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Young Avengers: 15 Reasons The Gillen and McKelvie Run Was Great
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers run is a unique reading experience. Here are 15 reasons why.

For fans of Marvel’s comic book and inematic Universes, “The Avengers” is a team whose name brings to mind different members. Some may think of Captain America, The Hulk and Ant-Man while others think of Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. As amazing as these teams are, there is something special about the teen lineup of the “Young Avengers”, especially the team put together by regular creative collaborators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

While the Young Avengers’ original lineup had members that were connected to The Avengers, this relaunched roster had each member attempting to distance themselves from the past. With a backdrop of gorgeous art, creative comic panels and a youthful spirit, the Young Avengers could strike out on their own and save the world. Here are 15 reasons why this run is the best.

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Some cute AU Finnrey thoughts since I’m suuuuuper early to my PT apppointment, and I’m sitting in this huge, gorgeous lobby made almost entirely of glass, with a cute lil coffee stand on one side:

-Finn’s a young veteran, freshly discharged due to a spinal injury. He comes every week to the Takodana Medical Clinic for physical therapy.

-His therapist, Maz, is the first practitioner he’s really connected with since the war. Most of his doctors have treated him like nothing more than a number, but Maz listens, and makes him feel validated. She makes him feel, for the first time, like he’s not alone on the long journey toward healing.

-After a few weeks of PT with Maz, Finn’s improving by leaps and bounds.

-One day he stops for coffee in the atrium, and meets Rey for the first time. She winks as she hands him his drink, telling him it’s on the house. His heart does a funny little flip-flop inside his chest.

-The next time he has PT, he makes sure to bring his homework along. He’s working on an associate’s degree, trying to find his place in the world post-war. And well, if the clinic’s atrium just so *happens* to have the perfect amount of light to study by, who is he to argue?

-Rey’s wiping down the table next to his (and taking longer than strictly necessary to do so) when she sees what Finn’s reading.

“Research Methods 204?“ she asks, curious. “Is that with Professor Calrissian?”

-Turns out Rey went to Finn’s school a few years back, and she’s studying for her engineering degree now. Finn, of course, promptly “forgets” all the answers to his homework, and asks her for help.

She smirks at him, and he’s *sure* she’s seen right through his ruse, but she sits down with him anyway, and talks him through it.

Rey reaches across him to point out a diagram in the text, and when her fingers brush his hand, Finn forgets how to breathe.

-After that, Finn lingers in the atrium after his apppointments, studying and chatting with Rey. She comes by his table suspiciously often, ostensibly to see if he needs more coffee, but actually to look over his homework with him, her leg brushing against his under the table.

-After a particularly hard week at school, and a particularly grueling PT session, Finn emerges into the lobby, exhausted.

He goes to order coffee, as usual, but Rey avoids his eyes and turns away as soon as she takes his order, her pale cheeks burning red.

“Rey?” he asks cautiously, suddenly worried. “Are you okay?”

She turns back around and shoves his coffee cup into his hand, letting out a little embarrassed squeak as she does.

Finn raises an eyebrow and looks down, chuckling in relief as he reads the words scrawled hastily onto his coffee cup. “Dinner tonight at my place?” followed by her phone number.

He looks up at a still-blushing Rey, and places a quick kiss on one of her flaming cheeks. “I’d love that.”

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Aight keep being a dumb bitch. The tg fan base is a cancer and you know this too. If it's not complaining about tooru not being trans Karen being non binary or hidekane

Look, like I said.

Fandom is……a pretty standard beast anywhere you go. I am guessing you are young and not a veteran of the Fandom world, since you seem to think this is something extraordinary or awful.

It really is not. It’s par the course, the kind of drama you see in ANY fandom from time to time. It’s routine, and will pass along quickly enough.

People get bent out of shape over shipping.

Or character deaths.

Or other major events.

You either learn to shrug off those respectfully keeping stuff to their own space, or you spend all your time pissed off. It isn’t worth it, and you just end up unhappy and stressed.

You don’t have to force everyone to agree with you. In fact, doing so is IMPOSSIBLE and a waste of your time. Save your energy for people that harassing Ishida or going after other fans. Otherwise, you just…..will burn out very quickly.

This old lady has been active in online fandoms since the early 2000s. This shit is NOTHING, believe me. 

You need to learn to pick your battles, and shipping is generally best to ignore. 

Whatever, so people got mad about their ship sinking? Who cares?

Remember, the fandom is comprised of everything from young teenagers to old folks like me. You’re going to find a wide range of responses to things, both reasonable and illogical. As long as they aren’t causing a huge issue for everyone, leave it be. 

Better than going to yell at what could be a 14-year old kid in their first fandom, just because they got upset on their own blog about something.

This too shall pass. It always does.

Just go look at some cute animal videos for a bit or something.

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Out of curiosity, I just want to ask. What age do you pin Mike and Nanaba at?

Their canon age potential varies a lot just because the canon itself doesn’t really give us much information. In fact, the only real information we have comes from outside the source material.

The only information we have of Mike comes from Isayama who stated a while back that Mike is older than Erwin. IMO, you could safely write him anywhere from 39-45 years old.

Nanaba’s described in the guidebook as being “young” and also “a veteran” so assuming the age to enlist pre-Maria was higher than 12 (say, like a military school where graduation is at 18) and that she’s been around at least five years, she could be anywhere from 23 to 35.

I personally put them about a decade apart  with Mike in his early 40s and Nanaba in her early 30s. I have a lot of reasons for doing this, but I do think there’s some wiggle room for writing them, too.

in honor of Colin Creevey

inspired by (x): “ Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.”

  • he grew up reading comic books and watching superhero cartoons.
  • he loved learning about famous historical figures and his country’s heroes
  • his classmates bullied him from a young age. 
  • and like harry, he sometimes did accidental magic when trying to protect himself
  • his mum instilled a positive sense of self, which contributed to his overall positive nature. 
  • “have courage and be kind” she’d say to him. 
  • his dad gave him a camera for his 9th birthday. his favorite thing was to take photos of his family. he loved them so much. 
  • the day he found out he was a wizard was the best day of his life. 
  • like hermione, he had read Hogwarts: a history before school started. And when he heard that he’d be going to school with Harry Potter, he was over the moon. 
  • “Harry Potter! A real life hero!” he kept saying to his mum.
  • he couldn’t understand why people were turning on Harry during the Triwizard Tournament or the year that followed. he tried very hard to convince people that Harry was honest and trustworthy, even though it cost him the few friends he had. 
  • when he found out about Dumbledore’s Army and joined without a second thought. 
  • even though he didn’t think of himself as extraordinarily brave or heroic, he felt that one should do heroic deeds if given the chance. 
  • his best friend was his little brother, who was like his shadow. 
  • was hiding out with his family when his galleon gave him and dennis the signal to return to Hogwarts.
  • he brought his camera with him to the Battle of Hogwarts. 
  • he felt it was his duty to capture the images of the battle, to tell the story to those who were not there. 
  • he was good at the impediment curses, so he used it to save his peers. 
  • but he had always struggled with the disarming curse. and when a death eater cornered him, and then disarmed him, colin quickly realized that he wouldn’t make it. 
  • he vowed to die like the all heroes he admired, so he started to run towards the death eater in an attempt to tackle him. 
  • he died before he took his second step. 
  • dennis, his brother, had colin’s photographs published a few years after the war, in honor of his brother, his hero. 
  • becoming a best-seller among young Hogwarts students and veterans of the war, it was a watershed publication in the development of the anti-war and muggleborn rights movement in the wizarding world. 

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Do you think you'll ever give Góa a different haircut than what she has right now?

So, I want to try for every title she can possibly get in conformation here. Which would be junior championship (achieved), the normal adult championship (too young), veteran championship (definitely too young lmao) and the international championship (too young!). To achieve all of that she’d need to be in a full coat for like, another 6+ years. 
All the titles aren’t important in the grand scheme of things but… you know. 

So, maybe she’ll get a cute haircut when she’s like 8 or 9 years old? :’) 

Kento Miyahara, Kazuchika Okada, and Katsuhiko Nakajima are amazing young aces. Nakajima has a harder job of pulling his company out of the grave while Miyahara is now working for a stable company and njpw is doing good business for the last few years.

You got solid veterans champs in BJW and DDT. Japan wrestling scene is pretty good. 

Pretty much anywhere you look now in mexico, usa, and europe you got lots of young talented guys and veterans tearing it up. Really a great time to be a fan and find what you like.

Corvo Attano: Terrifying sass monster with twisted sense of humor.

Personal headcanon that after Emily has been crowned Empress for several years and court life has resumed to something passing for normal, the young Empress decides to host a ball, which she is persuaded by her friends to turn into a masked ball. Everyone will be there, young, old, court veterans and rising new money families as well. It’s going to be the social event of the year.

As a joke she decides to wear a golden cat mask, causing Callista to silently despair and Sokolov to snicker when she asks him to make it. Corvo simply rolls his eyes.To her dismay, Corvo and his guards won’t be wearing masks and Corvo won’t even be there. He’ll be out patrolling the palace making sure no gate crashers get in and he refuses to budge about the guards wearing masks. He is very strict about this. No armed men can walk in the palace while their faces are hidden, it is against the Rules put in place for her safety. And not to mention bad for his blood pressure.

On the night of the party however Corvo finds himself looking at the guest list and recognizing most of the names from another masked ball years before, made up largely of the conservative elite that have struggled and fought against Emily’s reforms since before she was even seated on the throne. Shrugging into his royal navy coat and picking up his sword, Corvo heads for the door, then stops, turning back to look at the box kept locked on top of his wardrobe, a slow grin spreading over his features…

The music scratches to a halt and the sound of glass shattering on the marble floor tinkles loudly as a cascade of champagne flutes are dropped. Several courtiers faint outright, but most remain fixed in stunned horror, like rabbits caught creeping in the garden by the hound. Those who remember either draw back or shudder like leaves in a winter wind as they pass, and those who know the stories gasp in scandalized delight. And those who know him best stand off at the side, head in hands, though it’s not certain whether this is from despair or laughter. The spell of terror is broken by the swirl of gold cloth and Emily’s raucous laugh as she runs for her Lord Protector, hooking herself onto his right arm and dragging him into the midst of the party where her favorites are—most of them young and newly wealthy and shockingly liberal— grinning openly or laughing at the shocked horror of all the others. Samuel is there he notices, standing out in the crowd like a scarecrow in a sea of gilded splendor. His own mask is pulled up over his head, ruining the whole concept of a masquerade, but Corvo is not surprised. He’s smoking a dog eared cigarette, much to the dismay of the royal servants who are  begging him to smoke a cigar, and Corvo gives him a little nod, which the old man returns, chuckling as they pass.

“I didn’t think you’d be coming,” Emily says lightly, features framed perfectly by the feline structure of the mask, making her cheekbones even sharper and giving her an inhuman beauty, the light from the candles dancing on the polished metal, “If you wanted to really fuck with people, I’d say dropping down from the chandelier was a nice touch, they’ll be talking about that for years.”

Corvo grins behind his skeletal mask, accepting a cider glass from a servant and inclining his head to the masked sender, a lady in white who raises her own glass to him, lips curved in a knowing smile.

“Well you know me,” he replies, unhooking his arm from hers and stepping off to the side door, ready to take his leave “I like to make an exit.”

After [Dr. David Shulkin] first took the job [under secretary of veterans affairs], he grew concerned that the agency was not doing enough to prevent suicide after a news report showed high rates among young combat veterans. Suicide prevention leaders told him that they would put together a summit meeting to respond, adding that it would take 10 months.

Dr. Shulkin told them to get it done in one month. When his staff members pushed back, he pulled out a calculator and began quietly tapping, then showed them that during the delay, nearly 6,000 veterans would kill themselves. They got it done in a month.

“For me it was a very important day,” he said, remembering the meeting. “It taught our people you can act with urgency, and you can resist the temptation to say we work in a system that you can’t get to move faster. I think they learned that you can.”
—  Dave Philipps and Nicholas Fandos, “New Veterans Affairs Chief: A Hands-On, Risk-Taking ‘Standout’”. The New York Times (9 May 2017).

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I'd love some McKirk with one of them being an author but gots absolutely no inspiration until he meets the other and it just works great from there. Idk, maybe some adventure or the tragic background story of the other?

  • Who knew that being a writer could be so utterly boring? Jim had gotten lucky in his life; writing at least two successful crime novels because he found his father’s journals and wrote them into stories. But then his third story is just not really happening at all. He can’t come up with original ideas; he tried finding more of his father’s journals, but to no avail. He’s just completely and utterly out of inspiration to write anything.
  • He doesn’t work very frequently. Jim has a steady income from royalties, but he likes to work in a local bar close to his father’s old precinct. Young police officers seem willing to tell their stories to him. Confidentiality be damned when they’ve had enough to drink. They’re a good lay, too. Especially after a good drug bust. All enthusiasm, pride and the kind of selfish love that’s perfect for one night.
  • Leonard isn’t one of those young cops. He’s a veteran, not usually interested in Jim’s company or sharing stories. Jim doesn’t think about it at first, until he sees Leonard in action. Jim’s in his bar, when it’s just opened and it’s still completely empty besides himself and the lone drunk sitting near the window. He’s cleaning up the glasses from last night when two men walk in. They don’t look like cops at all, and Jim frowns. Sure, living in New York, the bar sees tourists as well as occasional locals on Friday and Saturday night, but the bills here are paid primarily on the salaries of law enforcement of any kind. “What can I help you gentlemen with?” Jim asks, throwing them both a small smile. “We’re looking for someone,” one of the men says, sliding Jim a photograph of Leonard, “we’re hoping you could help us find him.” “I’m afraid I can’t hep you with that,” Jim replies, “how ‘bout a whiskey inst–” he’s cut off when the guy grabs his shirt and yanks him almost over the bar. Almost. “Maybe you should try remembering,” he says, and Jim narrows his eyes. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him,” Jim says. “See, that’s a real shame,” the guy replies, “because we know for a fact that he’s a local here. And you’re going to tell us everything you know.” He threatens, pulling out a knife and pressing it against Jim’s throat. Though suddenly the doors open, and Jim glances at Leonard walking into the bar. “Gents,” Leonard says, “how many times do I have to keep locking you up for it to be permanent?”  
  • Leonard kicks ass like an action hero from a movie, and Jim falls instantly in love with that. Leonard, the action, and the slightly unorthodox methods to knock the guys out. It costs Jim a bottle of Jack Daniels, and he dodges backwards when Leonard drags one of the guys over the bar and just pushes his face down into the dirty dish water. “Now, listen to me,” Leonard says, “I know you can hear me through that water, so you better listen. You come into my bar, pestering this handsome bartender here, you’re lucky I’m suspended. Now, I’m going to let you go, and you’re going to leave me the fuck. Alone.” Jim watches in awe, confused as to why Leonard would just let the guy go, but through the window, Jim can see them being immediately arrested by other officers. Not Leonard, though, so Leonard did technically let them go. Jim glances at Leonard with interest. “You think I’m handsome?”
  • The only thing Jim can really do is offer Leonard a free drink, which the other graciously accepts. Finally, Leonard talks. No more regard for confidentiality, because he’s suspended anyway. He tells Jim he was suspended for assisting a suspected terrorist, who Leonard was sure was an innocent man, and it’s something he’s still trying to prove. “Can I write about you?” Jim asks, feeling suddenly inspired, and Leonard frowns. “Excuse me?” “I’m a writer.” “You’re a bartender.” “I’m also a writer,” Jim explains. “Not a very good one, if you need a side job as a bartender,” Leonard replies, and Jim huffs. “Please?”
  • Leonard doesn’t initially agree. But Jim is very persuasive. And so, Leonard tells him stories. About his wife and kid, which isn’t exactly what Jim’s hoping for in terms of stories, but he writes them down nonetheless. Gives Leonard more character; and there’s something so oddly satisfying about getting to know Leonard more. Being close to him, watching him investigate this case by himself; being suspended doesn’t seem to actually stop him from doing police work. Jim follows him everywhere, work at the bar be damned. At least during the day, because at night he’s still there. Catching other people’s stories, though they’re not as fascinating as Leonard– nor does he feel the need as much to chase them down for one night stands.
  • Leonard goes pretty far in trying to find out the true villains behind a suspected terrorist attack. Jim if fascinated, but mostly worried about this man getting himself hurt, or killed. He doesn’t let Jim tag along on most of his visits. Actually, he doesn’t let him tag along on any of them. Jim just occasionally stalks him to write it all down anyway. Leonard pretends not to know, sometimes. Other times he yells at Jim for a while. At the end of the day, though, Leonard still sits with Jim in that bar. Sometimes, they sit at home. Either one’s homes work. Leonard’s apartment is small, though mostly tidy (aside from his desk). Jim’s flat is significantly bigger, but much messier. The first time Leonard comes over, he cleans Jim’s bedroom. Jim is incredibly uncomfortable about it. The second time that happens, a little less so. 
  • By the third time Leonard cleans up a little, Jim just treats him to a beer and a manuscript of his book. He curls up against him quietly while Bones reads, occasionally sipping on his beer. “You’re making me out to be some sort of superhero,” Leonard replies, “that’s not realistic at all.” Jim huffs at that, grabbing the script from Leonard’s hands. “I saw you rescue a little girl, taking down the perps with your bare hands because you had no gun available,” Jim counters, “and at any rate - you’re a superhero to me.” Leonard is silent for a few seconds, turning to look at Jim with a frown. “Are you flirting with me?” He asks, and Jim’s lips turns into a small smirk. “I have been for a while,” Jim says, “for such a smart detective, you’re very oblivious.” “You’re a terrible flirt,” Leonard says, “seriously, I’ve seen you take home some of my colleagues. You can’t be that bad.”
  • “I’m pretty good,” Jim says. He reaches out, fingers on Leonard’s cheek, smoothly shaved skin pleasant under his fingertips. “Pretty good, at what?” Leonard asks, “your writing is barely decent…” he adds, and Jim smiles when he’s slowly leaning in a little closer, “… you’re passably handsome…” “Passably?” Jim asks, pulling Leonard in even closer, “you’re so attracted to me,” he grins, smirk still present as Leonard kisses him. Gentle at first, but Leonard’s quickly pushing him back into the couch. Jim’s arms find their way around Leonard’s shoulders. Leonard humms against Jim’s lips, hands tugging at Jim’s shirt to take it off. “This isn’t gonna be in your stupid book, right?” “You kidding me?” Jim asks, his own hands moving down to tug at Leonard’s pants, “this is the best part!
Why Smart People Join Cults

My stomach is tight and my mood is grim. I just finished watching Going Clear, an excellent documentary on the cult of Scientology.

I’m always deeply grateful when an ex-cult member shares their personal, painful, even shameful story. They do so at great personal risk, and to add insult to injury, many are swift to laugh at them. “Who are the dopes who buy into this stuff?” one Internet commentator wrote. After all, Scientology is a ridiculous story concocted in order to exploit people for money and sex. Satirists are quick to quip, “So it’s basically Christianity!”

It apparently comes as a surprise to a lot of people that you can be intelligent, educated, and in a cult. I personally think that every last one of us believes something false, but beyond that, there’s a good reason so many otherwise normal people sign up – and I think we’re going to see many more join cults in the next few decades.

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They did say after Engen got cut that Jill was going to make more cuts in the future with older players. I wouldn't bet on it being any of the young ones. Look at older players who have been injured, in and out of camp..who haven't played much. I can almost guarantee it's going to be veterans. Cutting young 20 year olds saying they aren't in her plans doesn't make sense when she brought them in to be the future of the team and to develop them.


America’s Sweetheart

Author’s Note: I love this song! I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Thanks for sharing for your music!

Requested by @dashingdetectivetimelady​: how about America’s Sweetheart by Elle King? fluffy bit with Clint or Bucky?

Summary: You met a mysterious man one night at your usual bar and spiked up a conversation with him. You didn’t expect these current events to transpire.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1407

No there ain’t nothing that I gotta prove
You think your words will make me black and blue
But I, I think im pretty with these old boots on
I think its funny when I drink too much, hey

You try and change me you can go to hell
Cause I don’t want to be nobody else
I like the chip I got in my front teeth
And I got bad tattoos you won’t believe

When you walk into a room, all eyes are on you. It’s not, because you are the gem of the ball. No, it’s because your choice of fashion. You were girly. You loved to wear makeup and dresses, but you didn’t like pink or sparkles or glitter.

Your usual get-up was sporting a dress and jean jacket with country boots. It was unusual, but you were just an unusual person. Being normal is setting on the washing machine. The things that set you apart are the things that make you you.

So you valued every difference, treasured them. Every piercing on your body, every tattoo inked onto your skin, you loved. So you weren’t a high-class person, but who cares? You loved who you are, and you weren’t going to change for anyone. If they don’t like you, then they can hit the curb.

So kick out the jams, kick up the soul
Pour another glass of that rock and roll
Turn up the band, fire in the hole
Gonna lose control tonight

You walked into the bar with your head held high. You just wanted a fun night out, and the first step to that was a drink. You headed to the bar to a vacant stool, but instead of sitting, you leaned on the bar and ordered.

“Shot of whiskey please, make it a double,” you demanded. You looked around at the bar to see it was pretty empty, seeing it was a weekday.

The bartender placed a glass in front of you, purposefully placing it on the counter with a clang to signal it was there. Without turning, you grabbed the glass and muttered a thanks. You took a sip of the glass, used to the burning sensation on your throat. Many despise that feeling, but you welcome it, liking how it woke you and made you feel like you can take on the night.

You gulped the rest of your whiskey and turned your upper body to return the glass. What you didn’t expect was the man who was sitting adjacent to the spot you were leaning on. He wore a thick, loose jacket with a brown hoodie underneath.  The man was gazing at the glass in his hand, twirling it to see the liquid inside dance. 

His hand shined through the dim lights on the bar. It looked almost metallic, as if he had a prothetic arm, but it moved so flesh-like that you couldn’t tell if it was real or not. You felt the need to talk to him. It wasn’t the fact that he might have a metal arm; it was because of the half-drunken alcohol that lays in the glass that his metal hand was holding.

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*AHEM* Welcome to the Discourse I’m Starting this is my first time but it’s Overwatch.

OKAY. I saw a bit of a thing that was like “Jack would respect D.Va for being a war veteran, kinda like Reinhardt!” (summarized)

And @asynca​ brought up the point that there’s a bit of a distasteful thing about Jack but she ultimately would not see Jack (Soldier 76) respecting D.Va the same way that Reinhardt would. Okay. Here it is. Me, a military veteran of 7+ years, has a bit of light to shed on this.

TL;DR You’re right he wouldn’t.

I’ll go over a few of the uh. Highlights reel as to why he wouldn’t. I have MAJOR LEAGUE FEELS for D.Va because I was in her place (sort of) at one point. So I gotta defend her. Yes.

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I really hate it when Western "feminist" writers downplay, dismiss, and insult Sailor Moon

I ranted plenty about this earlier today, but I still have some unfinished business.

I think my main issue with this type of posts/articles/whatever is the constant bashing of Usagi. Oh, Usagi cries too much. Oh, she’s such a bad role model, what with the way she fails in school, dreams about being a bride, and is such a stereotypical teenage girl. Oh, Usagi isn’t nearly empowering enough, look at the way she doesn’t want to fight!

Guess what?

Usagi is a fourteen-year-old girl.

At the beginning of the series, Usagi is your average, run of the mill fourteen-year-old. She’s lived a very sheltered life, with a warm, loving family and close friends. Unlike, say, Ami or Rei, who pretty much had to grow up early because they had to take care of themselves, Usagi was given the chance to grow up at her own pace and take the time to enjoy her childhood/adolescence (an opportunity which, ideally, should be afforded to all children). So, when Luna appeared and Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon for the first time before being thrown into battle, she was understandably pretty unprepared for the responsibility she was thrust into.

And, before I go on, I have to say that I think Usagi handled becoming Sailor Moon extremely well. When she heard Naru in danger, she didn’t even hesitate to rush to her aid. Usagi even tells Luna that, although she has no idea what’s going on, she does know that her best friend is in danger and she’s willing to do anything to save her. 

That’s right, Usagi's very first act as Sailor Moon is to put aside her fear and confusion and go help her friend. If that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate Usagi Tsukino’s entire character, I don’t know what does.

And yeah, Usagi is understandably scared and freaked out during her first battles. She cries, she says she wants to go home, that she doesn’t want to fight anymore. Once again, Usagi is fourteen. She’s barely a teenager and yet she’s being dragged into battle against hellish monsters that have the ability to murder her without a second thought. What the fuck do you expect her to do? Crack witty one-liners as she picks them off like some action movie hero? Usagi’s reaction to being thrust into the role of Sailor Moon is very realistic. When I was 14, there’s absolutely no way that I would have been able to take on the responsibility of being a Sailor Senshi without some bumps along the way. Hell, I wouldn’t be able to do that even now, at 19.

But Usagi adjusts. And when her teammates begin to join her, she finally grows into her role as a capable Soldier of Love and Justice. Usagi, like every other human being, needs support. She can’t do everything by herself, she needs people she can trust and depend on. And that is yet another example of the great messages that Sailor Moon sends out: “It’s okay to depend on other people. You shouldn’t try to do everything by yourself, you need to be open and willing to accept help if you need it.”

And Usagi matures. She is the complete opposite of a static character. In fact, Usagi undergoes some of the best character development I’ve ever seen. By the end of the series, she’s two years older (16 instead of 14) and much, much wiser. Being Sailor Moon is no longer a chore. Sailor Moon is her, an integral part of herself that can’t be ignored. She fights, not because she particularly enjoys doing it, but because wants to use her powers for good, to protect the world (and later, the entire galaxy) and those she loves from harm. She’s gone from a scared, confused young girl to a veteran warrior who still possesses the enormous capacity to love and forgive, even extending those feelings to her enemies.  

However, not only is their assessment of Usagi just flat-out wrong, it’s actually offensive. These people exaggerate the hell out of Usagi’s negative traits (which, by the way, every well-written character should have) and act like they completely ruin Usagi as a character and as a role model. Yeah, Usagi’s a crybaby, but she’s also the most loving and kindhearted person you’ll ever meet. She’s not that great in school, but is undyingly loyal to her friends and family, willing to sacrifice her very life to keep them safe and sound. She’s lazy and gluttonous, but goes out of her way to be friendly and kind to people and makes them feel wanted and accepted. Usagi may be a klutz, but she’s also pretty much the embodiment of love itself. If you ask me, those traits are nothing to sneeze at.

But, most importantly, Usagi is us. She’s someone we can relate to. When I started watching Sailor Moon at age 13, I immediately connected with Usagi. She told me that it was okay to be very emotional, because that just meant that I had a big heart and a lot of love to give. It was okay to be sensitive, because that meant that I could easily relate to others and understand their feelings. It was okay if my grades weren’t the best, because I was a good person and that’s way more important in the long run than my grades are. Basically, Usagi told me that I was okay being myself because, after all, we were similar and she was doing just fine!

Usagi’s very important to me. She’s important to all of us. That’s why seeing her get bashed and insulted for not being the Perfect Western Feminist Role Model™ really sets me off. And that’s why, whenever that happens, I’ll fight to the death to defend her. You can count on that.


I swear it will be ready today. Few more hours. (at Young Veterans Brewing Company)

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