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That awkward age where...

…you are equally attracted to the actors playing the kids and the actors playing the dads…

Our Secret

Pairing: Scott x Stiles’ twin sister reader.

Requested: No.

A/N: This wasn’t meant to be smut, but hey, one thing leads to another. Smut warningggggg.

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The only light in your room was coming from the television hanging up on your wall where School of Rock was paused. You glanced at your phone seeing that it was nearing ten in the evening. Scott was usually here by now. You sighed cuddling into your pillow, closing your eyes deciding to have a rest before he turned up.

What felt like two minutes turned into two hours, and you were fast asleep; snoring slightly. Scott glanced through the window, seeing your sleeping figure and admiring the view, something he’s done for nearly a year now. He fixed his shirt, and held the bouquet of roses in front of him as he knocked quietly on the window.

“No, stop, Scott.” You mumbled in your sleep, hearing noises that where disturbing you. Another knock, you moved away from the noise trying to fall back asleep, but then another knock came and you realized who it was. Yawning, you got out of the bed and made your way to the window; only seeing Scott’s grinning face.

“Hey,” He whispered, falling effortlessly through your window and stood tall in front of you. You gazed at the flowers in his hand and a blush made it’s way to your face. “Scott, you shouldn’t have.” You muttered, grasping them in your hand and taking a sniff of them.

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Ok guys for today’s quote of the day, one of the many classic moments between Derek and Stiles… “Dead silence. That should work beautifully…” I live for the iconic scenes between these two, going to miss Teen Wolf so much; don’t want it to ever end 😭😩😍❤️


Shelley SLAYED THIS❤🔥😂😂


young derek hale x reader

word count: 740

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