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When got7 gets their SNS privileges taken, this is the type of shit that happens


Lockscreens - Got7′s Youngjae

Requested by @superevilgirl - hope you like them! ; v ; (sorry for taking ages as per usual ;o; )

Got7 MTL to be protective of his daughter




Oh boy. Whoever dates JB’s daughter is in for one hell of a time. When his daughter casually mentions that she has a boyfriend at dinner he would almost flip the freaking table. There would be so many questions that are pretty ridicules. And him meeting the guy? It would be so awkward because Jaebum would just glare at him and refuse to speak to him at first.

I can see Jinyoung being so sarcastic with his daughter’s boyfriend at first. Like he’d say something like, “If you hurt my baby girl, I totally won’t find out where you live and kill you in your sleep.” Then laugh as if he had just said the funniest joke ever. Is low key so angry that he’s going insane.

Jackson would pretty much try to scare the guy away by playing the scary dad role and would probably have to catch himself before smiling at his daughter’s lover’s discomfort. If he sees her boyfriend do something as simple as resting his hand on her thigh, he will shut that shit down! After awhile though, her be happy for his daughter and try to become closer with him for her sake.

Yugyeom and Mark would try their hardest to be polite and accept that their little girl is growing up despite the fact that they want to cry. They would pull her boyfriend into someplace private and might try to have a serious conversation about making sure he keeps her safe and doesn’t try to pull anything.

I think that Youngjae would try to make his daughter’s boyfriend as comfortable as possible and try to befriend him. Would probably say something like, “It’s fine! I understand how nerve wracking it is to meet your girlfriend’s parents.”

Bambam would be that dad that’s always way to comfortable and likes to embarrass his kids. He would literally shout from the porch “Hey man! Do you need some condoms?” as they where getting in the car. Like just close your eyes and imagine that scene with him wearing that shit eating grin of his. I don’t think it’s that hard.