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Stacey Mitchell was originally from West Moors, Dorset, but she and her family moved to Australia in 2000. When Stacey was 16-years-old, she ran away from her family home and moved in with 19-year-old Valerie Parashumti and 21-year-old Jessica Stasinowksy, who were in a relationship and living in Perth, Australia. Just eleven days later, Mitchell would be dead.

The young couple had been a part of the so-called vampire culture and could often be found drinking one another’s blood, as well as their own. In fact, according to Stasinowky’s lawyer, they both enjoyed “being sexually aroused by the infliction of violence.” Stasinowsky had an extremely jealous streak which would soon prove to be deadly. She developed a hatred for Michell after believing that she was flirting with Parashumti. Wanting to prove to her girlfriend that Mitchell meant nothing to her, they decided they would kill her together.

On 18 December, 2006, Mitchell, Parashumti and Stasinowky spent the day drinking whiskey. Then when the time was right, Parashumti crept up behind Mitchell and smashed her over the head with a slab of concrete before they strangled her with a dog chain. It took at least 45 minutes for her to die, but Stasinowsky later told a prison officer that she wished it had taken longer because they had become aroused by the blood. The sadistic pair filmed the aftermath of the murder – they even kissed over her deceased body.

They both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 24 years behind bars. Throughout their trial, they were seen giggling and whispering with each other, showing zero remorse.

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Thoughts on Varchie?

I love Veronica and Archie, but you have to understand, I have shipped this particular pairing since I was about six-years-old and fell in love with the crappy 60s cartoon. So when Riverdale very obviously started setting up a Veronica/Archie endgame (or, at the very least, made it clear they would get together in Season 1) I was pretty stoked, especially since I’ve never liked Betty/Archie.

A complaint I’ve seen a few times in regards to the Archie/Ronnie ship is that it was rushed/forced, and this just seems insane to me, because I felt the show actually did a really good job of developing the ship. We see from their very first meeting that there is an overwhelming attraction between Veronica and Archie, with the two sharing a kiss mere days after meeting. The only reason the relationship doesn’t take off after that kiss is because Veronica decides to choose her budding friendship with Betty over her attraction to Archie, not to mention Archie’s messed up headspace due to Mrs Grundy. But it’s obvious from the get-go that these two will eventually succumb to this very deep and real attraction.

In the meantime, we get to watch a beautiful friendship evolve, with the occasional hint that there’s still an underlying attraction between the two, such as when Veronica gets jealous when Archie reveals that he’s dating Val – and even then, she pushes her own feelings aside to encourage Archie and Val’s relationship. This is an aspect to the Archie/Ronnie ship that I really like, the fact that the two are very supportive of one another, usually there to offer comfort and support, such as when Veronica helps calm Archie down when he gets stage fright, or when Archie comforts Veronica when she’s freaking out about her family and having to testify for her father.

Archie and Valerie’s breakup seems to be the catalyst for the official start of the Archie/Ronnie relationship, with the two engaging in a drunken makeout session at Jughead’s birthday party, causing some very real feelings to resurface. Whereas Archie’s two previous relationships were very uneven (Grundy was a predator taking advantage of a young teenager and Valerie was always more into her and Archie’s relationship than Archie was), Ronnie and Archie are very much equals, sharing the same level of attraction to one another, which starts to develop into very rich and deep feelings. Archie has no hesitation in wanting to cement his place as Ronnie’s boyfriend, and while Veronica is initially hesitant to take on a partner in her already hectic life, Archie’s genuine feelings and support win her over, and the two end the series as an official couple, having reached this place through a journey which has taken place over the entire season.

My biggest wish for this pairing is that the writers leave them alone, and by that I mean that they don’t bring in the tired triangle from the comics. Love triangles are done to death, and the Archie/Betty/Veronica triangle is present in almost every incarnation of Archie, so it would be such a refreshing change to see it kicked to the curb. If the writers truly want to do a “subversive” take on Archie Comics, what could be more subversive than throwing out the triangle that has haunted these characters since the 40s? We can only hope and pray that the writers leave well enough alone and just continue to develop Archie/Ronnie in the beautiful and understated way they have so far.

What Lies Beyond The Shadow (Part 1)

Based on a conversation in the Fanders Group Chat about Thomas’ last video :)
((Title idea comes from @coolsassystudentsweetsme)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Warnings: Mention of death, fire

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a prince by the name of Roman. Even though he was vain, and some would even say slightly narcissistic, he did whatever he could to satisfy his people. Roman was undaunted and he has put away multiple villains and evildoers who terrorised the civilians and rumour has it that he even slayed a dragon. Every week people would come to the Royal Palace to ask Prince Roman for help. And today was no different.

The small town of Darlea, not far from the Royal Palace, was terrorised by a sorcerer who went by the name Virgil, also known as the Shadow Sorcerer. For weeks, people would disappear in the middle of the night. A day later, their head would appear on someone’s doorstep. The mayor of the town had already asked Roman for help, but the Prince could not find the perpetrator of these horrors. Until, two weeks later, the Shadow Sorcerer appeared in front of the town hall. His black outfit made him nearly invisible in the darkness of the night, if it wasn’t for his deep purple hair that stood out, even at that time of night. The corners of his mouth curled upwards in a smirk as the sorcerer looked at the grand building in front of him. With it’s marble statues and pillars, the town hall was easily the most beautiful building of Darlea. In one of the offices, Virgil could see the mayor going through all the paperwork that the disappearances gave him.
The Shadow Sorcerer raised his hand and concentrated on one of the candles in the office. Slowly but surely, the candle fell over and flames spawned on the floor. With a little help from the Sorcerer, the fire had consumed the mayor’s desk in no time. The mayor looked around in a panic and as he looked out of the window, he noticed the smirking sorcerer, just before the flames grew and restricted his view. In mere seconds, the fire spread and the town hall went up in flames.

Woken up by the fire and the screams that came from the town hall, the Darleans gathered on the square and they noticed the purple haired male. He just grinned at the sleep drunk people around him. As they stood there, fire after fire started, consuming house after house. Screams and cries for help filled the night. Children cried for their parents or siblings. Parents tried to save their kids from the destruction of flames. And no matter how hard they tried to extinguish the flames, it would not work. The spell was too strong to be broken by the civilians.

As soon as she had noticed the Shadow Sorcerer, a young woman, Valerie, ran to the stables to retrieve her horse and rushed to the Royal Palace, for she believed Prince Roman would be able to rescue them.
It wasn’t long before Valerie arrived in front of the Palace, where she was stopped by two guards.
“Please, excuse me,” she started, before they could ask her about her intentions, “I need to talk to the Prince. The Shadow Sorcerer has been signalled in Darlea. He has set the town hall ablaze.”

As the two guards looked in the distance, they could see the fire and the smoke coming from the city and without hesitation, let the girl pass. They brought her horse to the stables as someone escorted her to the prince. He had been asleep when Valerie arrived and he was not amused that his rest had been interrupted. However, when he heard what the young woman had to say, all those irritations were forgotten.
The Shadow Sorcerer was an infamous figure. Every once in a while, he would show up and wreak havoc on a city. This would last a few weeks, and then he would disappear again. No one knew where he lived and no one had been able to capture him. If Roman would be able to defeat him, that would give his already impeccable reputation a huge boost! Not to mention that the Sorcerer had destroyed ten towns in the last fifteen months. Ten too many.

Roman rushed out of his bedroom and prepared himself for a battle. In a matter of minutes, he was ready to go. His white horse was saddled and ready to go. Without a second thought, the prince, joined by Valerie, hurried to the burning town.

As the two approached, Valerie teared up as she saw how the city where she grew up was consumed by fire. The screams grew louder every second and it soon became unbearable. Her house, her school, her friend’s houses, her memories. All gone. Lost to fire.
Roman noticed the way Valerie looked at her home town and his heart ached. He could see the pain in her eyes. How horrible that must feel! To see your house, your town burn before your very eyes.
“Stay here,” Roman told the girl, “I will take care of it. Don’t worry.”
With those words, he ran towards the burning city.
The Prince halted for a second before taking a deep breath and running forwards. When he made his way through the alleyways, Roman noted that the flames seemed to avoid him. He halted and took a few careful steps closer to one of the burning houses. And indeed, the fire recoiled! Mesmerized by this information, Roman stood there for a few short moments, until the screams of the citizens pulled him out of his trance.
Roman started running towards the centre of the city, where he hoped he could find Virgil. The flames grew higher and hotter the closer he came. Until Roman arrived at the town hall. In the middle of the fire, grinning widely, he saw him. The Shadow Sorcerer.
“Prince Roman! There you are,” the villain smiled, “I was afraid you wouldn’t show up.”
Roman scowled, gripping his sword in anger. But before he could make a witty remark or even draw his sword, the Sorcerer continued.
“I’d love to stay here and talk, but I can’t. I’ll see you later, Princey!” He made a salute to the prince before he vanished in a cloud of smoke. And with him, the fire disappeared. Roman looked around, mesmerized. The sorcerer had waited for him to show up. He had wanted this. With a frustrated groan, Roman turned around and left the ruined town. The sorcerer had made a fool out of him! This was unacceptable! He couldn’t just do that! Roman left the city and he told Valerie he couldn’t defeat the villain and he promised her that he would find him and get rid of him once and for all. He had to.

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David belyavski looks so much like a young valeri liukin! Could he be Nastia's half brother?

He’s too sweet to be a Liukin.


Canwe-createsomethingbeautiful 100 Follower giveaway ½

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