young yogini

  • Murshidabad, India (probably: Murshidabad sub-style, made)

  • Date:

    ca. 1765 (made)

  • Artist/Maker:

    Unknown (production)

    Materials and Techniques:

  • Painted in opaque watercolour on paper

    The central figure, that of a young yogini (female ascetic) who is dressed in a saffron robe, is standing on a tiger skin as her penance. She is using a piece of rope with its ends tied to a tree in the manner of a swing to support herself in order to perform her penance. A yogi (ascetic), seated on a tiger skin and other members of the ashram (hermitage) can be seen on the courtyard. A delegation of courtiers have arrived to visit and pay their respects to the yogini. A member of the group is holding out his hand with an offering. The yogini is possibly from a noble family and connected with the warrior who is carrying the offering.

    Victoria & Albert Museum