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Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Part IV)

A/N: YOUR SELF PROCLAIMED MOTHER HAS ARRIVED TO PROVIDE! Anyway I hope y’all enjoy part four of this mini series. We’re almost there my lovelies.

You fixed your hair for the third time as you sat at your usual booth at Pop’s. The whole day got you thinking and you decided, it was unfair to Reggie’s part if you were going to hold it against him that he didn’t like you back. You can’t put all the blame on someone who didn’t have any idea of your feelings in the first place.

You toyed with your necklace.

Maybe, it was God’s plan that you weren’t able to confess. Maybe it was fate’s way of stopping you from destroying your most precious friendship with Reggie. What’s so wrong about being just friends, anyway? You did it once and it was the happiest moment of your life, you were pretty sure you can handle this.

It was time to fix everything. You already lost the chance of Reggie being your boyfriend but you still had your position as Reggie’s bestfriend and you will not screw that up. Not now, not ever.

You glanced at your watch and noticed one hour passed from the supposed time Reggie was supposed to arrive.You finished your first milkshake and ordered another while replacing Reggie’s melted one. Coach must be killing them right now. Well, it would make sense since their championship game was just right around the corner and Reggie had been killing himself to prepare for it.

Hour two.

Maybe, he fell asleep. You texted him once again and tried to call but it was left unanswered. You called a few more times hoping the ringing would wake him up but you gave up after the sixth try.

Hour three.

He didn’t forget, did he?

No, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t do that to you. Reggie wouldn’t ditch you like that. You waited. For a call, a text, an excuse, a sign to show you that he still cared. That he didn’t forget. That he didn’t forget about you.

That you mattered.

Hour four.

You woke up with a start when you heard the familiar ringing of the bell when the door opened eager to see if it was Reggie’s disheveled hair and guilty face that would greet you but instead, you found the boy next door.

He ordered his usual from Pop’s before glancing around and beaming when he saw you.

“Hey there, bud.” He said sitting in-front of you. “Late night?” he asked as he pouted towards my laptop.

“Nah, I’m just waiting for Reggie.” You said closing your laptop that you used as a distraction to keep you entertained.

Archie’s smile suddenly dropped. “What?”

“Reggie,” You repeated, to clarify that you were waiting for him without needing to repeat the whole sentence. You rolled your eyes when Archie still looked surprised. “He said we would meet here. Y’know the usual.”

“But (Y/N) –“

“But he is late though and I can’t wait to drown him in guilt when he arrives.” You said stretching your arms a bit and felt the smallest relief as it popped.

“(Y/N) – “

“Have you seen him after practice? Maybe he fell asleep and –“

“(Y/N),” you stopped in the middle of your sentence when Archie took your hand to get your attention. “Reggie isn’t coming.”

This time it was your turn to find the right words to say. “What?”

“I …” Archie sighed. Goddamnit, Reggie. “I saw him leave with V after practice he –“

“No.” You slammed your palm in the table making Archie flinch. “He wouldn’t do that to me.” You repeated the very same words you have been using to convince yourself that Reggie did not forget about you.

Archie stared at you as you looked away. Embarrassment and self-pity filling you inside. Tears tried to escape your eyes but you didn’t give them the permission to fall.

“You’re right,” you gave a glance to Archie who smiled warmly. “He wouldn’t do that to you.”Your bottom lip trembled but you masked it with a cough. “I’m sure he’s probably running here right now and kicking his ass.”

That got a small laugh out of you.

“I’ll just wait with you okay?” You shot him a look. Knowing full well he is just staying to make sure you had someone to take you home if Reggie did ditch you. “So that he’ll feel even guiltier when he arrives.” He lied with a smile.

You bit your bottom lip and nodded. “Okay.”

Reggie woke up with a start from a bad dream he couldn’t remember. He heard ringing from the other side of Veronica’s room only to see that it was his phone that was the source of it. Thinking it was the alarm he set he stood up to turn it off but felt his hands being stopped by a heavy weight only to see his girlfriend sleeping peacefully.

“Babe, hey,” he whispered, shaking her gently. Veronica groaned in protest. “Wake up, I need to go home.”

Veronica opened her eyes only to see Reggie already reaching out for his shirt and letterman jacket. “Come on now, stop pouting.”

Veronica groaned even more and reached out for her phone. “Reg, can’t you just sleep over? It’s like –“ She squinted from the bring screen on her phone. “It’s 11:12, baby. Can you please stay? Pleeeease?”

Reggie froze. “What did you say?”

“What?” Veronica watched as her boyfriend literally sprinted towards the other side of the room to check his phone.


Reggie literally felt every bone in his body turn frozen solid when he saw that it was in fact past 11 and the ringing did not come from his alarm that he missed four hours ago but from Archie who had been calling him non-stop. Along with a bunch of missed calls from you.

“Ron,” he whispered. Afraid that if he spoke any louder his heart would give out. “I need to go.”

“Wait, wha—“

“Sorry! I’ll see you tomorrow. I just – I got to go.”

Reggie forgot all about his car or the fact that he just left his girlfriend, who is probably thinking of ways on how she can break up with him, in her room, too focused on the fact that he just left you all alone on that booth in the middle of the goddamn night.

He just ran and ran and ran the image of your sad distant stare as you waited for him only giving him more adrenaline to run faster. He could feel his legs shaking but he saw the fading lights off Pop’s in the distance and nearly broke the door as he pushed his way inside scaring the life out of Pop’s.

“Jesus, boy,” Pop’s reprimanded. “You gonna give me a heart attack.”

“Pops- wh- where’s –“

“Oh, (Y/N) just left with that Archie boy a few moments ago.” Pop’s said following Reggie’s stare in your booth. Mental images of your hopeful face making his chest tighter by the second and the sudden information of Archie being with you tonight started to fill his veins with poison. He didn’t know what was worse, you being alone or you being with Archie filling up his spot. “Was she expecting you? She looked like she was waiti-“

He ran outside hoping to see a glimpse of you or that red- headed—Archie!

Reggie immediately dialed Archie’s number. “Come on Arch, come on—Archie!”

“Reg, where the fuck were you?!”

“Look I fell asleep and –“

“You better not use that goddamn excuse on (Y/N) she waited for nearly seven hours at Pop’s!”

Reggie was starting to get irritated. Since when did Archie become so attached to you? That was Reggie’s job, not Archie’s, not anyone’s. “What the fuck were you doing with her anyway? Tryna score with my girl, Andrews?”

“What?” Archie’s brain could not even comprehend Reggie’s nerve but he understood that this was Reggie’s defense mechanism.

“I know you like her, Andrews ever since when we were young. And if you’re tryna use this opportunity to –“

“I’m not trying to use anything, Reggie! I just stayed with her because it was late and she had no one to take her home!” Archie nearly screamed on the phone. Defense mechanism or not, he was being an asshole and Archie is going to put an end to it. “In fact, you should be thanking me because if it wasn’t for me your girl would be walking back home in the dark!”

Reggie sighed trying to calm down. “Can I just … can I talk to her?”

“Yeah … that’s the problem pal.” Archie knew that was the closest thing he can get from Reggie as an apology .

“What?” Reggie was pretty sure he was literally gonna die if his heart doesn’t slow down but his fear surpassed his worry about the state of his body.

“I don’t think she’d even want to see your shadow by the looks of it.”

Reggie slumped in the middle of the parking lot. His legs finally giving out. “Is she … is she mad?” Reggie closed his eyes when he realized that mad was the overstatement of the decade.

“No,” Archie said but he sighed making Reggie confused. “Just, I don’t know, sad? Distant? I don’t know how to explain it.”

Reggie couldn’t help but rub his face, trying to calm down. Fuck, that was so much worse. Reggie would’ve preferred if you actually had fun with Archie and completely forgot about him and his slip-up.“Just … where is she? Is she safe?”

“Yeah, I just took her home. But Reg—“

Reggie ended their call before standing up and running towards your house. He’d be damned before he’d let you sleep sad. He felt a buzz on his phone but ignored it, guessing it was Archie trying to stop him.

Reggie literally prayed the whole way to your house to anyone or anything listening from up above. Praying his legs doesn’t give up on him so he can arrive at your house in one piece. Praying you are still awake so that he can apologize properly and you can just forget about this and cuddle. Praying for anything, hell, he’d even accept your anger but he can’t handle you being sad because of him.

When he arrived in your house he swore the ground was moving under his feet but he ignored the urge to throw up. He looked up at your window and saw that you were, in fact, awake. You even looked like you were waiting for him but of course you weren’t. Your gaze was far from him. Your eyes were roaming at the view of Riverdale from your room, trying to memorize every crevice and houses, afraid of forgetting and at the same time wanting not to remember.

Your attention was suddenly torn from your broken yet beautiful town and into your phone.

I’m sorry I’m late.

You looked up from your phone and saw Reggie, a breathless mess, the one thing that was anchoring you into this town. The one thing that somehow managed to become everything you wanted. The person who managed to make you realize that you have a heart while simultaneously breaking it, all without his knowledge.

You wanted to hold on to him until your fingers started crumbling from the pressure but you knew you had to let go.

The tears started falling.

Me too, you replied.

Before Reggie could finish reading the text and trying to call you to try to talk you have already closed your curtains and turned off your phone.

“Goddamnit!” Reggie kicked the grass, trying to find a way to let his anger and frustration out. Once again he sat on the floor, leaning on the tree beside your house.

This was probably the worst fight you had with him. God, did he fuck up.

He opened his phone again to try and call you once more only to see Cheryl’s text from a few minutes ago that sent a chill down his spine.

I warned you.

Reggie was early at your house. Way too early. He brought your favorite sunflowers from the other side of town and drove twice the speed limit to your home to make sure he didn’t miss you even if he had an hour to spare.

“Reggie!” your mom greeted, giving him a hug. “What a pleasant surprise, darling. Come in, come in.”

“Thank you, Mrs. (Y/L/N)” He said giving your mom a hug. “Is (Y/N) –“

“Oh she’ll be down in a few. Sit, darling.” Your mom went back to the kitchen. “Breakfast?”

“Oh no thank you Mrs. (Y/L/N) I’m good.” Reggie doesn’t think he’d actually have the strength to keep whatever he ate inside him, too nervous at your reaction.

“Hey mom I’ll be going early –“

Dumbfounded would be the word to describe as you saw Reggie sitting at the sofa with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a nervous, almost sheepish smile on his face.

“H-Hey.” He said handing you the bouquet. Before you could turn away you saw your mom looking at you at your peripheral view that you gave him a small smile before taking it. “Thanks.” You walked away from him and looked at your mom. “Mom, do you have anywhere to place this on?” you asked.

Your mother smiled sweetly. “Of course,dear.” She said taking the flowers. “I’ll put this in a vase and place it in your room.”

Before you could protest she already walked away going to God knows where. Which left you in an awkward silence with the person you least expected to have an awkward silence with.

“Let’s go?” he asked, trying to slice the tension but trying to ease his way back to you.

“I forgot I actually had to do something –“

“I can wait.”Reggie said too eagerly.

“Reggie –“

“Please (Y/N),” he pleaded. The mask finally falling off to show his desperation. “Let me fix this.”

(Y/N) stared at him but looked down. “There is nothing to fix.”

“I hurt you.” That statement hurt Reggie more than he realized. Saying it out loud really made everything too real. “I fucked up and you are still hurting. God, you couldn’t even look at me for three seconds straight anymore and—and I hate that. And that’s what I want to fix.”

You kept staring down at your shoes while Reggie kept looking at you. Not realizing why he was so afraid to take his eyes off of you. Afraid that you’ll run, which was stupid, but Reggie couldn’t take any chances.

“Walk me to school?” You muttered, looking at him through your lashes.

Reggie gulped but nodded. “Whatever you want, pup.”

When you said ‘walk’ Reggie expected that you wanted to talk but you seemed to be focusing on everything but him. And Reggie is just itching to talk, to hold your hand, to assure himself that he have not completely fucked up the one thing that was constant in his life.


“Where were you?” You suddenly spoke, making his heart jump. “Last night.” You clarified.

“I fell asleep. Ronnie and I,” the silent wince in your face did not go unnoticed by Reggie and he knew he literally just made everything so much worse. “I—We were messing around and we fell asleep. I set an alarm but I slept through it I’m really sorry (Y/N/N).”

You just nodded and that’s when Reggie started getting defensive.

“Really, pup, why are you making such a big deal out of this. I promise not to do this again, I swear.” He said standing in front of you and offering you his pinky.

“What did you just say?”

“I said I promise –“

“No,” You scoffed and opened your mouth but no words came out. “Wow, you really forgot, huh.”

“What do you mean?” He started getting nervous, if that was possible.

“I thought … I thought that’s why you invited me for a sleepover and—and at Pop’s but …”

“(Y/N/N) please tell me.” He said putting his hands at your shoulders.

Your sad glare made Reggie want to travel back in time and punch his sleeping ass just to stop this from happening. You suddenly looked inside your bag and shoved at Reggie a neatly wrapped box. “Happy anniversary, asshole.” You muttered. “Or is that invalid too since you have a girlfriend already?” You shot at him adding weight on the guilt on his heart. “I hope getting laid was fucking worth it.”

Reggie felt numb.He couldn’t believe he actually forget your ‘anniversary’. His mind got so messed up with football and Veronica that he forgot to buy the bracelet he reserved at the local jewelry shop.

“Jesus fuck, Reggie,” he whispered. He whipped around and ran towards you. You, on the other hand, tried so hard to stop the tears from falling but you were just so full of it.

“(Y/N/N) please I can fix this.” Reggie gasped trying to hold on to you but you just shoved him away. “(Y/N/N)! Wait please!”

“Shut up, Reggie!” you screamed, scaring the shit out of Reggie. “I … I need to go.”

Reggie wanted to protest but you were already on your way so he decided to respect your request. He didn’t realize how literal you meant that.

He didn’t realize he just made the mistake that will screw his life upside down.


2 more ocs for the potential webcomic i’m working on yeeeee

mirelle is a half-elf wizard with no awareness (technically -2) but he’s trying!

rynnyss is a mountain dwarf fighter who gets a little too confident and kinda throws herself in the face of danger.

and then some VERY quick doodles of them coping with the situation they get thrown in in their own ways

My 10 Most Favorite G Eazy Song Lyrics

“That’s why I know I’ll find a fortune that’s suitable and live like a king, everyday life’s beautiful” - Kings

“Yeah, next shit I’m about to say is obvious, but criticism’s worth some more than compliments” - Been On

“Saying everything never take it back, so if you don’t fuck with me, I’m okay with that [2x]”  - Almost Famous

“Uh, I wish we could just pretend to be, like we always were before as happy as the Kennedy’s. No one told Jackie about Marilyn’s tendencies, ignorance is bliss when you’re married half a century” - Marilyn 

“You might resemble clowns if you ever tried stepping in his shoe. So, show respect is something you should definitely do. It’s no surprise I’m on got a bedroom with a view. I’m just saying this is everything we said that we would do” - Why Thank you

“Inside my head I always have to debate. Is this a dream or am I way up here just halfway awake? I’m sad” The Code by Gravity Feat. G Eazy

“I’m in my 20s still feeling like a kid at heart, lost in this young world, I’m just tryna navigate. See the pie sliced I’m just tryna grab a plate. We see commercials we infatuate, wishing I was born rich with a fat estate” - Must Be Nice

“And I’ll be working ‘til I’m rich as fuck. On my own grind, I’m a rebel to the system cause the system sucks” - Rebel 

“Feels a fit then she throws it, she pops a bar now she’s dozing. She’s hot and cold, hot and cold, homie I don’t know she’s hot and cold. Truly the bullshit has gotten old, superficial with a rotten soul” - Tumblr Girls 

“I just need to be alone, I just need to be at home. Understand what I’m speaking on if time is money I need a loan. But regardless I’ll always keep keepin’ on. Fuck fake friends, we don’t take L’s we just make M's” - Me, Myself, and I Feat. Bebe Rexa

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ten books: aristotle & dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz [x]


Status: Fifth Harmony✨

• “All of my flaws, you got them so right.”
(Todas as minhas falhas, você as entende muito bem)

• “Tell me the truth, I like the danger.”
(Me diga a verdade, eu gosto do perigo)

• “I wanna feel you un, feel you under my body.”
(Eu quero te sentir sob, sentir sob meu corpo)

• “You’re the only one that’s giving me these chills.”
(Você é único que me dá arrepios)

• “I’ve said I love you, but I lied.”
(Eu disse que te amo, mas eu menti)

• “See, the truth is you can’t lose what you never had.”
(Veja, a verdade é que você não pode perder o que nunca teve)

• “Do you miss me?”
(Você sente a minha falta?)

• “Ever since I’m young I’m tryna get it right.”
(Desde muito jovem, tento fazer as coisas darem certo)

• “I finally got over you.”
(eu finalmente superei você)

• “ Will you make me smile or just bring me sorrow?”
(Você me fará sorrir ou me trará arrependimento?)

• “Cause I don’t ever wanna miss you.”
(Porque eu não quero nunca perder você)

• “You make me feel like a dream.”
(Você me faz sentir como em um sonho)

• “But without you, boy, I’d be bored all the time.”
(Mas sem você, garoto, ficaria entediada o tempo todo)

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The signs as places

Aries: The Parks Department bc its full of excited energies and people achieving things 

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Taurus: The Office Office  bc there’s lots of slowburn relationships. Loyalty and love in this office place. Lots of characters who are stubborn and sort of “fixed” in their weird ways.

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Gemini: Greendale …Well for starters Greendale is a community college so duh, knowledge. Also this show features a fantastic amount of variety. Each episode has a style adapted from something. For Example: Video game episode, law & order episode, war doc episode. Theres so much variety in this sitcom that each episode is a special surprise treat.

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Cancer: Lindsey & Sam’s house bc the strong family connection. Lots of funny adolescent moments and lots of sweet emotional family moments. This place has some really intimate family scenes featuring things many teenagers tend to experience. For me, theres a real comfort in just seeing the home.

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Leo: 30 Rock studio I think this one’s pretty obvious…Its a show about producing a show. Dealing with drama queens and dorky writers along with a mystically powerful boss. Drama at every turn…plenty of vanity and creativity. Very colorful things happen, constantly.

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Virgo: House’s Office For starters, its a hospital so thats serving/helping others BIG time. House’s dry wit is another huge reason. In the show they often find cures in the details. Super funny too (i often find Virgos to be quite funny) 

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Libra: Kimmy’s Loft: Oh boy this entire show, to me, is a Libra show. Kimmy is a total Sweatheart. So many goofy and sweet moments go down in her loft. IMO theres a cute balance between her and her roommate, Titus. With his demanding and needy personality, and her kind hardworking go-getter attitude, they balance each other comedically and nicely. Making the perfect partners. 

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Scorpio: Misfits Community Service Place (idk the proper name) Gosh Golly where to begin??? This show has a great dark humor about it so check it out if you haven’t already. So many things go down here…Transformations galore!! Kids transforming & getting powers. Sex is a definite “theme”. Death. Lots of death…haha..ha.. So so much goes down in this place its crazy.  Very  “Scorpio-y”

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Sagittarius: Apartment 4D This is the Apartment from New Girl. These roommates are so very honest and open with one another. They all also have a tendency to embark on all sorts of weird adventures together. Also the drinking games..i.e. True American (if you havent played you totally should. Then inbox me with all the signs involved and what went down..if you can remember ) 

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Capricorn: Friends apartment The overall humor of this show is pretty “capricorn-y” to me. A bunch of young people tryna live their lives. Building careers and in a way finding their place in this world. With tons of goofy moments throughout their journey.  

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Aquarius: Mr. Robot arcade place THIS IS WHERE THE SHIT HAPPENS!!! this is where the oddball group gets together and CHANGES THE WORLD!! Its totally aqua-vibed with all the retro tech. 

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Pisces: That 70′s show Basement….this ones pretty obvious (Neptune+Narcotics) …This is where a bunch of friends go to smoke. Not having to deal so much with lame reality. Just have fun. Their “chill spot”

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