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Ever since I read Noelle Stevenson’s dedication in Nimona—“To all the monster girls”—I knew that monster girl characters were going to be a weakness. I’m not a shapeshifter with a tragic past, but as someone who takes up way too much room, has way too many acne scars, and hair that just won’t behave, I’ve always felt a bit like a monster girl.

These days, however, I am loving referring to myself (privately, at least) as a monster woman. The status quo for what a human woman should present herself as—the fact that she has to present herself at all—is unacceptable. It’s rigid, cruel, and kind of boring. Monsters have fewer rules. And I’ve found that I’m drawn to the kind of female characters who, either figuratively or literally, have to wrestle with the human/monster dichotomy and find a way to get comfortable with themselves. See, I do that every other day. Reading these characters helps me sort out my own problems.

He Likes Her - Wolf

Request: DC imagine: Can you write where the reader has a tendency to ride on Wolf (who doesn’t mind/enjoys it) like in Princess Mononoke and the team doesn’t find out till either a) during a mission or b) when the reader gets injured in some sort of way?

(H/N) - Hero Name
(P/N) - Power Name (Whatever powers you want.)

You were one of the people Wolf actually didn’t mind to be around or would actually allow you to ride on his back. Well it did come along with pets on the head and gentle scratches under his chin but either way it shocked you but also made you happy that Wolf trusted you enough to be close with him.

One thing was SuperBoy and the others on the team didn’t know the small moments of attention you’d give to Wolf whenever the little guy caught your eye. Simple thing was that you loved animals and when Wolf joined the group you were silently cheering inside since he did make a wonderful member despite not being a human.

Which never bothered you, the more help the better.

Though…the team was gonna figure out just how close you and Wolf were once the new mission came up..

“The mission is simple, two teams will be set out. One will invade the base while the other creates a distraction. Reason for this is to throw off the enemy before they realize what is going on…this way each of our abilities can be very useful in this mission.”

Everyone agreed to it and soon as the ship silently landed a few feet away from the base the team split into two groups, you were with Superboy, Megan, Wolf, Artemis and Wally while the others were in the other group.

“Alright I’ll throw them off and you guys jump in when they aren’t looking.” Wally smirked.
“Yeah yeah just get one with it.” Artemis sighed.

Once they stopped talking Wally sped through the group of people making them shout in confusion and had their backs on you guys.

“Now!” You whispered.

Jumping into action you let out your own power to knock them out, when one guy saw you, you did a back flip over him as he tried to land a hit on you but you quickly placed a hand on his back using (p/n) to knock him out but not kill him.

Thinking they were all taken care of you all didn’t notice one standing up once more to fight back and he attacked you from behind.

“Gaaah!!!” You shouted.
“(H/N)!!” They shouted.

Falling forwards towards the ground the guy behind you could be seen to have some sort of sticks that let out a few electricity from them. Wally quickly knocked the guy out but Wolf was the one who caught you.

“Wolf?” Superboy asked.

Grunting in pain you managed to give a small smile towards Wolf as a silent thanks but soon passed out. Apparently fighting that many people who guarded the front gates took a small toll on you along with that last attack.

‘What happened? We heard (Y/N) yell through the com?!’
‘She was attacked from behind, it looked like it did a great number on her.’
‘Get her back to the ship, but continue the mission.’

Once that conversation through Megan’s mind link finished Superboy was actually surprised that Wolf was not only able to get you back there safe but didn’t let anyone else do it.

**Time Skip**

“Really?! Wolf did that?” Dick asked.
“Yeah he guarded her until she woke up.” Wally replied.
“I never knew they were close..”
“I think it’s kind of cute, Wolf being protective of someone. But it is kind of not surprising since (Y/N) does like animals a lot.” Megan smiled.

The rest of the team agreed and couldn’t help but give a smile towards your resting direction when they saw Wolf nuzzle up to you giving out some worried wines.

||A/N: Sorry for the long wait! And if this sucks then I’m soooo sorry! I do though hope you like it and aren’t mad with me that it took this long for me to do this one request that you sent (whoever it was!) But I didn’t forget so no worries! After this one I got three more requests before I will soon re-open for new request but for now they are still closed sorry about that. But I think people can still wait until three more stories are done! Anyway I hope you enjoy this one!||


I could seriously bring up those childhood harry pictures where he’s making the same faces and looks exactly the same. But I won’t. Because its time to cry. Right now.