Sept. 9, and trade-deadline acquisition Rich Hill, who has been solid since returning from the disabled list because of blister issues on two fingers of his left (pitching) hand.

Roberts becomes just the second rookie manager in Dodgers history to guide the club to a division title. Tommy Lasorda did the same in 1977.

Injuries forced Roberts to use 55 different players this season, including 31 different pitchers, with both numbers tying club records. The Dodgers used 15 different starting pitchers.

In the 133 years of the franchise – starting when they were called the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1884 – the longest run of consecutive postseason appearances before the current one was two in a row, done seven times, most recently from 2008 to 2009.

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A lot to be upset about

During the husband’s rant about emo!Albus and dad!Harry I kept mostly quiet as it was the most my husband has said about Cursed Child in a month. But I did bring up Harry’s disposition in Order of the Phoenix and the husband automatically responded “Well he has a lot to be upset about!”

Oh dear husband, do you even realize you’ve been quoting a Cassandra Claire fic, that we read when we were courting, for *years*? Even though you so frequently demean fanfic and are completely opposed to our son reading any original young adult fiction by Miss Claire when he is a teenager, because she’s “not a real author”.

I think *this* may be at the root of our problems. I think he dislikes Draco so much because we read “The Draco Trilogy” together over the phone and then when the next book came out he couldn’t remember what was cannon and what was fannon. So Draco can never be redeemed in his eyes, when he had to remind himself that Draco is just a selfish coward. Sigh.


Jodie: “So Dad, how did you start noticing Mom?”

Garret: “Well, sweetheart, your mother, she has these … ‘assets’, you see, that made a pretty compelling argument for her case.”

Jodie: “If I want someone to notice me… and I’m totally not saying I do… but say I want to, where do I get a hold of these so called ‘assets’?”

Garret: “Wait… I didn’t mean assets. I meant she stayed home and did a lot of knitting and didn’t talk to men at all and you should take her example, young miss. By the way, you’re grounded.” 

AIDS pageant in Uganda seeks to stem stigma, discrimination

KAMPALA, Uganda — When she was younger, Tryphena Natukunda’s mother discouraged her from swallowing her antiretroviral medicines among strangers or even distant relatives.

Because the girl had AIDS, which can fuel stigmatization and invite harsh judgment, the mother wanted her daughter’s condition kept a secret within the family.

Yet as she grew older, Natukunda, now 18 and the latest winner of a beauty pageant for young Ugandan women with the virus that causes AIDS, yearned to live openly, even if it meant people saying harsh things behind her back.

Natukunda was crowned Miss Young Positive during a boisterous affair at a Kampala hotel early Sunday, besting nine other contestants in an annual competition organized to enlighten people about the dangers of discriminating against people with AIDS. A similar competition is held for young men.

“If my mother was not with me, I couldn’t go any place where they didn’t know my status,” Natukunda recalled late Saturday, as she had her makeup done backstage before the show. “What we used to fear was people seeing me taking my drugs and then asking, ‘What are those drugs for?’”

It’s a question that haunts other AIDS patients in this East African country, where experts warn that discrimination remains an obstacle to preventing new HIV infections. Many Ugandans still regard an HIV diagnosis as proof of irresponsible sexual behaviour and a source of shame.

Mothers suffering from AIDS have been known to breastfeed their infants in public places, exposing their children to HIV because they don’t want a bottle and formula to make others suspect they are infected.

Organizers of the HIV-themed beauty pageant, which launched in 2014, say one way of curbing the irrational fear of AIDS that fuels discrimination is for more people living with HIV to open up about their status rather than conceal it.

“In Uganda, many young people die not because they do not take their medicine. It’s just because the stigma and discrimination around them hindered them from taking their medicine well,” Lovinka Nakayiza of the Uganda Network of Young people Living with HIV & AIDS, the civic group which put on the pageant, said. “Our family members discriminate against us because they think HIV moves on our faces when we touch their cups, when we talk to them.”

Whoever wins the pageant is expected to become a roving ambassador in the fight against AIDS, Nakayiza said. Instead of physical attributes or special talents, contestants were judged on their knowledge of HIV, including basic questions such as the term for which HIV serves as an acronym.

The Ugandan government has been campaigning to persuade more people to get tested for HIV, since experts believe those who know their status are more likely to abstain from risky sexual behaviour . The HIV prevalence rate in Uganda stood at 7.1 per cent in 2015 among adults aged 15 to 49, according to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

In 2005 the prevalence rate was 6.4 per cent , down from the double-digit figures in the 1990s that inspired behaviour-change campaigns for which Uganda was known globally. However, tens of thousands still get infected with the virus each year.

Nakayiza said the beauty pageant was inspired by a desire to do something new in the AIDS prevention movement, which she said was dominated by “too many workshops” that can bore instead of motivate young people.

Robinah Babirye, a 23-year-old who won the Miss Young Positive title in 2015, has spent the last year speaking at schools and other public places where young people living with HIV need encouragement.

Babirye, who went through “rough” times of her own when long-time friends shunned her, said connecting with others in the same situation has been good for her and for them.

“Most of the young people that I have met have seen me as an inspiration, have seen me as an example, and that I am proud of,” she said. “Through talking and relating with young people living with HIV, I have empowered young people and made them positive about life.”

Rodney Muhumuza, The Associated Press


Time passes really quick. Its like seeing yourself outside the window doing such things that making you happy but now you’re here inside the house being left and doing you'rbye homeworks because your parents is not around beacuse of their works. I think being old really misses being young. Because being young don’t care about their time , they just want to spent their time bein happy in playing stuffs.

I wish I could be a little girl again.