young miss

So baby, even when you think it’s too late and I may or may not be resting,
call me and tell me how much you have missed me.
I want to hear your dirty confessions bloom quietly into sweet nothings, draped in a raspy voice, irreplicable to anything else in this dimension.
I want to listen to your interpretation of the honey dripped memories of me. Filled with curious fingers and two pair of legs entangled together under hotel sheets, I’ll slowly drift into pipe dreams of your hands on me once more.
—  Put Me To Sleep by: Madalyn O’ {via @lunaunplugged

anonymous asked:

imagine the squip being able to tell you the lyrics to all those old rhyme songs? or help you improvise ones if it was one of those kind of songs? like Bazooka Bubblegum or Over The Hill. or I Saw A Shark. .. now I miss being young enough to go to summer camp.

what’s that one camp song that’s like “there’s a world inside of this blood inside of a tic inside of this feather inside of this egg inside of this nest inside of this tree WAY DOWN IN THE VALLEY YO” that one fucks me uo

Korean Drama Recommendations

-another oh hae young/another miss oh (I’ve finished it like a few hours ago like omfg u have to watch it please please please)(reality drama)(it’s so frickin relatable so watch it)

-W Two Worlds(fantasy)


-Love in the moonlight(historical)

-Sassy go go(so much love for this one an unmitigated must watch)(school drama)

-It’s Okay, That’s Love(psychological drama dealt in a v mature way)

-Master’s Sun

-The moon that embraces the sun(historical)

i’m gonna add onto the list later hehe