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I’ve been meaning to post more photos;;;

I shared the selfie of these cosplays on my Overwatch side-blog, but here are some more I got from the photographer at Anime Oasis I always go to <3

The Zenyatta design is courtesy of @putridvodka Please go check out their Hidden!AU Genyatta comic, it’s amazingly well-written and adorable.

And I’m still not finished/want to do an even better job next time I put it all on because it was a bitch haha.  The orb was a bit of a mess because of reasons explained below. And please pay no mind to the wrap on my arm;;; I have some wrist issues from my job but it was falling off because of the wire used to hold the orb up.

This costume/day/everything will forever be incredibly important to me, because it’s the day I proposed to my wonderful partner (the ring is hiding out in that orb).  Our Overwatch group are some of our best friends and I clued them all in on it and they helped me keep myself together (I was a manic mess, somehow my fiancé was non-the-wiser to my plans).

I’ll share the video where the proposal happens in a bit so stay tuned~

Photography: Red Zone Fandom (Tim Boothby)

Zenyatta: Me
Genji: @daintyalpacacosplay
Hanzo: @haelkei
Mei: Stardust Cosplay
D.Va: Kamryn (I don’t think he has a cosplay name yet)
Gabriel Reyes: Deux Lunes/BubzBunny Cosplay 


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It turns out that Mei’s full name is Mei-Ling Zhou (though some sources say Mei-Lin) and is 31 years old.

My name is Mei-Li Zhou. My sister is Mei-Lin Zhou.

I just never thought I’d have a similar name to any character in western media, let alone this adorable woman!!