young wild & free


I feel like a proud umma even though 5 of them are older than me and I’m Junhong ’ noona BUT STILL!!! 😢😢😢 I’m glad they’re happy which makes me happy too! Lol~ Daehyun forever photobombing the members.

It’s been well over a year since Young, Wild and Free and I still cry when I hear it. I still cry remembering that they came back. I still cry at the memory of the moment I heard that song in it’s full entirety in my dark bedroom at the crack of dawn with headphones in so i didnt disturb my housemates in my fluffy pyjamas hardly believing it wasn’t a dream. it’s not just a song it’s not just a comeback it was THE comeback and it resonates with me on such an emotional level that I cannot ever treat it as anything other than a thread of pure life stitching up my broken heart

-You smoke ?
-How many packs a day ?
-How much 1 pack cost ?
-6,50 euros
- Since how long do you smoke ?
-20 years
- So if we calculate, it make approximately 6 500 a year right ?
-So approximately 130 000 euros for 20 years right ?
So if you never started to smoke and kept this money, you would have been able to bye a Ferrari right now
-Do you smoke
-Of course not !!
-So where is your fuckin’ Ferrari ?!