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Bangladesh: Police fear radicalization as more youths go missing everyday

Dhaka [Bangladesh], Dec. 10 (ANI): The issue of youths going missing in Bangladesh first received attention after the deadly Holey Artisan Bakery attack - that killed 29 people mostly foreigners in the an upstate area of Dhaka - where all five militants belonged to affluent families and have been missing for many months before resurfacing as militants.
Since the attack, many more reports have surfaced of young students going missing for months and their whereabouts remaining unknown.
Police believe these missing youth may have been radicalised by militants.
While investigators remain clueless about the whereabouts of six youth who disappeared from Dhaka inside a week, the Dhaka Tribune has reported that three more have gone missing from Pabna, Rangpur and Barisal districts.
Investigators say they are now analysing criminal databases, call lists, previous activities and family backgrounds in their attempt to trace the two friends, Tanvir Ahmed Tonoy and Jakir Hossain Biplob.
The fourth year students of Pabna Medical College have been reported missing since November 30 and December 1.
Tonoy’s father Nur Alam Sarker is an accounts officer of the soil resource office at Rangpur’s Misripara and said that his son used to stay at the college hostel.
Tonoy’s mobile was found switched off after he left the college campus on November 30. Finding no trace, the college authorities filed a general diary complaint with the Pabna Sadar police station.
Biplob’s father Suruzzaman was a freedom fighter commander in the Kaunia upazila in Rangpur.
“Biplob went home on November 24 and left the house on December 1 to go to Pabna Medical College by train. I spoke to him when the train reached Bonpara area of Gaibandha and later found his phone switched off. We searched for him at different places and relatives’ houses, but did not find him,” he said.
Separately, another youth named Niyamotullah, a student of Markaj Al Jamiyatul Nafijiya Al Islamiya Madrasa in Barisal, went missing on November 30.
These latest disappearances follow those of four friends who were last seen dining together in a restaurant in the upmarket Banani area of Dhaka on December 1, and two other Dhaka residents who vanished around the same time.
The four friends were North South University students Safayet Hossain, 24, and Zayen Hossain Khan Pavel, 23; and Sobuj alias Sujon, 25, and Mehedi Hasan, 27.
Meanwhile Sayeed Anwar Khan, also a Banani resident, has been reported missing since December 5, while Care Medical College student Imran Farhat, a resident of Dhaka Cantonment area, disappeared on November 29.
“The Detective Branch of police is also working on it,” he said. (ANI)

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But your views of consent are based on your age, sweetie. You're only 20 and that's very young. Miss Gabs has a little more knowledge and experience than you and is going to defend her books. Jamie is the victim, not the attacker.

There is no doubt Diana has more experience and knowledge than I do, but that doesn’t invalidate my views or beliefs on consent. I never said Jamie was the “attacker”. He is the victim of Geneva’s blackmail. I have said over and over how she is the one to take 90% of the blame.

But no means no. That’s it. There is no “if she really wanted him to stop”…or…”she just would have made him later.” Those aren’t valid excuses. 

Now, I recognize this is just a character, but the definition of consent is not fictional. It is real. No means no and there aren’t any ifs, ands, or buts about it. Jamie and Geneva both rape each other. You aren’t going to make me think otherwise, but go ahead and blame it on my age, Diana certainly does.


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Frowns at that second message because he's not doing particularly well but he won't say anything. [text: Rose] Don't worry about me, I'm okay. I just I miss you very much. 😑

[text: fiancé] that is not an option, sweetheart. If you need anything please ask izuru or shuuhei I’m sure they’ll help.

[text: fiancé] I’ll try to make this quick, but you know how it is with young officers.. I miss you too!

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Am I the only one who has a headcanon that derek referred to peter as his brother or cousin in hs since some people can be weird about uncles/aunts being close to the same age as nephews/neices? I desperately crave background to Derek and Peter

I don’t think they went at the same time, I think Peter just always hung around? I miss young Peter so bad!

When we were young

I miss the carefree days,
Where things were much easier,
And the biggest decision was whether to eat sushi or not.
I miss the times when things were much simpler,
Where I did not have to worry about financial issues and whether time was constantly running out.
I miss feeling so strong and confident about my decisions,
And the feeling of being able to conquer the world,
As long as I had you by my side.

I miss us. I miss you.

The songs that led us here

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Legolas dismounted. At last! Greenwood and Imladris were rather close, it took a few days to get there with the patrol that escorted him. At last he would see the realm he had visited when very young and barely remembered. 

He was welcomed by Elrond and his children, which Legolas had met as they all traveled a couple of years before to Greenwood for a celebration. With a kind smile and excitement filling him, he greeted all as formally as requiered before lowering this formal persona of the prince.

“i’m more than happy to finally visit your realm after so many years of wishing to” he smiled and said to Elrond. “Thank you for inviting me, my lord” 
Elrond smiled and nodded. “The honor is ours, to have under our roof the son of the Elvenking Thranduil” he returned kindly. “Come, let me show you around”

Of course, Legolas could not miss the young follower that didn’t leave when the rest of Elrond’s court was dismissed, his children as well. Familiar features yet kind eyes stared back at Legolas’ blue pupils. “And you are?” he said with a gentle tone and a warm smile.


Young Thug Misses Concert After Going Off On Female Airline Staff: “I’ll Give Y'all Hoes $15K To Quit Your Jobs. They Hair Nappy. Look Like Africans That Got Deported” (Video)

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is confirmed that sungyeol brother is going to the male version of 101? i hope not i just wish he just debut already....

I have been waiting for Vector for a little while but I am nowhere near following them as close as some instagrams or twitteraccounts. (I don’t know how official this link is) But I think it would be a good move. But sending Daeyeol? He is rumoured to be the leader and also appeared in ToHeart’s mv and in My Lovely Girl.. Looking at the list of trainees rumoured for the program.. I wouldn’t say Daeyeol is already too well established because Junhyeok from Day6 is also on that list (didn’t he terminate his contract with JYP? No idea where he is signed to now) Also Noh Jihoon has like 4 singles out already.. I am glad to see Jung Jin Young though, I’ve missed his face.

But back to the point. We’re all waiting for Vector but I think it is very smart. Look how much it helped Gugudan with the spotlight on Kim Se Jeong. I think DIA as well flourished from all the light shone on their members. WJSN’s Yeonjeong being added as well. I don’t know when it is set to air and maybe it will delay their debut by a lot but at least we can get teased in a whole new way. It is however a reason for me to watch it because I haven’t seen anything from Produce 101. Let’s just hope it won’t be as disappointing as Boys24 because that was just confusing and I lost interest. 

Since Woollim isn’t exactly known for communicating for all we know they start teasing for them tomorrow and Produce 101 is thrown out the window

the muppets as gay ppl u know
  • Elmo: very fem, very sub, loves rupauls drag race
  • Cookie Monster: bear power top with a young sub, leather daddy
  • Miss Piggy: drag queen, calls everyone "henny", wears a full face to the grocery store, has all the receipts on that bich u hate
  • Oscar the Grouch: mean introvert gay with an art blog, verse and mysterious. once made an art piece out of cigarette packs but left it untitled
  • Kermit: stoner gay who listens to childish gambino, smells like patchouli, talks about his poetry chapbook but won't let anyone read it
  • Bert and Ernie: monogamous white gays with his & his towels, sends christmas cards. they either have one (1) cat or upwards of five dogs
  • Big Bird: loud queen, loves theater, probably into bondage, once posted "i like my peanut butter like i like my dick: smooooooth" on facebook

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Sanford glanced down at Miss Lee, but her eyes were hidden by her hair. She was avoiding his gaze, but he understood that. If eyes were the portal to the soul, and Sanford often found truth in that statement, then it would be imperative to look away when one was at their most vulnerable. 

What kind of warrior, even a young lady, would want someone seeing into their small and broken soul?

Yes–Sanford understood that. He was young too, at one time. 

After a moment of contemplative silence, Sanford folded his hands behind his back and said, “You’re still young, Miss Lee. I assure you, your reasons exist–and you will find them.”

He made a thoughtful noise before continuing. 

“There is, of course, your brother. And your comrades. Even those who aren’t your friends can be reasons to fight this cursed world. To protect is not a meager cause. Or perhaps your reasons are as simple as a desire to see another sunrise. Or spite–I find that one is particularly motivating, in the dark hours.”

The corner of his mouth twitched into a smirk. Perhaps now was not to time for humor.