young woman with a veil

In Omo Valley, Ethiopia you have the chance to explore tribes that live like thousands of years ago.

Nudity is something normal and the veil only protects this young woman from the sun. She is part of Arbore Tribe.

The 4G mobile network is already there. Soon they will all have smartphones.

Accusa segreta (1847-1848). Francesco Hayez (Italian, 1791-1882). Oil on canvas. Musei Civici, Pavia.

A young Venetian woman, in a black veil, crumples her dress, which is satin iridescent green with a generous neckline. She is tormented by a dual feeling of love and hatred of the lover who betrayed her. The pale face, expression contracted and tortured, reveals the inner drama that the woman is experiencing. She has read papers which accuse her lover, at the Court of the Inquisition, of conspiring against La Serenissima.

Photograph depicting a young woman in a black hat (veil raised) and a summer (white?), ca. 1915, dress standing on the balcony of a vine-covered building. Inscription on reverse, in pencil: “Mrs. Minton Talbot?”

Chrysler Museum