young woman with a veil

In Omo Valley, Ethiopia you have the chance to explore tribes that live like thousands of years ago.

Nudity is something normal and the veil only protects this young woman from the sun. She is part of Arbore Tribe.

The 4G mobile network is already there. Soon they will all have smartphones.

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Headcannon or drabble on the chocobros seeing a girl that they are like "love at first sight" for, but she speaks a different language and hardly knows any English or whatever language they know? Thanks ❤❤❤

I’m gonna be honest with you anon, that is the CUTEST effin thing I have ever heard! My heart is just WOW. I legit had to hold my heart and stop from crying. o(≧∇≦o)

I’m gonna make you proud! (I hope :P) This went a little longer than I thought it would…that’s why it took so long. ❤❤❤



“An escort mission, seems simple enough.” Ignis stated, holding a piece of paper.

“Iggy’s right Noct, with that money we won’t have to worry about anything from here to Tranbene.” Prompto added, looking into the backseat. “Please it’s on the way, so we can technically kill two birds with one stone.”

“It would add a little excitement to this 2 week bachelor party you wanted to go on.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“If I recall correctly, I didn’t want a party at all.” Noctis groaned.

Now here they all sat in the Regalia, a young woman squeezed between Future King and Shield, a long veil over your face. You never responded to any of the banter, making the car ride rather uncomfortable.

The mission was simple, drive 2 days east, and drop you off to your future husband.  About an hour out of your old city, you shocked the entire car as you uttered your first words.

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Shadows among us

Using @dogmatix prompts (it seemed that title ones are my jam). I reaalllyy liked writing this one.

When Anakin was nine, his Master came to Tatooine with his own Apprentice. 

That was true in most universes.

Except in this one, they weren’t Jedi.

« Master, why are we on this dreadful planet ? There is nothing here but Hutts and sand. » drawled Dooku, scowling at said sand as it crunched beneath his booth.
« Patience, my former Apprentice. » said Sidious. « You’ll soon understand. »

They soon arrived in a slave village, one of many on the planet. Nothing usual, for slavery was common in the Empire.
Darth Sidious didn’t slow his pace, ignoring the stares and the whispers with practiced ease, until he reached a small hut.
In front of it stood a woman and a child.

The woman bowed.

« My Lord… » she whispered, her hands clutched in front of her.
« I see you have raised him quite well. » said the Sith, observing the child with a satisfied smile. « You have completed your task. Even if my Master is dead, I’ll fulfill his promise. Shmi Skywalker, you and your son are free. »
He placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder, steering him towards Dooku.
« Lord Tyrannus, meet Anakin Skywalker, my new Apprentice. You’ll teach him when the matters of the Empire will prevent me to do so. »

The Sith Temple was a magnificient place, all in red, black and gold, standing proudly on the highest peak of Korriban, surrounded by thousands of previous Sith’s tombs. The whole planet basked in the purest Dark Side, the Force thrumming through Anakin’s veins as he opened himself to it, letting his emotions run free, freeing him as well.

Coruscant was good, but he disliked politics.
Nothing could compare to Korriban.
He was home.

Dooku and Anakin were standing in front of the Sith Court. The Emperor and Supreme Lord was here, of course, his Master always presiding if he could. 

Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress were sitting in either side of him. Usually, Darth Tyrannus would seat where Ventress was, but today, he was the one sent on a mission.

The Lady Sith smirked at him, and anger filled the room. Sidious smirked.

« I sensed a great disturbance in the Force. » he intoned, and both Sith stopped their glaring contest to listen. « It came from my homeworld, Naboo. While the Dark Side remains as strong as ever, I will not allow this warning to go unchecked. Darth Tyrannus, you will go, and you will take my Apprentice as well. Make sure that there is nothing on that planet that threatens the Empire. »

« Yes, Master. »

Naboo was a beautiful planet and its capital, Theed, was truly one of the Empire’s shiniest jewels. The palace, in traditional black and gold, had a magnificent roof covered in rubies, forming the Sith word for ‘Richness’, the Dark Side pulsing around it.
Some believed that it was imbued with Sith’s magicks and that it was the reason of Naboo’s slave market’s success, for you would never find better (and more expensive) slaves than on those auctions.
Most of them were sold to the clothing companies, for they were especially talented in the making of fine, expensive and impressive robes.

Anakin could see some of that work for himself when they met Queen Amidala. The young woman was absolutely stunning in dark silk and transluscent veils, a crown of grenats and obsidians resting regally on her brow.
She was not like them, but the young Sith could feel her presence in the Force, smooth and soft like velvet, but hiding an iron will.

« Your Majesty. » said Dooku, bowing. « As beautiful as ever. I’ll ask one more time, will you not reconsider your position ? You would make a magnificent Sith. »
« I thank you for your praise, Lord Tyrannus, but I believe my talents are of better use here. After all, if I had not felt the Light Side user, who would have warned the Emperor ? » Amidala answered, confident in her own power, even in front of the Emperor’s right hand.

Dooku immediately frowned.

« Light side user ? » he repeated, alarmed.
« Yes. »

They had tracked the criminal across two planets before ending up on Coruscant to foil, in extremis, his plans to kill a Senator.

The man had way more contacts than he should, and Anakin knew his Master would be looking closely on Alderaan’s loyalties once he was informed of what Tyrannus and him had discovered.

The man was no ordinary Light Side user : he was a Jedi. They were supposed to have been destroyed thousands of years ago and yet, there they were, facing one, two red lightsabers against one blue. The fight was far more difficult than it should have been, especially at two against one, but their opponent, a human male in his fifties, was quick and resourceful.

They ended up in the empty Galactic Court Room, fighting among the empty pods where representants of the Empire’s many planets would normally seat.
A well-placed kick sent Anakin flying down, crashing on the floor.

The Jedi used the distraction to behead Lord Tyrannus.

As the Sith exploded, Anakin screamed in rage, the Dark Side flowing through him. He raised his hand, sending a wave of electricity toward the Jedi, who was caught unaware.
The young Sith jumped at him, his power and his speed enhanced beyond measure by the Dark Side flowing through him.

He cut the Jedi in two and sneered at the body simply… disappeared, without a single trace, not even a wave.
Jedis were weak, even in their deaths.

« You did well, my Apprentice. » said solemnly Sidious. « Rise, Lord Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. »

There was a lot of important people at the raising of Dooku’s pyramid, when the Sith Master’s holocron was activated inside his funeral chamber. 

Anakin stood near his Master, his arms crossed.

« They all fear the return of the Light Side. Fools. » he sneered. « The Jedi is dead. »
« He is, Lord Vader. » answered his Master, with a cold expression on his face. « But Jedis do not stand alone. When there is one, there is usually another. A Master, and a Padawan. »
« Which one did I kill, then ? » asked Anakin, scowling. « The Padawan ? Or the Master ? »

Near them, the young Stewjon Senator they had saved, Obi-Wan Kenobi, softly smiled.

Accusa segreta (1847-1848). Francesco Hayez (Italian, 1791-1882). Oil on canvas. Musei Civici, Pavia.

A young Venetian woman, in a black veil, crumples her dress, which is satin iridescent green with a generous neckline. She is tormented by a dual feeling of love and hatred of the lover who betrayed her. The pale face, expression contracted and tortured, reveals the inner drama that the woman is experiencing. She has read papers which accuse her lover, at the Court of the Inquisition, of conspiring against La Serenissima.

Photograph depicting a young woman in a black hat (veil raised) and a summer (white?), ca. 1915, dress standing on the balcony of a vine-covered building. Inscription on reverse, in pencil: “Mrs. Minton Talbot?”

Chrysler Museum