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I think love is when you know that there are plenty of other people you could fall in love with, but yet that one person is the only want you to put in the dedication for. The only one who you want to wake up in the morning beside. The only one you want to be with at their best and worst times. The only one you want to feel safe with. The only one that you want to spend the rest of your life with despite any obstacles that may be thrown along the way. But love is also wanting that other person to be happy. And sadly, sometimes that other person realizes maybe their happier without you. But that doesn’t mean you have to become bitter towards them. Despite all of the pain they might be putting you through, despite how furious and broken your heart may be due to losing someone you wanted to grow old with. You should still want them to be happy. Because sometimes people come in your life, not to stay, but to make you a better person. So be grateful for the time you were so privileged to have with someone you really loved and be grateful that God lead them to you, even if your upset that they weren’t meant to stay forever.
—  Gabriella R. || Took me a while to realize this.

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i cant stop thinking about how the yj kids gesture when theyre having telepathic conversations like. do u think they sometimes keep it up even when miss m isnt around? id love to see alfred walk in on tim having an internal monologue complete with hand-waving and ridiculous expressions

i really love this hc bc i’m imagining like. 2 am and m’gann just forgot to take the link off and conner is scared awake by wally Loudly Thinking about nachos

Why it’s important to recognize Will rescues strays

So here’s why I think it’s such a disservice to Will Graham as a character to joking dismiss his interaction with Winston as “stealing” as opposed to rescuing.[*]

We’ve seen Jack drag Will, very reluctantly, into the initial Shrike investigation. 

And Will has just had a Very Bad Horrible No Good Day. He’s had to interview the parents of a missing young woman, when he’s pretty certain she’s probably already dead. 

He then discovered the dead body of that young woman – in her own bed – in front of her father. He had to find a way to prevent her father from disrupting the crime scene, while having full awareness of just how horrific this had to be for her father. 

He had to reconstruct the horrific murder of this young woman, and be disrupted during that process by someone who had to remind him that he wasn’t mentally stable enough to be a full time FBI agent. And then there’s Zeller being all Zeller in his space. 

Oh, and the first signs of his encephalitis making him feel unaccustomedly bad after the reconstruction, starting to mainline aspirin. 

So, after a day that is pretty fucking horrible, and having to fly home, he finally gets into his car to drive home – and he sees a stray dog with a rope around its neck.

He can ignore the dog. He can just go home and go to sleep. But he doesn’t. He tries to engage the dog. Running around with a goddamn rope tied around its neck. 

He could call animal control, and just go home. But he doesn’t. Despite being more tired and stressed than anyone should have to deal with, he goes and gets treats, and coaxes the dog to come to him. 

And takes the obviously ill-treated stray dog home. And then gives the dog a proper grooming. And then, being a concerned dog owner, doesn’t just let it loose among his existing pack, but gives the dog a safe space of its own while introducing it. 

Can you imagine how tired Will was? What a horrific day he’d had? And yet he still found the energy to connect with Winston, and introduce Winston to his new family. 

That’s who Will Graham is. That’s the Will Graham who will become concerned about Abigail Hobbs, and Georgia Madchen, and Margot Verger. That’s the Will Graham who will be angry about the Lost Boys who gave away their families. That’s the Will Graham who will torment himself over enjoying killing Garret Jacob Hobbs. 

So to dismiss his behavior as “dog thief” is to miss the whole point of what it says about who Will Graham really is. 

[*] you can certainly find me making/reblogging jokes about Will Graham, dog thief, and I undoubtedly will again. There are fandom shorthand jokes we know are jokes, but occasionally it’s useful to revisit the core character.